Situation Exercise: They Like Me?

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The situation is as follows: Someone your character never really noticed - let alone had feelings for - before turns out to be secretly in love with them.

How they handle decisions in their love life, and what people they want to connect with can say a lot about a character. What would they do in this case? Would they give the person a shot? Shut them down gently? Ignore it and hope they move on?

Write a scene, or just describe how they would react in hypotheticals; it's up to you!
(I hpe this matches what you were looking for! It helped me develop a character, thank you!)

Tayshi had been blind to Aeron's attractions to him. He'd always listened to the man talk about his frustrations out on the field. How Tayshi envied him; he wanted nothing more than to be out there with Aeron, not stuck back at the stables looking after foals and healing people. He wanted to be someone, not just be seen as a burden just because he was blind. Everyone was so careful around him. They always spoke to him as if he were either a child or he wasn't able to comprehend the world around him, like he couldn't handle adult conversation. Everyone in the guild treated him like this, including his father. But not Aeron; Aeron treated him with respect, like an equal. He could always talk to that man.

Aeron always came in to talk with him at every chance that he got, Tayshi had never thought there was more to Kale's attentions that friendliness. But the day came when kale seemed to be very quiet upon his visit to Tayshi. Aeron stood at the doorway after addressing him. Tayshi could sense that something was on his friend's mind. He'd always been an intuitive person. "Aeron, is everything alright? Did something happen out on the field today?" Tayshi asked, turning in the direction he'd heard his friend's voice. Still, Aeron remained silent for a few more seconds before replying. "Elaine and Ameil had their child today," Aeron replied, shifting where he stood and faced Tayshi. Tayshi smiled. "I'll bet they are happy with their lives," Tayshi was always a happy man, always tried to see things for the better rather than the more negative aspects. he could still feel tension rising from Aeron. Feeling around, he made his way to the doorway where his friend stood. He rested his hand on Aeron's arm, his clouded eyes staring up at his friend's face. "But I think something is bothering you...want to talk about it?"

Aeron looked at the face of the man he'd felt so much for. How could he tell him that he hated Elaine and Ameil for their happiness? they had each other. Would he have the courage to tell his friend that he adored everything about him? He sighed and put a hand on Tayshi's hand. He opened his mouth to speak but his words suddenly lost themselves and he looked away, biting his lip. It was now or never; he couldn't stay hidden forever. "Tayshi, I'm very fond of you," he began, looking at his feet. Tayshi smiled, giving his friend's upper arm a squeeze. But before Tayshi could respond, a finger pressed against his mouth to keep him from saying anything. "I-I'm fond of you in more of a-like All is to Ameil. I want you to be my Ameil, Tayshi. I think I always have, I have thought about this for a while and I don't think that I can live without you by my side," he admitted finally, his heart racing.

Tayshi listened intently; Aeron loved him? His own heart was beating a mile a minute. What could he say? The only man that had respected him loved him, he'd been taken by surprise by the confession. But oddly enough, he didn't feel upset by this, in fact, it excited him. A smile spread across his face as he listed to the touching words of the man that had been his best friend since childhood. Since he could remember, Aeron always came to see him. Aeron was one of the best assassins in the guild, trained at the same time that Tayshi was being put to smaller tasks. Aeron had always thought it unfair that they hadn't even given Tay a chance to prove himself. He'd been there when Tay had received a crippling emotional blow by getting marked a simple healer, and scolded him for burning himself.

After thinking about it, Tayshi realized that he was just as much in love with this man as Aeron was with him. Aeron, taking Tayshi's silence for rejection, was turning to leave when Tayshi's hand grasped his upper arm, pulling him back in front of him. A hand held him close as he placed an affectionate kiss on the bigger man's lips as in answer. Aeron's heart skipped a beat, embracing him.

He'd found his Ameil and his heart, ever to let him go.
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