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  1. "Surprise motherfuckers," Uriel shouted as when inside his favourite bar. Everyone in the bar immediately diverted their attention to that man who slammed the doors of the bar so hard that the building shook slightly. Uriel took confident steps and walked to the bar table that the bartender was working behind.

    "Again with you dramatic entrances," the bartender said as he wiped the beer mugs clean. "If you break the door again I'll make you pay for the damages."
    "C'mon, don't worry," Uriel chuckled, "That door isn't that weak."

    The moment Uriel said that, one of the entrance doors fell onto the floor because the hinges came loose. The bartender smacked his head with his palm as Uriel scratched his head in slight regret.

    "That's another three hundred bucks to pay for that door," the bartender slammed his head onto the bar table, in frustration. After all, it wasn't the first time Uriel had broke the entrance doors. "Like I said about two seconds ago, you're paying for that!"
    "Okay okay," Uriel replied, putting his palms in front of the bartender, before slowly walking out of the building. "But that's if I get hired again."


    Jesus how long has it been since I last got hired, Uriel thought as he walked down the main street of his township. It had been three months since he last got hired to assassinate someone or something. He didn't really mind though, as he was hired just enough to support himself financially. At the same time though, he began missing the thrill of hunting his targets.

    He turned left to walk down an empty alleyway. As he was strolling, he heard noises coming towards his way. As soon as he turned around, he was greeted by a knife in his face. Instinctively, he shifts his head sideways to ensure he didn't lose an eye for nothing.

    "Shit," Uriel muttered under his breath, before drawing his knives out, too. When the attacker went in for another slash, Uriel parried it with one of his flick knives and threw another one with his other hand into the neck of his opponent. The attacker went down instantly, but then another two pounced out of nowhere. What the fuck is going on?

    Not missing a single step or opportunity, he took down each of the ambushers quickly and made them drop like flies. When he stabbed the last attacker, he was covered in blood, with a lot covering his light brown hair as he wasn't wearing his hoodie.

    Then, he heard the sound of slow clapping. Taking no chances, he threw a knife at the source, but the source immediately evaded the knife and made its way to Uriel's line of sight.

    "I knew you weren't a shabby killer. Sorry about my men." The source, who was actually a mage, complimented, although this made Uriel more uneasy. "The name is Astaroth by the way, and I would like you to do a little...favour for me."
    "Huh? Well, then explain?" Uriel's eyes lit up. Finally a mission.
    "How should I put this..." Astaroth started, walking around in circles, "You see, there's this demon that has been wreaking havoc in this district, in fact this city. The long and short of it is that this demon is stealing the souls of some the best assassins..."
    "Continue..." Uriel said.
    "And because of that, I started to have trouble to find good assassins to do this mission. You're one of the very few assassins left I know that has a chance to complete this mission." Astaroth continued as requested by Uriel. "If you don't accept it I un-"
    "I accept this mission!" Uriel shot his hands out and started shaking Astaroth's hands furiously.
    "You mean you don't mind how this mission can result in your death very easily?" the latter's eyes widened in shock.
    "Not really, no." Uriel replied. It can't be that bad right?
    "Well, then," Astaroth coughed to clear his throat. "Apparently, this demon's name is named Zecro and it looks like this."

    He held up a grainy picture of a shadowy figure lurking around the sidewalks of a town. "Can you make do with this? It's the only picture I have for this demon. It's extremely fast."
    "Don't worry," Uriel reassured, and took the picture out of Astaroth's hands. "I'll jump onto this mission right away. See ya!"

    Uriel slapped the back of Astaroth's shoulders and ran off. The latter could only slowly wave his hand left and right, as he showed a worried face. I am so going to regret this, Astaroth thought to himself.
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  2. With a flick of her wrist the man's body twisted in an unnatural angle and he dropped to the ground, allowing the hooded figure to walk forward and stretch her hand over his body. A small white orb floated up from his chest and the figure grabbed it, causing it to turn a dark red then vanish before the unknown person turned and walked out of the alleyway. Once far enought away from the scene of her... 'unnatural' crim she pulled down her hood, allowing her once confined ebony locks to fall down her back freely in their natural waves. Zecro looked human enough, with an hourglass figure, long black hair and big sapphire eyes that stood out amongst her pale skin. She was middle height and looked weak but if you were to call her that, then you would surely pay the price.

    Her hips swayed, catching the attention of many men who stopped to stare after her as she walked, her boots slapping against the ground as she pushed her hands into her pockets. Zecro had been sent her by the devil himself to help recollect the souls that had escaped from hell, along with some demons and new souls who decided to sin. It was a good idea he sent her here because this place was crawling with assassins, and demons like to possess good strong hosts. The female took a sharp turn and continued on her walk before reaching a bar with a missing door, she raised an eyebrow but otherwise didn't question it as she stepped into the bar and walked towards the bartender, taking a seat.

    "Strongest thing you've got please, I've had a rough day." She spoke in a voice that was smooth like honey, "also, if you don't mind me asking, what happened to the door? looks like a angry bull charged at it." She added an inoccence giggle to end of her sentence to keep up the human act. Acting like this made her sick sometimes.
  3. "Don't even get me started," the bartender responded to the girl in front of him, and gave her a glass of his strongest spirit,"It isn't the first time it had happened. Bloody Uriel needs to calm himself down."


    Meanwhile, Uriel decided to rush back to the bar. Since there was no door for him to break, he quickly swished inside the building and took his usual seat.

    "Oh there he is right now," the bartender sighed, "Why did you decided to come back?"
    "Jeez, at least give me a welcome," Uriel replied, while waving the poster he received from Astaroth about ten minutes ago. "I finally got a mission to do, so hopefully I'll be able to pay you back."

    The bartender rolled his eyes. He's lying. The reason why Uriel hasn't been hired for a long time was because he was known to be a huge liar. While this may seem like a good trait for an assassin, Uriel also has a tendency to lie to his hirer, much to the frustration of the latter. Yet, for those who actually recruited him, are always surprised by how good he was being an assassin. He hadn't ran into a singe mission where he failed. Then again, failing a mission as an assassin would result an instant death.

    Uriel then showed the poster's contents to the bartender, shocking the latter. "Well, then," the bartender replied, before handing him a mug of beer, "Good for you."

    As he was drinking his mug, he noticed a girl next to him. He raised his eyebrows, gazing at the hourglass figure she possessed. She looks pretty hot. It's been a while since he last checked out a girl for so long. Should I start talking to her? Nahh I got other things to worry about, Uriel though before he turned away and continued to drink his beer. Actually you know what, it's good to socialise with more people.

    "Hey," Uriel said to the girl next to him, "How are you doing today?"
  4. Zecro chuckled at the bartender's response, brushing a strand of hair to the side as she sipped on her drink.


    The demon had turned to face Uriel when he walked, letting her eyes take in his frame and figure before she bit her lip and turned back to her glass, downing half of it as her thoughts swirled. She barely paid any mind to the conversation the bartender had with his other customer until Uriel addressed her.

    Zecro turned to look at the male, a strand of black hair falling over her left eye, she bit her bottom lip before shrugging, "Hi...I've had a rough day, how about you?" She threw back the question just as easily as it had been asked.

    A strong tingling hit her gut, the sensation she normally got if there was another demon around. Zecro glanced around before returning her gaze to the male.

    "You know, with that job of yours, I think you really should replace the door. Owning a bar can't make that much good money, despite how good his drinks are, and I don't wanna read about another burglary and murderd by that mysterious.... Oh what's her name?" She clicked her fingers as she thought, "oh! Zecro, not that she, or he, stole anything but you couldn't be to aware."
  5. "Ehh, my day's been great actually," Uriel answered the girl. Lies. His day today wasn't that great, either. He had just came back from a blood-fest, and he had not bothered to wash out the now-dried up blood that was in his hair. "Made better by your presence though."

    Uriel chuckled and leaned back onto the bar table. However, his thoughts became interrupted when she mentioned the name 'Zecro'. Does she have valuable information about this topic?

    "Wait you know about Zecro?" Uriel immediately asked the girl. "Can you let me in on some information about her? She's pretty important in my...uh current affairs, you see."

    Before he let the girl continue, he realised that he shouldn't be discussing this topic in a public area. "Uh by the way, you wanna go out?" Uriel nonchalantly offered, but then realised how ridiculously suggestive the sentence he had just said was. His cheeks flared up, before frantically said "Uuhh-I-I mean like outside this bar so...we...can discuss about this?"

    It wasn't like he had never socialised with a girl before, and even had a few girlfriends from time to time. However, he's single, probably because of his lying tendencies...and commitment issues, not that he had ever cheated on his girlfriends. It was more like he had too focused on his work than on his significant other, much to the frustration of the latter. Although secretly, he really wanted to take this girl out. Seems like a nice person to be with.

    "By the way," Uriel got up from his stool. "What's your name? I'm Uriel."
  6. Zecro chuckled at the male's quick correction, "Of course I know about Zecro, she's been appearing in the papers and they finally got a name, I don't know much. Just that she's been killing people in horrid ways." The demon responded, pushing some of her hair behind her ears. She finished her drink and payed the bartender, "but I can tell you what I know." She stood up, glancing around the bar and letting her eyes meet another woman's gaze who was glaring at her with an evil smirk.

    Zecro rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to Uriel, "Zina, my name's Zina." She outstretched a hand for him to shake as she placed the other on her hip.

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  7. "Oh really?" Uriel replied to to Zina's statement about the demon. He realised that it probably wasn't the best idea to discuss about such a topic in a public area, as there could be people who are trying to stop him from completing the mission. He stood up from his seat, before placing some money onto the bar table in front of the worker. "Um, can we please discuss this outside, somewhere secluded?"

    Uriel signalled Zina to follow him, before walking out along the main road. By now, it was halfway through rush hour. The streets were bustling with townspeople walking up and down the main street. Shops and markets were yelling their usual phrases, trying to attract and haul in more customers. The smell of the food coming from vendors along the edges of the stone floor was so strong and hearty that Uriel's stomach grumbled. Let's get some snacks later, there are more important issues to worry about.

    He found the alleyway and turned towards it. The garbage cans insides were overflowing and was giving off a putrid stench, forcing Uriel to cover his nose. "Please bare with the smell, this is the only good place to discuss about this without people eavesdropping."

    He hopped onto the top of the can, before squatting down and placing his arms onto his knees, "Now, tell me all you know about this Zecro?"
  8. Zecro followed the male, dodging past people as they pushed past her all while trying to stay close to Uriel, she blocked out the sound of everybody around them before they reached a back alleyway. The smell didn't even seem to effect her as she leaned back against a wall, pulling her hood up as a cold breeze ran through the air and crawled down her spine.

    "The smell? It's no problem, don't worry about it." She left out the part about living in hell and quickly growing use to the scent of death and things similar, "I don't know all that much but I did manage to get my hands on a picture. From what I've heard she's been going after the best assassins around here aswell as other people on the streets, I'm a big fan of demon mythology and she shares some... Similarities... To the demon also named Zecro. From what I've read, and what I was taught in school, it was believed that she was Lucifer's right hand demon, and that she often did his dirty work. If this killer really is a demon, which I highly doubt, then it's possible she's collect souls that got out of hell, or demons, or both. My friends are obsessed with demons and jump to conclusions. They've been telling me about this and saying she's a demon." She added an eye roll to the end, "but, anyway, other then the fact she's been murdering people in horrid ways for unknown reasons, I can't tell you much."

    Zecro stood up straight and glanced out at the busy street, taking a step back that made the horrid smell even worse, she let out a convincing gag, "I don't think that smell is coming from the trash. Unless somebody stuffed a dead cat in there." She glanced into the alley were the horrid smell was coming from.
  9. "That's a shame...Although I'm pretty convinced that Zecro is a demon." Uriel replied to Zina's splurge of information, but he got a bit nervous about the fact that this demon was hunting assassins. Judging that no one really have a clue about this mysterious killer, he highly doubted a human would be able to get away with those kind of crime.

    Uriel took a few sniffs of the air, which apparently stank like a dead cat. Immediately, he flinched and turned away in disgust. "Jesus, I don't remember this place smelling like rotting corpses or dead animals."

    He hopped off the trash can and patted himself down. If this girl only knew so much about Zecro, that meant that this target was clearly a dangerous one, especially considering the fact that it's probably also after him as well. But if he were to encounter the demon now, there's no way he would win a duel against it. He would be dead within the next second. He had to know about his target as well as the target knows about him.

    "Wait, you said that you're interested in demon mythology right?" Uriel asked spontaneously, before walking near to the start of the alleyway, "Do you want to go to the local library down the road? They have a lot of books about demons. I'm sure we're bound to find something about Zecro."

    He then strolled out, only to see a huge crowd of civilians suddenly running around like headless chickens. Instinctively, he looked towards the opposite direction of where people were running to. Oh. Just an angel...that thought that it was a great idea to have its face as a shield. The angel stomped, shaking the ground beneath with every step. It was donned in heavy golden and marble armour around every parts of it's body. Its size was about larger than a two-storey house. It also carried a giant golden buster sword, enough to destroy the houses nearby with one sweep. The angel turned around and happened to look at where Uriel and Zina was. Uriel, unlike the others, was not frightened the least.

    "'s just a Valor." Uriel replied at the sight of the gigantic angel. "No big deal."
    "Ahh, the famed and infamous assassin, Uriel." Valor bellowed. "I'm surprised that you have sided with that girl."
    "Oh, you mean Zina? Just a recent acquaintance if you don't mind, my friend."

    Valor gave out a chuckled, which was clearly seen on that face-shield of his. "Humans. Oh how foolish you are."

    He gave a mighty swing of his sword, however it wasn't aimed at Uriel. It was aimed at Zina.

    "Shit! Zina get away!" Uriel pounced onto Zina, pushing her out of the way.
  10. Zecro chuckled but flinched herself when she saw the mangled corpse of her last victim, best not to mention that. The demon turned and walked back over to Uriel, "Well... I guess I could go, don't have much to do but I'll only be able to stay for two hours at the most." The ebony haired female replied, looking out into the street as people scattered. She furrowed her eyebrows at the vibe she got before walking out onto the street only to be met with the sight of an angel.

    Just what she needed, so she had assassins and angels after her, what next? The seven deadly sins? She never did get along with lust and pride, but anyway that would be impossible because they're locked up tight. Zecro shook her head slightly, looking back up at the Valor as he said humans were foolish. Hmm, so he could sense that she was demon, well at least he wasn't stupid.

    The large male swung his sword towards her and Zecro tensed up, her eyes growing wide as they focused on the golden blade before she felt a larger body push into her and send them both to the ground, she looked up at Uriel with a slightly surprised look.

    "Thanks..." She whispered, blinking several times. Zecro was honestly surprised, no human she had met had gone out of their way to save her before, Uriel was... Different.
  11. "Will you stop interfering!" Valor shouted, as his sword got wedged into the ground.
    "She still owns me some answers." Uriel taunted and stood in front of Zina, before bringing out a knife that was concealed inside his sleeves. "There's the easy way and there's the hard way with this situation, you should know that."
    Valor scoffed at Uriel, and yanked his sword out of the stone floor, before swinging it towards Uriel. "Dare to challenge me, human?"

    Uriel slid out of the sword's way, before using an abandoned cart to scale onto the roof of a building to get a better view of Valor's face. "Sure I may be only an human assassin, but they don't call me the 'Angel Slayer' for naught." That's right. Uriel was also well-known for his tendencies to kill angels, usually from the Third Spheres, rarely any in the Second Spheres. However, most of the time, it was because of self-defence, as angels for some reasons love to chase after him as if he was some top-tier celebrity. He never knew the reason why they always come after him. Was it because of his occupation? Or something else?

    Uriel sat down near the edge of the roof, with his legs hanging off it. "Well battling a First Sphere Cherubim is certainly a first for me. I wonder how this is going to turn out."

    He looked down at Zina, before drawing out more knives. "You know, I think it's a great idea for you to run. I can handle this."

    Uriel leapt and head straight for the monstrous angel's sword. Immediately, Valor swung his sword, but Uriel grabbed onto it so that the latter could swing himself towards the shield. Pulling out a knife, he stabbed it into the face that was on the shield right into its nose bridge. The angel flinched immediately and stumbled a bit, however quickly regained its posture.

    "Who's idea was it to put your weak spot onto your shield?" Uriel taunted, as he gripped onto he knife that was lodged onto the face.
    "Again, stop interfering in my affairs and stop protecting the girl," Valor shouted, before shaking the shield up and down to get rid of Uriel. Uriel quickly lost his grip onto the knife, but just before he slipped, he flung himself up higher into the air. There, he saw a weak spot on the centre of his back. Smirking, Uriel threw a huge flurry of knives at the spot and landed all of them. As a result, Valor screamed in pain and had to fall onto his knees, dropping his shield and sword in the process. Valor, with no other choice, was forced to disappear into thin air to retreat. Meanwhile, Uriel landed perfectly onto the ground, and sighed in relief.

    "Guess that'll do," he started, patting his hand clean, "I honestly thought he was going to kill me. Now, where's that Zina chick?"
  12. Zecro watched the battle for awhile longer before running into the alley, once out of sight she teleported into another alleyway and walked out onto the abandoned street. She could still faintly hear screaming so she couldn't of teleported that far away. With a sigh she pushed a strand of hair to the side before a familer presence washed over her and she span around to face the demon from the bar.

    She was blond with bright blue eyes, a lean figure and long legs, her skin was tanned to, but something about her was familer.

    "Hello Zecro." The blonde grinned, her eyes turning white, "remember me?"

    Zecro let a smile take over her face, "Lilith? Long time no see, what are you doing here?" The ebony haired female relaxed as Lilith chuckled before resting her hands on her hips.

    "Lucifer sent me to tell you that there's only one soul and one demon left to get back and then you can head back to hell, the soul will be easy but the demon..." She paused, flinching.

    "Who is it?" Zecro growled, already having a feeling as to why Lilith was so hesitant to tell her.


    Zecro growled and spun around, punching the wall and causing a large dent to form in it as well as causing it to crack, "That dickhead! How the hell did he get out of the cage!?" Her eyes turned an alarming bright purple, causing Lilith to flinch again, despite her being the strongest female demon, an angry Zecro was still a scary sight.

    "Luci doesn't know how, but he thinks that Azael might be responsible for everything getting out, he also said you can torture that yellow-eyed fuck as much as you want." The blonde walked over to her fellow demon and wraped her arms around her before placing a kiss to her forehead, "just think about it, the sooner you get the job done, the sooner you can come home."

    "With angels and assassins after me, it's gonna be pretty hard, when's Lucifer free? I need to talk to him." Zecro asked, sighing through her nose.

    "He'll be free in half an hour, meet him back here by then. Anyway I gotta go, so many souls to torture so little time." With that the blonde vanished and Zecro sighed, turning and walking off. The screaming had stopped, meaning that the fighting was mostly likely over. The female walked onto a busier street and mixed in with the crowd, the sooner she found that last soul the better.
  13. Uriel looked behind him as the crowd started to form back to it's original state before Valor's sudden entrance. Where did Zina disappear off to? After a quick scan from the top of a building, he spotted Zina's head bobbing up and down through the endless stream of people.

    "There you are!" Uriel jumped the second he found enough space to land without accidentally crashing onto random strangers, before walking the opposite direction to meet up with the girl. "So, can we go to the library now? It's gonna close in thirty minutes, so we better hurry."


    The interior of the public library was like a mansion, except obviously with rows and rows of tall bookshelves filled with books taking up a lot of the space. However, there was enough space between each bookshelf to fit a couple of tables and chairs for people to sit down and read. The ceilings and walls were covered in matching golden wallpapers and designs, making the place brighter than it really was. Chandeliers were hung onto the ceilings as well, to add extra style points. Large windows that were also on the walls allowed enough natural light to peer inside so that the library would rarely ever find the need to use indoor lights.

    "Damn this place is huge," Uriel muttered as he examined his surroundings, "Should be a catalogue around telling us where to go for certain categories of books."

    He turned around and grabbed a catalogue from one of the containers that was mounted onto a wall beside him. Flicking through, he took a few seconds to were books about demons were stationed at. "Oh, found it." He said, before walking towards the direction he needed to go.


    "Ugh I wonder if there was a quicker way to find a book about Zecro." Uriel slammed his head onto the bookshelf he was facing, before joking to Zina, "How are you fairing, m'lady?"

    Just after he was about to turn around, he happened to let his eyes to see her hands. They were quite bruised, as if she had punched something ridiculously hard. He glared at the woman in confusion, "The fuck happened to your hand? Did you like punch a metal pole or something?"
  14. Zecro jumped at the sound of Uriel's voice, raising an eyebrow when he landed in front of her, "Sure, not much else we can do." The female shrugged her shoulders, shoving her hands in her pockets as a way to hide the bruising.


    Her eyes scanned over the labels of books as she let her fingers graze over the spines, she stopped and let a smile grace her lips when Uriel asked her if she had found anything, the demon pulled out the book and read the title again.

    'Lucifer's Loyal Followers'

    The damn thing was basically a dictionary on every well known demon, so she had to be in there somewhere, "Found something." Zecro turned around to face him, freezing when he mentioned her hand. Fuck! She forgot to heal her hand! The ebony haired girl glanced at her hand, wincing as she noticed the purple and green brushing that blossomed on her knuckles and traveled towerds her wrist, she even had dried blood on her knuckles.

    "Uhhh.... I tried tobpunch some dude, missed, and hit a wall. He grabbed my ass so I freaked..."The demon had to hold back a wince at how stupid she sounded, for Lucifer's sake she had one job... "Look, it doesn't matter, let's just get some more information then you can worry about my hand, it doesn't even hurt." She took a seat at one of the tables and opened the book, skimming through the pages until she reached the part about her.

    Information ranged from her name to her powers. Theories of what kind of demon she was and myths about her origins littered the next few pages but one thing stood out. Unlike the others there wasn't a picture to go with her, not even a sketch.
  15. Uriel widened his eyes in confusion as Zina managed to find an encyclopaedia of demons within matter of minutes. How the fuck did I miss that book? Shaking his head in his own stupidity, he sat down onto the table to examine the information that was in the giant hunk of papers and ink with the girl.

    As he skimmed along, he became more and more overwhelmed with the theories and myths that were written in Zecro's section. To make matters worse, there weren't any pictures, not even a vague sketch of Zecro's appearance. Uriel slammed his fists onto the table loudly. So loudly that everything that was on the table shook and one of the librarians that walked by told him to mind his actions. Dipping his head low, he ruffled his hair in frustration. So many theories and and words that were written illegibly and tiny, yet no one knew how this demon looked like.

    "So close, but no dice." Uriel whispered, before pushing his chair outward and standing up. "At least I know what to prepare myself for. Thanks anyway."

    Just before he was about to walk out of Zina's sight range, he turned back to the black-haired lady like he had forgotten something, in which he did. The book about the demons and also...

    "Oh yeah that hand of yours," Uriel remembered, before fumbling to open his little bag that was strapped around his waist, "I'll heal it for you. I happened to carry a few pots and bandages around me right now that should be able to do the trick."
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