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  1. Roleplaying takes us across many different worlds and situations; it's important not to get stale! These exercises challenge you to write in a variety of scenarios

    #1: "Playing the Show"!
    This exercise is set at a concert: You can choose the size of the venue, the genre of music, and the popularity of the artist.
    (Some ideas to get you started)
    Show Spoiler
    A sold-out venue at a sports arena; metal music, scene takes place in the mosh-pit

    A local artist playing at a small pub or coffee shop

    An outdoor concert featuring electronica music and special effects

    Make it as small and modest or big and flashy as you like; it is important to incorporate the setting into your scene, but the important part is
    Write a scene in this setting, in which two characters meet and develop a connection (A connection can be anything from love at first sight to an exchanging of facebooks or phone numbers; anything that implies they will see each other again)

    You have two ways of doing this:

    1 - You can write it yourself
    Simple enough!


    2 - Grab a buddy, and write the scene in 2-4 posts total; paste it here.

    The characters in this scene must be one of the performers and a member of the audience
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  2. A large, royal purple building with pop music flowing out of it. The artist inside was not well known, but her music was phenominal.

    Kara stared out at the huge crowd. She took the prescribed drugs that kept her stage fright inside. She walked up on stage, and preformed her only album, Bang!. She turned offstage, and was met by some man. They stared, it had to be love at first sight. Kara blushed a bit, then spoke to him. "Hi." she said, just as he took her and kissed her. She kissed him back, but then they stopped. He wrote a number on an index card, wrote his name and an extra, and waved goodbye. Kara read the note he gave her. 'Hello, I'm Kage. I am lost for words at the moment, because your ultra beauty stunned my mouth and glued it shut. I wish to meet again, call this number as soon as possible.'. She held the card close to her heart, and walked away.
  3. The music filled the evening air. The string ensemble played for the crowd that formed. Most were coming from fancy restaurants or top notched businesses, but there were two who stood apart from the crowd. They were dressed in jeans and hoodies compared to the lavish suits and dresses. They were on opposite sides of the crowd, trying to find one another. The music built on suspense, teasing the crowd with gradual crescendos only to revert to the soft, quick notes. The staccato playing matched the two's steps, their heart beats as well. They were ignored as they weaved through the fancy crowd trying to find the other. Without even trying, the music dictated how the two ended up. Farther apart. Mistaken for someone else. Even, so close but just missing them.

    To think, they were the two that stood out... Just when one was about to give up, and the sad sound of strings began to play, the other found- he had found her! It was as if they had known each other forever, in fact-

    "Finally! Sheesh, this crowd is huge. It took forever to find you!"

    "I know right! Ugh, I'm starved. Let's go down to that sandwich shop. I hear it's great!"

    Well...the music didn't predict that one at all...

    Hmm, it was better pictured in my head. Hopefully it still works. Heh, whoops, saw the Bonus after I finished typing.
  4. This is the first time I try hard to write properly and create a scene. I am open for suggestions and criticism if anyone doesn't mind reading this short story.
    If I had to criticize myself I would say that maybe this was a bit rushed but since detail wasn't the real purpose of this challenge I decided to go with it.
    Also, I am aware that one of my weak points is dialogue. I am just not sure how to put it together. Any comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    It was a winter Friday night like all others. Full-blown, bone chilling winds were having a party outside in the street, similar to the one being held inside the club which Sarah and her friends regularly frequented during the weekends.
    Inside the club, the sounds of a rhythm guitar, drums and subversive lyrics could be heard. An alternative rock band was holding a concert which attracted many visitors to the otherwise almost deserted club.

    This was the debut of Dark Golden Days, a new band whose members were friends in college that possessed a natural talent in music. Sarah was also from the same college as them, and some of her friends knew the five band members. About fifteen minutes after the concert came to an end, the vocalist of the band went to meet Sarah's friends.

    "Hey Trevor! Ever since we heard you guys play at school after class we knew you would be successful. And here you are, a legitimate band loved by many!" congratulated Angela.

    "We were pretty nervous at the start, but we are glad everything went smoothly and you got to enjoy it! Who is your friend? I have never seen her before." questioned Trevor, anxious to know who that elegant and beautiful woman was.

    "Oh, this is Sarah! She is from Edrumite college too." replied Angela with a smirk on her face, hoping to have been the trigger of a future relationship.

    "Hey. I really liked hearing you sing, you have a bright future ahead of you!" stated Sarah, while desperately trying not to blush.

    After hearing such compliment, Trevor, who was already charmed by Sarah, invited her to go for a walk so they could get to know each other better. Finally, before going home, they exchanged phone numbers with the promise that they would meet again, after class, so that Sarah could listen to one of their auditions as a band.
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  5. Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life?
    Say yes, say yes, 'cause I need to know...

    The gentle cadence of the piano drifted through the small coffee shop, mingled with the soft, throaty voice of the petite brunette at the keys. The music was somehow quiet yet everywhere, weaving through the murmured, intimate conversations of dozens of bundled-up patrons, serenading without disturbing. It was this ability of hers that kept the coffee shop asking her back. People didn't have to talk over her song, but it provided a charming background to their conversations.

    The singer was used to this, and even enjoyed it. The pressure was a lot less when everyone was only giving her half an ear. She could lose herself in the rhythm and melody of the piano, singing almost to herself, without even a glance up to assure that the audience was being responsive. She'd trained herself to ignore the undercurrent of talk.

    However, when another voice began to softly hum the harmony, she locked onto the sound immediately.

    Why you gotta be so rude?
    I'm gonna marry her anyway...

    The source of the voice was at a small, circular table in the middle of the room, in a chair facing the piano. The other chair was empty, scooted out of the way so there were no barriers between their sight lines. Startlingly light blue eyes met her gaze, and it took all her focus not to stop singing and just stare. Golden blonde bangs framed those sky blue eyes, complementing a pink-lipped smile. She wore a beige pea coat and a grey scarf, and her white-mittened hands were clutching a full mug of black coffee. Her legs were crossed, and one foot was gently swaying along with the beat.

    Why you gotta be so rude?

    As the song finished, the blonde girl was the only one who clapped, though softly. Standing from the piano bench, the singer brushed a strand of dark hair from her face before going to sit in the empty chair by her captive audience.

    "That was beautiful," the blonde girl said immediately, her silvery voice soft. "I come here every week to listen to you, and that was my favourite song.

    "Thank you," the singer replied, trying not to smile like a child even as her cheeks flushed. "It was my first time performing that cover, so I'm glad you liked it. My name's Maya."

    "I know," she laughed. "I'm Kelly. Let me buy you a coffee."
  6. Her hands were shaking. She could hear people cheering out beyond the stage, chanting the name of whatever group or solo artist happened to take the stage. 15 minutes each. It was a Battle of the Stands sort of deal. Everyone gets a chance on stage, 15 minutes to prove themselves. If they were successful, there was a record deal waiting for the winner. That record deal was something she had dreamed of since she was a little girl. She felt a lump rise in her throat, and her anxiety fraying all of her nerves. She took another sip of water and a few deep breaths. She was going to be fine, she just had to do what came so naturally to her. She just needed to sing.

    Dillon watched her from across the room, his fingers rubbing his backstag pass nervously. He wanted to go talk to her, but he didn't know what to say. She was beautiful. She was so tiny, but she had a presence that seemed enormous to him. Her golden brown hair and vivid green eyes made her look almost like a fairy. So much so that he was afraid if he held her too tight, she would break. But, he had to speak to her, he had to know at least her name. He took a deep breath and headed her way. To focused on his task, he didn't notice all of the cords across the floor and before he could say something to her, he tripped and landed flat on his face in front of her. His cheeks flushed instantly, and he scurried to his feet, looking around nervously. " I, uh um. I, um have a name.." He stuttered.

    Shannon watched with amusement at the boy who fell in front of her. When he mentioned he had a name she smiled and laughed gently. " I would hope hat you have a name. Mine's Shannon." She said, batting her eyes and holding out her hand for him to shake. She looked him over with curiosity, he was cute. He had short brown hair and a scruffy beard with unique dark blue eyes. They reminded her of the way the night sky looked on a summer night. " So, whats this name you tell me tht you have?" She asked, a flirtacious tone in her voice.

    Dillon laughed, relieved that she hand't taunted him for falling. Shannon, her name was Shannon. " Um, oh. I'm Dillon, but it's spelled differently. It's not d y l a n, it's d i l l o n. " He said, still nervous about being around her. " Could, I maybe..." He trailed off, she probably wouldn't give him her number. He had just made a fool of himself in front of her. She was probably just being nice to him because her parents taught her not to be rude.

    She smiled. "It's 6093972243. " Guessing that he had been about to asked for her number. "Call me?" She asked, before standing up. IT was show time. "Oh, and thanks. I'm not nervous anymore because of you." She winked and then turned and headed towards the stage where the stage manager was calling for her. She turned around, looking at him once more to see that he was putting her number in his phone. She smiled again, and then headed onto the stage.
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