Sivetona Manor(RP)

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  1. This is where my Sivetona Manor RP takes place.

    Please go there to make a character before posting, and keep in mind that I've not done an RP on an active site in so long, so I'm just now getting back with everything.

    As night falls, you walk up a dirt road towards a huge mansion. Approaching the front gates, you look up in astonishment, as the manor stands tall. Wiping off the dusty sign, you read
    "Sivetona Manor". You debate on whether to take the rest of the long journey to a town. After minutes of debate, the first traveler decides to see about a night in the mansion. When they get to the door, they knock, and a few seconds later, a woman comes to the door, a cloak covering her face. Please, come in. You look tired and worn down. You walk in and the door closes behind you. Please make yourself at home for the night. We have plenty of rooms, drinks and food if you're interested. You nod, and thank her. My name is Violet Sivetona, and this is my Manor. You are welcome to stay as long as you like, and you will be safe here, provided you were meaning to come alone. After a little snack and some refreshing wine, you head to bed for some well deserved sleep.
  2. The young maiden barely wore anything. That was the way of her kind. "The very land... I never knew walking on land would feel so nice..." She spoke.

    This individual went by the identity Ven. She is a actually a mermaid. She looks up in the sky, noting that it is getting late.

    "I think I will need a little rest," she says as she approaches a mansion up ahead. "Mysterious... Sivetona Manor? Whatever that means..."

    She knocks on the door and a cloaked woman greets her, asking her to make herself at home. She looked around and the cloaked woman briefed her and guided her to her room. "Say, do you have a... what do you call those things... 'shower room'?"

    She questioned as she opened her bathroom door in her room.

    "Nevermind, I think I found it."


    After a fine shower, she lied on her bed, stark naked, eating her snacks and drinking plain water as opposed to wine, before heading to bed.
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  3. [Start your intro anyway you feel satisfying]
    [Places to go]
    70 rooms
    dining room
    By the fireplace
    Rose garden
  4. "If you need anything, my servant will be just down the hall. if you would like to learn of the places you're allowed to go on my grounds, please check the map in the Living room, blue areas are safe to go. anywhere else... i wouldn't go." Violet told Ven, as she walked to the library.
  5. Jacien walked down the path to Sivetona Manor and greeted Violet, the current owner. He walked in, found a room, jumped on the bed and sighed.
    Who am I? Who are my parents? Most of all, why am I not dead?,he thought.
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  6. "Ugh... can't sleep..."

    Ven rose from her bed, fully nude. "Well then..." she spoke. Being kinda dumb, she didn't bother covering her stark naked body with anything. "I guess I'll look at the map to see what's up...."

    With that, she went down towards the Living Room to have a good look at the map. "Red areas no-go huh? A little curious, but let us play safe. Hmmm... this place... seems nice for now...."

    Just then, she felt someone approach her bare figure.
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  7. "Is something troubling you sir?" Clare asked. "he is trying to think of answers to questions that seem to have trouble him for a long, long time now," Violet said, "Is there anything we can get you Mister?" Violet asked him.
  8. Jacien walked down the halls, SO MANY ROOOOOOOMMMSSS!, he thought. ''Might as well explore the other rooms.'', he whispered. He went to a room and saw something approaching a naked figure. Thinking fast, he grabs his knife and throws it at the figure's head. The figure vaporizes, he grabs his knife, and he left the room without looking at the person being attacked.
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  9. "Please refrain from attacking him again, sir. He means no harm, he is just curious" Violet said, coming around the corner.
  10. Ven turns around and looks at Jacien. "Hello there young man. What brings you here? My name is Ven. What is yours?"

    It was very obvious Ven had no sense of shame.
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  11. "I understand you want to greet the new houseguests, Rorii, but that is an unacceptable way of doing so."
    Rorii came out of the shadows, kneeling down on one knee, and said, in a dark voice, "Yes ma'am, it won't happen again" He then disappeared into the darkness.
  12. ''Ehmm...'',he said, trying not to look aroused,''My name is Jacien. I was kicked out of my old home, so I'm living here now.''
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  13. "Ven, Jacien, why don't you two be careful from now own. There are things lurking here that have been here since long before my family ever existed" Violet stated.
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  15. ''Yeah, we'll make sure of that.'', he said. He started playing with tiny bolts of lightning on his fingers, looked at his watch, said goodnight, and went to sleep.
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  16. [Rain begins to fall]
    Violet went to stand by the fireplace, and watched as the slow crackling fire danced around within the fireplace. The chimney was covered by a rain protector, so that the fire wouldn't go out. Violet loved standing by the fire. It brought her peace whenever she needed it, and cleared her mind whenever she wanted.
  17. Jacien was quite bored with only 4 people in the household, he wanted to greet new people, since he was quite uncomfortable near Ven. He stood by the fire near Violet. Fire, to him, was basically the best thing ever. And electricity. Of course lightning was cool too. ''Who doesn't like fire?'', he said.
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  18. "Well, goodnight to you too," she says as she hears the rain.

    "Mysterious things? Well, land demons probably are," she uttered. Next, she decided to sit next to Ven, near the fireplace. "Greetings again. You know, I have not seen many 'fires' in my life, but they do seem to frighten me a little. Maybe I'm just more attuned to its opposite, water."

    She gives him a smile. "You do look most fine. I hope I am not intruding on... what's the word... privacy."
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  19. "No, not at all. I just come here to clear my mind." Violet said in a soft, sweet voice. She sparked a flame in here hand and played around with it, before putting out. "Some would say the flame is a symbol or essense of passion. I like think, however, that a flame is a symbol of cleansing, burning through the things eating away at you most, so that you may find peace for the moment. And thank you for the compliment. You look very well yourself, even with a lack of clothing." She said.
  20. Ven never really noticed her bareness.

    "Why, now that you mention it, I do lack clothes! Wonder how it took me so long to realise this... Pardon my... what's the word... nudeness..." she smiled.

    Next, she looked at the flame by the fireplace. A bright, burning, light. "It does look pretty beautiful now that I think of it... and warm..."

    She hatched a plan and knew exactly what to do tommorow.
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