Six Feet Under: Evil Rising

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  1. This RP will be using the Nightmare Room group. Though updates will of course be posted in here too.

    IC thread here: OPEN SIGNUPS - Six Feet Under: Evil Rising IC


    A young girl going by the name of Bonesaw has obtained the Necronomicon. With its power, she's summoned up unspeakable horrors, horrors that perhaps anyone could recognize and fear, and even those that cannot be recognized. Along with Bonesaw's genius in biomechanical tinkering, she and the rest of the Slaughterhouse Nine pose a very real, very immediate threat to the safety and sanity of the entire world.

    Certain horrors, however, have been paired to certain people. Those who've been called to go and claim the power of the Necronomicon for themselves. The Protectorate, an organization of heroes that call themselves Capes, has contacted these people to assist them in defeating the Class S threat that is Bonesaw. Who are they going to call to?

    This is going to be a fandom based RP, drawing from the web serial Worm and various horror canons. However, you may play whoever you want, OC or canon characters from any canon.


    1. Iwaku's rules.
    2. No godmodding/metagaming.
    3. No OOC chat in the IC.
    4. Just don't be generally rude or ill-mannered.


    Appearance: Either a description or a picture is just fine!

    Name: Self-explanatory

    Age: Same as above

    Canon: What series does your character hail from? Don't need to answer this if they're an OC.

    Personality: What is your character like? If your character is a canon character, a wiki link will do.

    Powers: If applicable to your character, list them here.

    -Cast List-

    @C.T. as Dimaria Yesta from Fairy Tail
    Partner: DIO Brando
    @Ringmaster as Chun Li from Street Fighter
    Partner: Michael Myers
    @Hana as Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats!
    Partner: Charlie
    @Michale CS as Eleven from Stranger Things
    Partner: Jason Voorhees
    @Gummi Bunnies as Clarith from Evillious Chronicles
    Partner: Sam
    @york as David Hoover from The Crooked Man
    Partner: Ghostface
    @The Wanderer as Jacket from Hotline Miami
    Partner: Tarman
    @Crimson Spartan as Mercury from RWBY
    Partner: The Creeper
    @Takumi as Yurick from The Last Story
    Partner: Captain Blake

    @wakely as Cecil Palmer from Welcome to Nightvale
    Partner: Stripe/Gremlin
    @R-9 Pilot as Saya Koizumi, OC
    Partner: Raziel
    @Tarieles as Maddie and Julie Randolph, D-Gray Man OCs
    Partner: Willard​
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  2. Yah, will be co-GMing this with @Kaykay and oooooh, I'm so excited to do this! Just as I'm eager to see y'all post your wonderful characters. : )

    Also, to further elaborate on what Kay said in her post, after each CS is put up, I'll be looking them over and you'll each receive a PM pairing you up with a horror character that'll be your partner let's say throughout the RP! Thought it'd be a fun dynamic to have and depending on who I end up pairing with who, thought it could be fun to see the interactions! But more importantly I hope you guys have fun!

    Also an example CS because why not.



    Name: Ashley J. Williams

    Age: 55

    Canon: Evil Dead/Army of Darkness/Ash vs Evil Dead

    Personality: Ash's personality and state of mind change drastically throughout the franchise. In The Evil Dead and the beginning of Evil Dead II, he is something of a laid-back everyman who is cowardly and inexperienced, but by the middle of Evil Dead II and into Army of Darkness, he has grown into a much braver, even arrogant person, and becomes the voice of encouragement and confidence in Arthur's castle. It is at this point that Ash becomes known for his one-liners, and his personality takes on a more cynical, embittered tone. Sam Raimi has said that he feels Ash's personality transformation in Darkness was very out of character

    Powers: None. Just a good ol sawed of double barreled Remington shotgun and chainsaw.
  3. Appearance:


    Name: Io Nitta

    Age: 18

    Canon: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2

    Personality: Io Nitta

    Powers: Io has the ability to summon, as well as make contracts with demons. These demons will fight for her, and go back into her phone. These demons range anywhere from simple demons, to gods and goddesses of mythology (the Pallas Athena), to historic heroes (Joan of Arc).

    Io also has the ability to use simple elemental spells.

    Other than that, she's just a standard, but extra cute, Japanese high school girl. She is considered one of the smartest girls in her school, however.
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  4. Appearance:

    Dimaria Yesta

    Early 20s

    Fairy Tail

    Dimaria Yesta

    Age Seal: An all-world Magic that was taught to Dimaria from the God of Time himself, giving her the ability to freeze the time around her. It allows her, and only her, to freely move in its area of effect. Such usage of this Magic allows Dimaria to easily perform feats as she pleases on numerous of battlefields to her foes who are frozen in time and completely vulnerable that in their perspective, its as if she done any damage in a blink of an eye. According to Dimaria, her Magic is undefeatable; it appears it can be countered to a very small degree, however, by anyone who is also able to distort the laws of space and time.

    Dimaria is an accomplished user of Take Over, using the God Soul branch of this Magic to forge her body into a vessel into which she summons the very being of a deity, also shedding all the earthly objects in her immediate possession to do so. The resultant entity embodies Dimaria as well as the summoned god in single form and possesses the powers and abilities of both. The War Maiden's personality and appearance undergo a change as she fuses with her patron, their final form's attributes being a combination of their own.

    As a descendant of the citizens of Mildian, Dimaria has been gifted with this power by the God of Time, Chronos, who was greatly revered by her ancestors. She can use this power to call Chronos to earth, offering her own body as a vessel.

    Enhanced strength, speed and durability

    Dimaria wields a massive backsword, its length almost matching its owner's height. The single-edged blade is broader than her arm and possesses a sharp point. A portion of the back of the blade near the point has been tempered into an edge. The flat exhibits the sharp contrast between the light edge and the dark back. A weapon which is undoubtedly meant to be wielded with both hands, the Valkyrie easily turns it into an extremely potent single-handed sword by combining her monstrous strength with her excellent skills in the art of swordsmanship.
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  5. ANGEL

    Kanade Tachibana

    True age is unknown due to the time she's spent in the Afterlife School. She looks to be one of the youngest characters in the series, estimated to be 15 at the youngest.



    Kanade does not appear to be less than a typical human being in physical form, but this is contrasted by her lack of detectable emotion, even in skirmishes with the SSS which usually end up with her being injured. It is difficult to understand what she is thinking due to her rarely showing any outward emotion. Her lack of expression also makes it difficult to determine whether or not she has any consciousness. In later events, she is shown to have abandoned being friendly because of the rules of the world she is in, as her newly-found friends inevitably leave her when they disappear. As the series progresses, she shows a little of her emotions, mostly to Otonashi. In Episode 13, Kanade goes as far as to give a small pout.

    She is fond of eating Mabo Tofu, even going so far as to ignore school rules to eat it, she also includes it in her self-made school anthem at the close of the series. She spends portions of her free time gardening. She is actually part of the disbanded gardening club. She recently became friends with Otonashi, even though she didn't realize this until Otonashi said so. Although this did not alter her personality much, she allows him to call her by her first name, Kanade, and seems to exclusively talk to and hang around him. Kanade helped him fight Naoi and saved Otonashi and the SSS from being eaten by the River Monster.

    Later on, she opens up to Otonashi, talking to him casually and even helping out in Otonashi's plans to help the SSS get over their lingering feelings. After spending more time with her, Otonashi discovers more of her personality and her startling lack of common sense. Otonashi describes her as a "Clumsy Angel". She seems to have a large amount of pain tolerance, as she has been shot several times by the SSS without any reaction or indication of suffering.


    Kanade fights with supernatural abilities, whose origin is probably artificial in nature. Her abilities are voice-activated, and can take effect almost immediately. Combined with her advanced skill in hand-to-hand combat, this makes her a formidable opponent for the members of the SSS.

    In SSS's attempt to infiltrate Kanade's dormitory room, they gain information about her abilities, which are compiled in her personal computer. This discovery deeply disturbs Yuri, who wonders why Angel is not getting her abilities from God like she first assumed. This leads her to question if there is even a God, meaning that at all of their fighting has been for nothing. Later events support their earlier discovery and a manual called Angel Player is even discovered which is related to the program they discovered.

    List of Guard Skills
    • Hand Sonic: Calls forth a single blade or a pair of blades, one on each hand. The blades are capable of slicing through steel or even easily dispatching Shadows. It has been shown to have many variations:
      • Hand Sonic [Version One]: Regular shape resembling a longsword. The main version she uses when fighting the SSS.
      • Hand Sonic [Version Two]: A thinner, longer version than the previous. It has a curved-diamond shape on its tip. She made this version thinner for higher speed.
      • Hand Sonic [Version Three]: Is shaped like a traditional sai. She once remarked that this version is "inelegant".
      • Hand Sonic [Version Four]: A variation which is shaped like a lotus flower with no edges other than, perhaps, its petals. Apparently more of a bludgeoning weapon than a slicing one. Kanade admits to have created it in her attempt to make her weapon "cuter".[1]
      • Hand Sonic [Version Five]: Kanade's most recent variation of Hand Sonic (Excluding the version in the 3rd Drama CD). It is basically a pair of pincers secured on the arm by a violet gauntlet-like accessory that resembles a demon's head, horns and shape. She created this version due to Otonashi's advice that she should give herself a more ruthless image. She also used this version as a makeshift slingshot and for dispatching the Shadows or hitting certain targets from afar.
      • Hand Sonic [Version Twenty-Eight]: This is Kanade's latest version of Hand Sonic. However, this variation is only known to have been used in the 3rd Drama CD. Otonashi and Hinata has stated that it excels in bringing pain and that one would merely know just by looking at it
    • Distortion: Allows her to deflects bullets and other projectiles away using an invisible shield in front of her. The drawback of this skill is that she has to take it down should she want to switch from defense to offense.
    • Delay: Creates a sort of after-image for close range. It is effective in dodging melee attacks by confusing the enemy into attacking elsewhere.
    • Harmonics: Makes a clone of herself which is identical to her, except it has blood-red eyes. Clones created through this ability have their own consciousness, as well as all the abilities of the original - including Harmonics itself. The copy are forms of whatever she is feeling at the moment of their creation.
    • Absorb: A "hidden ability" which acts as the reverse of Harmonics. It allows the reintegration of clones created through Harmonics into her body. This, however, poses some risks as Harmonics clones also possess their own consciousness. This ability is connected to Harmonics using a command called timewait, which is simply a wait command which delays the execution of this ability. This ability was created by Yuri as method of dealing with the Harmonics clones.
    • Overdrive: A passive ability that gives her superhuman strength. The word "Passive" is supposed to refer to a fact that, unlike other guard skills, this skill can be used without an explicit invocation. Overdrive's passive effect is strong enough to lift both the Master of the River and nearly all of the SSS members combined into the air by jumping.
    • Howling: Emits powerful high-frequency, high-amplitude sound-waves from crossed Hand Sonic blades, meant to make an enemy faint. Created by one of the Harmonics clones.
    • Angel Wings: Sprouts wings from her back that, while they don't enable her to fly, can be used to slow her descent. They also allow her survive long drops, such as jumping from the roof of a building.
    • Sonic Rotation (unnamed): This technique when activated, produces a blue aura when used. Kanade produces a Version One Hand Sonic on each arm and spins rapidly, effectively destroying everything in the vincity. It was stated to be as powerful as a jet bomber by Naoi, after it demolished a mass of Shadows and left a circular crater in the ground.


    - Her height is 4'11" (150cm), making her one of the shortest characters in the series.
    - Her birthday is on July 26.
    - Her favorite food is Mapo Tofu, and she can even ignore school rules in favor of it.

    Coding by Hana
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  6. [xtable=skin1|bcenter|100%x100%]
    Eleven aka "Elle"{/caption}
    Birth name: Jane Ives
    Current Name: Elle or Eleven
    Age: 13
    Height: 4'10"
    Weight: 95 lb.
    Canon: Stranger Things
    Personality: Due to being raised in lab, El is quiet and reserved. She has severe claustrophobia stemming from the room she would be regularly locked up in if she didn't comply to Dr. Brenner's demands. Despite her difficulty speaking, El is a quick learner, explaining the concept of the Upside Down using a game board and using her abilities to manipulate compasses. She has a fondness for Eggo Waffles.{/td}
    {td}Powers and Abilities: Eleven has a vast array of natural psychical powers she was born with, but most of them were dormant from the beginning. Her training in the Hawkins National Laboratory allowed her to develop her powers better, and throughout the series she reveals them progressively. However, her powers exhaust her physically and she starts to bleed from her nose and, in extreme cases, from her ears if she uses them too much. Her powers include:
    • Telekinesis – Her most recurrent power, Eleven has shown control of telekinesis into an impressive degree. Initially able to destroy a can of Coke using her telekinesis, she eventually developed her ability from moving objects like doors or toys, and acquired the power to destroy things with little concentration. She was also able to hold Mike in the air with her powers, pin the Monster against a wall, flip a van in the air and focus her telekinesis in multiple targets at once.
    • Psychometry – Eleven is able to acquire information through indirect methods. She has shown to be able to recognize people taken to the Upside Down, as she recognized both Will and Barbara in photos although she never met them before.
    • Telepathy – Eleven can also telepathically communicate with other people in their minds, people can also speak to her in this line of mental talk.
    • Sound Mimicry – She is able to project people's current speak into sound-emitting electronic objects. She was able to project Will's voice singing in the walkie-talkie, and was able to do it in a larger scale using Mr. Clarke's ham radio. During her training, she performed the same with a man with sound amplifiers, and after this, with a Soviet soldier.
    • Astral Projection – Aided by sensory deprivation, Eleven is able to enter a mental void where she can observe and even make contact with people and creatures in different physical locations. While doing this, she is still able to communicate with her physical surroundings to some extent.
    • Biokinesis – To a minor extent, Eleven is able to use telekinesis specifically to manipulate lifeforms. During her incarceration, she was encouraged to kill a cat with her mind, and although she refused to kill the cat, she later killed a guard by snapping his neck mentally. After her escape, she made Troy piss himself, and later broke his arm using her mind. During the battle in the Hawkins Elementary, she killed several agents by making them bleed to death, and was eventually able to kill the Monster using this ability, although she seemingly died afterwards. The strain caused even her eyes to become bloodshot.
    • Electromagnetic Control – Eleven was able to briefly change the north to where the compasses were pointing to in order to drive the boys out of the way, so they would not find the portal. However, this was a minor alteration, and is debatable if it was telekinesis or eletromagnetic control.
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  7. [​IMG]

    "I'm s-sorry... for being... born."



    Evillious Chronicles

    Having received all sorts of harsh treatment from the Elphe villagers, Clarith had carried a very timid and frightful attitude when it came to seeing people in general. With the few people that became close to her, Clarith actually is able to support those that support her back, as a way of returning the favor in her way. Before meeting Michaela, the Netsuma woman wanted and desired a friend of her own to give her relief from the discrimination she was plagued with, and once she became friends with Michaela, more of her caring and supportive side is shown. Even then, she has yet to warm up to others excluding Michaela and her remaining family.

    At this time, Clarith is unaware of being "influenced" by the Demon of Wrath. Other than that, she is a regular human being.​
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  8. Appearance:


    "...As much misery I encounter...As painful and bloody as it might be...I'll keep living!"


    David Hoover




    The Crooked Man
    (Post Good End, but before the evends of the Sandman and the other sequel x.x because I haven't played them yet)


    David Hoover


    None, David survives from his knowledge of the paranormal, intuition, considerable tenacity, and/or a little help from the environment... On the other hand, he has been known to fight at least the Crooked Man himself off with a knife, a straight up gun, and even on one occasion, a fire extinguisher.​
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  9. Appearance:

    Name: Real name is unknown, but is often called "Jacket."

    Age: 25

    Canon: Hotline Miami [With a mix of his appearance in the Payday 2 DLC.]

    Personality: Jacket

    Powers: While not having any abnormal powers, Jacket does possess several masks that grant him different abilities. Such as one granting him the ability to kill with a punch, but as a result. He can not pick up any weapons.
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  10. As of present, the only person who has not yet posted is @Minerva

    I will likely update either late tonight or tomorrow, just to let everyone know.
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  11. Sorry it took so long to update everyone, but yeah, got something up even if it's a little rushed.
  12. [​IMG]
    'My Dad always said... "If you need to know a city, ask the rats" '

    Appearance: Either a description or a picture is just fine!

    Name: Self-explanatory

    Mercury Black

    Age: Same as above

    19 (educated Guess)

    Canon: What series does your character hail from? Don't need to answer this if they're an OC.


    Personality: What is your character like? If your character is a canon character, a wiki link will do.


    Powers: If applicable to your character, list them here.

    Aura: Though it's never really shown if Mercury can do anything with his aura it can be used to protect against fatal attacks (but not completely protect against attacks.). It has been shown that the strength of an Aura degrades with continual use. This limits the applications of Aura in combat as, with time or heavy use, a person's Aura will decay to the point where they are left weakened or even incapacitated. Aura being completely depleted is visually represented as a colored sheen passing along the length of a person's body, indicating that they can now be physically injured.


    (This gif show's Mercury's aura breaking.)

    While not exactly a power it's worth mentioning that Mercury can control the rounds he shoots from his boots (yes his boots are also guns) through Dust use. Dust itself is a source of energy in Remnant. The physical properties of Dust make it incredibly useful for a variety of purposes, particularly in the weapons of many characters in the series.

    Also not exactly powers but thanks to his prosthetic legs it appears that they give him enhanced performance in battle.

    (Mark asked for this... Anyways i'm not completely familiar with RWBY lore so if I messed up anywhere please let me know xD)​
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  13. ...Another smartass. Hoo boy.
  14. For a second I read that as his name actually being "Self-explanatory."

    But yeah accepted, and such. I should probably have said so as well for all the other CS's but better late than never I suppose.
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  15. Man, no wonder Mercury killed his dad.
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  16. Curious who Mercury will get teamed up with lol
  17. "There's a reason why I'm good at what I do. Part of it's a secret I just don't trust you with."



    Name: Yurick

    Age: about 21

    Canon: The Last Story

    Personality: Yurick is a bit cold and distances himself from others but is willing to work with them if it means being able to survive. It takes a while for him to warm up to others and he does show general care for others wellbeing though not often unless they're very close. Though, now the cold exterior is mostly put up as a bit of a front for those that aren't his mercenary friends from home.

    Powers: Yurick can cast fire usually with a 17(?) second countdown in some cases depending on how strong he wants his basic attack to be.
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  18. Woo!

    I'm a bit distracted at the moment but I'll try to get both you guys handled tonight or tomorrow at the latest! : )

    @Takumi @Crimson Spartan
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