EXERCISE Six-Word-Stories: Week 14

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  1. They say a picture is worth a thousand words...

    Well I say it's six.

    Welcome to the 14th Six-Word-Story writing contest! It is a weekly exercise with a simple, yet brain-churning idea: Turn a picture into six words.

    Simple enough, right? Well, maybe. IDK. There are a few rules however for sly foxes:fox:.

    le rulez (open)
    1. All words count as as word (very redundant, but it means that even single letters like 'A' and 'I' count as a word)

    2. Acronyms (like N.A.T.O. and P.O.O.P) and conjoined words (like they're and ain't) each count as separate individual words (N.A.T.O=4 words/They're=two words)

    3. Punctuation does not count as words.

    4. Six words. No more. No less.

    Six Word Stories: Picture #14 (open)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    sushi dog has been cut up!
  2. My soul is scarred for good. O_O
  3. I feel for the innocent dog.
  4. This is how I always feel
  5. Sushi Ten Dollars. Fur no charge.
  6. The magician's assistant was unusual tonight.
  7. Sushi dog tastes like good boy.