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  1. This is where you sign up for my Sivetona Manor RP. Please note that if you post an over-powered character, you will be asked to change it before it is accepted. Keep in mind that I've not done an RP on an active site in so long, so I'm just now getting back with everything.

    As night falls, you walk up a dirt road towards a huge mansion. Approaching the front gates, you look up in astonishment, as the manor stands tall. Wiping off the dusty sign, you read
    "Sivetona Manor". You debate on whether to take the rest of the long journey to a town. After minutes of debate, the first traveler decides to see about a night in the mansion. When they get to the door, they knock, and a few seconds later, a woman comes to the door, a cloak covering her face. Please, come in. You look tired and worn down. You walk in and the door closes behind you. Please make yourself at home for the night. We have plenty of rooms, drinks and food if you're interested. You nod, and thank her. My name is Violet Sivetona, and this is my Manor. You are welcome to stay as long as you like, and you will be safe here, provided you were meaning to come alone. After a little snack and some refreshing wine, you head to bed for some well deserved sleep.

    On the actual RP threa, from this point on, the roleplay will be fair game. PLEASE NOTE, that you can make up a few towns. However, please limit extra towns to five, including the one mentioned in the setting. You are allowed to kill NPC's, and other players besides myself, but ONLY if those other players have agreed to it. Please keep sexual themes between yourself and another player, minimal, and by that I mean, please do not make your characters kiss and have sex every ten seconds. This is an RP, not a porno. Also, if your character dies in the RP, come back here and make a new character if you wish to continue RPing.

    Character form is as follows:









    Appearance:[scars and such]



    Extra details:

    Please make sure everything is filled out. When this thread gets at least five characters accepted, I will post The URL. Please remember, that if Diana agrees to help with character approval/disapproval, so her and myself will be the only ones allowed to approve characters, unless I specify otherwise.

    Name: Violet Sivetona

    Age: 137

    Race: Highland Elven

    Occupation: Dark Sentinel

    Powers: Mind reading, Flame manipulation[Pyromancy]

    Hair: Dark Blue

    Eye: Golden

    Height: 5'7"

    Appearance: One scar down her right cheek, pinky finger missing from left hand. She is an average girl, with a great figure, and long Blue hair. She wears a rather unique dress, with jewelry and bright colors, and a sword on her left hip.

    Background/Bio: Violet comes from a long and wealthy family. Originally, her mother and father owned the mansion, and due to difficulties there, Violet ran away. She later joined into an assassins organization, where she quickly excelled in everything she did. During one job, She lost a finger trying to assassinate someone. She also got cut down her cheek, a scar that would, and will, never heal. A faint but constant reminder of the life she left behind, when her mother died of illness.
    When word reached her, she traveled as fast as possible, but by the time she got there, it was too late. Her mother had died in her father's arms. Years later, her father succumbed to an illness as well, though he died in his sleep. Since then she has kept herself away from people more often, though sometimes she would have to converse with people from time to time, so as not to lose her mind. One night, a stranger came to visit, and so she let them stay, being as they were worn out and parched...

    Personality: Though she is 137 years old, she is still quite young. She is shy, and has trouble opening up to strangers sometimes, but she tries to be as hospitable as possible. She's a very charming person,

    Extra details: She has a servant, Clare, Who is a Dragorian, or human-dragon hybrid, with the body of a human and the wings of a dragon, whom she saved from a band of thugs and bandits,. Clare feels forever in Violet's debt for letting her stay in the mansion, and so she serves as the royal maid and servant.
  2. Name: Samantha Irene De'Beaumont



    Currently unemployed, and being funded by her parents to travel.

    Element Manipulation, to a point.


    Blue with hints of purple


    Appearance:[scars and such]
    One large scar running from her last rib on her lift or her right hip bone. One tattoo on her back of all four elements mixed together in a ball

    Samantha comes from a family that is royal to the Elemental people. At a young age she decided she wanted to travel the world instead of be in charge of some menial branch of the Elemental Government. Growing up Samantha was much more advanced in her training as an Elemental, and quickly learned to control all four of them, and a few of the side elements like lightening. But she can only control elements for a certain amount of time, as it makes her very weak. Taking control exerts a lot of energy so she usually has to be pretty careful. When Samantha turned eighteen her mother was killed in a training accident outside of the city walls, and so Samantha put off starting her travels until after the funeral and mourning was over. She was never close to her mom, so it didn't hit her as hard as it did her father. Since then she has traveled many many places, but for now she was just glad to find somewhere to stay for the night.

    Samantha is charming and kind, and more of an easy going person. She loves to make jokes as well as make friends. She is very compassionate and cares about every living thing, and really hates to see anyone or anything in pain. Samantha is also very sneaky and agile, so much so, you probably wouldn't notice she was in a room until she began speaking or announced herself. She also hates being alone, and is usually talking with someone just to have the company.

    Extra details:
    Water has healing properties but Samantha hasn't quite mastered the art of healing yet and when she gets really angry, her powers go crazy, which is why she tries to be nice so she won't end up in that situation or hurting someone.

    Character Picture
  3. Oh my. I love it. Definately accepted. :D
  4. Name: Jacien Nraga



    Occupation:Soldier, 1st class elite corps

    Powers:Electric manipulation

    Hair:Dark, dark brown

    Eye:Cobalt blue


    Appearance:[scars and such] Scar on right cheek, sword slash, arrow to the knee, and family crest

    Background/Bio: Jacien is a 19 year old soldier with high-class skills, unknown parents, and a very mysterious aura to him

    Personality: Jacien is a kind person, he loves hanging out with friends, and being a teensy bit immature, he loves winning and REAALLLY
    doesn't like being pissed off.

    Extra details:Incredible at stealth, high strength, and really fast.
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  5. Accepted! We need three more! Invite some people to join us! :3
  6. Name: Sativa Mali Ramaeu

    Age: 19

    Race: Moral

    Occupation: Tattoo Artist

    Powers: Shifts into a wolf form (completely white wolf)

    Hair: White and in long dread locks

    Eye: Varying shades of grey depending on her mood

    Height: 5' 2"

    Appearance:[scars and such] She has scars on her wrists but only a few and she has covered almost all of these by now with self made tattoos. There's a small scar just above her right eye, if it had been any lower it would have crossed her eye but as it was she was fortunate and she usually covers it with her bangs. She has piercings over most of her face and ears as well as one in her belly button.

    Background/Bio: She was born to a thief and a young girl who really had no business being a mother. The girl had sense enough to take her away from the father before she could get hurt, but she didn't take good care of her and was eventually put into an orphanage. She went through several homes before finally just giving up and running away at age 14. She lived on her own on the streets for a while, drawing for money until one day she was taken in by a kind tattoo artist named Bree who taught her her trade. She taught Sativa everything she knew and managed to talk her down off of a high ledge and help her control her power the first time she phased into the wolf.

    Personality: She tends to come across as a rebel with a bad attitude but she normally mellows out once you get to know her. She is very protective of her friends and very possessive of the people she cares about as more than friends which aren't many.

    Extra details: She loves to run and she loves anything with music. Break past that bad girl, 'you can't touch me' facade and she'll be one of the most loyal and best friends you could ever have
  7. Approved!! Two more, then we can start!! Bring your friends please! X3
  8. Name: Ven

    Age: Actual age 47, physical age 23

    Race: Merfolk

    Occupation: Wanderer

    Powers: She is capable of swimming at high speeds, and shifting her feet into a fish-like tail. Additionally, she can cast magic, but only through magic books, since she hasn't actually learnt magic. Her reflexes are great, but she is better in the water. Her feet, having tranformed from her tail, produces powerful kicks.

    Hair: Her hair is of a dark blue hue, and is cut into a hime-cut. It is four centimetres above ground when she stands up.

    Eye: Her left eye is a sapphire blue, and her right, a fine emerald green.

    Height: She is about 179 centimetres tall.

    Appearance: Ven is tall and slender in shape, and her skin is most fair. Her bust is about a D-cup, and it is covered by nothing but a pair of seashells with no strings attached. She also wears a short, silky-white sarong to cover her bottoms, with nothing underneath but a starfish covering her youknowwhere. Scales can be seen on some small parts of her cheeks and back, and her ears appear to be fishy fins.

    Background/Bio: Ven was once a great mermaid princess in an ancient sea civilisation of merfolk. However, one day, a great, serpentine foe, Leviathan, kidnapped her to be his bride, and locked her up in a dungeon. Fortunately, Ven found a way to escape her fate, but soon, she ended up in a river in a forest, far from home.

    After about half a decade, she decides to leave the lake and activate her humanoid legs, in hopes to find answers about how to defeat the Leviathan and possibly, a route home. That was when she stumbled upon an odd looking manor...

    Personality: Her Merfolk-subrace is less intelligent than humans, that applies to her too. In fact, she's a little unintelligent, but she's still wary of what's going on, and won't just say yes unless convinced, or if she wishes to find out more. She's also a little agressive and might resort to violence.

    Extra details: Like mentioned, she's not the brightest bulb, but she is far from gullible. She is also capable of carving weapons from materials.
  9. Definitely approved! Thank you for joining, Crow! ONE MORE PERSON!!!! HURRY EVERYONE! Find another person! X3
  10. YES DO IT
  11. I will search for a few people to ask! I'm looking forward to starting this RP.
  12. [Initial sign-up completed. all player who have a character already approved, please head to the RP]
    [Sign-ups are still going to be accepted, I just feel like getting the show on the road]
  13. So, like the intro says, we go to sleep as an introductory post?
  14. That was just an intro, talking about another character. At the start, you can do whatever!
  15. Very well, thank you.
  16. Shizuka, #0059b3
    Name: Shizuka

    Age: 3000+

    Race: Cursed Human

    Occupation: Yojimbo/Bouncer/Bodyguard/Author/Journalist/Occult Expert

    Powers: Immortality: Shizuka can not die. Fatal wounds will not kill him and he has everlasting longevity. Having run afoul of a witch, who cursed him with bloodworms; these worms little worm-like creature which lives in the bloodstream in a non-parasitic way. It heals all wounds acquired by its host, as well as re-attaching limbs and regrowing organs. regenerate even the most catastrophic damage. He can even come back from dismemberment but not complete decapitation. There are however, side effects and drawbacks.

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: Brown when calm, Grey when fighting.

    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 141.1lbs
    Background/Bio: Shizuka wasn't always dark and solemn. Once he was a prideful, if arrogant swordsman in ancient Japan. His skills were easily the best around and he took it for granted. That was until he was wounded and spared by an elderly woman whose son he had unknowingly killed. She placed a curse upon Shizuka, one that he took lightly--at first. In slaying the man who wounded him, the curse reacted to the blood spilled. From then on things took a toll for the worst. From then on he could feel his opponents deaths as though he were dying himself. He could also see spirits and hear and converse with them as well. Living hundreds of lifetimes, has changed him.

    Personality: As his name implies, he is quiet and calm. He never engages in arguments and only talks when he feels he should or there is something of importance to say. However, he is a very skeptical man. Having lived over three thousand years, he's knows a lot and seen a lot more. When he is angered or is called to fight, one can feel a powerful but ominous aura. It cloaks him like a shroud and elevates tension very easily. Shizuka doesn't sleep anymore. Of the centuries, and with the amount of people he's he's had to kill--the pain of their last moments alive have deprived him of this luxury.
    Extra details:
    His sword is called "Hakuteiken" Which means "White Imperial Sword".


    Shizuka, #0059b3
  17. .... Approved, but in future RP's please don't make your characters so overpowered. And as I'm seeing a lot of depth in this, please make sure you add a little more detail in your rp than usual.
  18. He's not overpowered. He doesn't have superhuman abilities (Strength, speed, etc). He's still human he just cant die unless beheaded. He still is only as strong, fast and intelligent as a human can be.

    If you want I can list the flaws to this ability.
  19. No, you're perfectly fine, I just consider immotrality a superhuman ability, regardless of curse or otherwise. It's fine though, I'm not really planning on killing characters off, the actual rp will be ongoing until nobody posts to it anymore.
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