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  1. Plot: Childhood friends. Neighbors in fact. But she moved away and he went on with his life. After several years of being away, the girl returns and meets up with her old friend on the last day of summer. Yet little does she know that this friend of hers is really her highschool teacher now and her homeroom teacher at that.

    The forbidden love of a teacher and a student is something not many people dare speak of. But what happens when a student falls in love with her doll-faced teacher who used to be her best friend when they were children? Will this love go anywhere or is this a simple case of a female girl's crush? And what about this teacher? Is it possible that he himself has an attraction to a girl eight years younger than he? Will this girl's unrequited love that has lasted for years and years finally be realized?
  2. Last day of summer. Cloudless sky. Warm outside with the perfect breeze coming through every so often that made the day perfect. Last day of summer. And everyone was out partying with their friends. Well everyone except Fallen. She was lounging on a tree branch in the park, an orange lollipop in her mouth and a book in her lap. Her brunette bangs kept getting in the way of her violet eyes making it annoying to read. Fallen sighed and closed her book letting her eyes gaze across the park. Tonight fireworks would decorate the sky as an end of summer celebration, and she'd still be sitting there. In the tree.
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    The last day of summer. And coincidentally Katsumi's last day of freedom before having to go back to his high school and teach annoying, hormonal teenage first years. Ever since he became a teacher two years ago, Katsumi has always been bombarded by flocks of girls that merely attended the school to see him. In fact, the majority of the female population have already confessed to him. There hasn't been a day all summer where one of his students didn't track him down and confess to him. That's why this year, Katsumi plans to lay low within the school. Perhaps he'll wear glasses to make himself appear older than his young age of 23. Katsumi shakes his head, clearing his mind of such absurd thoughts. It was only now that he realized he'd been walking towards the park, the location of where the fireworks were said to be displayed. All around him it seems as if Katsumi's old classmates are either gathered here with their dates or fiances or even their partners. Katsumi finds it amazing that some of his old friends are already married and have children. He lets out a long sigh and smirks, leaning back against a tree that's located a bit out of the way of the crowds of people. "Perhaps that's what I need. Maybe a girlfriend will get all of those girls to leave me alone." Katsumi whispers to himself, folding his arms over his chest. A slight breeze rustles his russet hair and nearly blows his scarf into the tree's branches above him. As the fireworks begin, Katsumi climbs this tree, hoping to get a better view without having to venture into the crowds of people. It was there that he found a familiar-looking girl. He blinks several times, perching on the branch across from her. "Umm.. Hullo there." Katsumi murmurs shyly, his voice fairly deep but gentle, almost caring.
  4. Fallen smirks and chuckles lightly a hand covering her mouth. "Hi there, sorry to say it seems this tree has been taken." she giggles her words dancing off her lips. She uses her hand to clip back her side bangs revealing her light purple eyes, she gazes into his almost taken aback by how familiar they looked. Fallen moves further down the branch offering some space up to this guy. The sky was roaring with the sounds of fireworks, at yet all that seemed far away now that she had company. Fallen kicked her feet back and forth off the side of the branch, spacing out intently trying to recall who this stranger was.
  5. After studying the girl before him for a few long moments, Katsumi smiles, recalling where he's seen her before. "You sure have grown taller, Fallen-chan, haven't you? It seems you've even managed to grow some boobs while you were away for so long as well! The boys must be all over you now, right?" He chimes with a sadistic laugh.Yes, it seems to Katsumi that ever since Fallen moved away they've both changed quite a bit. Both of them seem to have physically matured more than they were several years ago. "Tell me, Fallen-chan. What ever happened with that boy who confessed to you a couple days before you moved away? Did you end up breaking his heart much like you did to all the others who confessed to you? Of course you were only an elementary student back then but you still turned that poor kid down, didn't you."
  6. Fallen tilted her head slightly a sly grin crawling across her face, "Of course he was turned down. Just like every other boy who's confessed to me since." she used her index to twirl a piece of her cocoa-colored hair. Finally flashing her beautiful white teeth she turned to face him, "So tell me Katsumi-sempai how did finishing school as Mr. Popular work out for you?" Suddenly an old feeling erupted through Fallen's body, normally she'd expect him to begin tickling her for her sarcastic comment just like when they were kids, so she crossed her arms over her stomach.
  7. Katsumi laughs, flashing a broad smile. "Don't worry, I won't tickle you until we're on the ground." He laughs once more, shaking his head. "It wasn't that hard. I could've gotten laid every night by a different if I really wanted to." The man smirks and leans toward Fallen, gently poking her in the side. "What about you, Fallen-chan? Have you gotten a boyfriend yet? Gotten laid yet?" Katsumi's hazel eyes gaze into Fallen's. Ever since she was a child he could tell if she was lying. The fact that she'd even try to lie to him always brought a smile to his lips.
  8. "I've shared beds a few times, not gonna say I've had a boyfriend though." she tells him curling her fingers inward to examine her nails. Slowly she crewed at her bottom lip wondering if he'd believe her. Because she had, but it was with a boyfriend. A boyfriend of two years, whom at the start of summer broke her heart by sleeping with someone else. She gave up her innocence to him, trusted him with all she had, the memories continued to rush back. The only thing that kept her together this whole break was suppressing all her sadness and hurt feelings with anger and hatred. The funny thing was, that once she looked back in Katsumi's eyes, she could almost tell he knew she was lying.
  9. Katsumi nods solemnly, placing his feet on two branches just beneath him. Reaching over to Fallen, he pulls her over to him and positions her on his lap, wrapping his arms around her and hugging her to his chest. "You must've really loved him if you slept with that kid, right? And he probably broke your heart, didn't he." He states, gently rocking her from side to side. "There's no need for you to put up a tough appearance around me. No one else can see you through the cover of the leaves. Don't hold your emotions back, ohkay?" Katsumi whispers to her softly. Despite that he'd hate to see Fallen cry, watching her struggle to hold back her tears was even more painful for him to witness. Katsumi also figures that if she were to cry in his protective arms now, she may be able to move on and find a new guy when school starts the following day.