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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING PATIENT AND DEALING WITH THE UPDATES AWKWARDNESS, IWAKU! <3 We know it's a huge pain in the ass when stuff is missing and buggy, but no one wanted the site to be offline for an entire week, and it is so much faster finding errors when you have an entire community of shouting members reporting them! XD

    Make sure you thank the Staff and the Volunteers for helping to answer questions, find things for you and fixing threads!

    In the meantime, we know things are moving very SLOW on some of the bug fixes. D: This forum update came with some new tools we weren't planning for & expecting (along with the stuff we WERE working on) and some things are being assholes. (Like Diana is very angry at the navigation bar and missing links, I am going to kill it KILL IT.)

    So here is a progress report to let you know about some features we MISSED in our last announcement, and how some of the other updates are moving along:

    NEW: Convo Last Read Date & Privacy Settings
    You can now see when someone has last read a conversation. AND if you hate people stalking you (like I do >:[) there is a PRIVACY SETTING where you can hide this.

    NEW: Gift Upgrades to your favorite GMs & Updates Updates
    When you donate with the Subscriptions, you get some additional thread-editing tools in the roleplay sections. We've just updated all the subscription titles to silly things. And we have added a "Gift" option, so you can donate and give the tools to someone else instead of yourself, if you wish!

    NEW: The Test Forums located under the "Archives" section
    By popular request we now have a TEST FORUM for all of your BBCODE testing needs. We'll also be using this area to teach our volunteers and staff how to use their mod controls. All test topics across the forums will be moved in to the new forum soon.


    That @$#^$^$%&%$%#W Navigation Bar
    A lot of people are having issues with links being missing, the navbar not switching to menu-style on mobile, and other things being stupid. Diana hates it and wants to kill the sonofabitch, but before she does that, hopefully we'll get those errors worked out.

    The Ratings Stars are NOT STAYING!
    We do not intend to allow ratings of roleplays. That system is turned off, but for some reason it doesn't removed the stars. We still have to remove those.

    A full TAGS LIST is coming!
    We're trying to get the system to display all of the tags on a nicely listed page automatically. Until then, you can view a list of the most common tags on the tags page.

    The Roleplay Resume is still very messy!
    Because of all the errors in random places, we have not gotten to the resumes yet and we are VERY sorry! They need to be cleaned up badly. D:

    There are other things, I need to take this hammer to the navbar and bash it's brains out. D:< If you'll excuse me...
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  2. Thanks so much, Di!! I think it's safe to say we all appreciate all the hard work you're putting into this. ^_^
  3. Thanks for making the site awesome Diana! All these updates are awesome :D
  4. Yay! Updates and things being fixed. Keep up the good work Diana!!!!
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  5. Good work Everyone :)

    I like all the new features and I am happy to see that the staff is working on the bugs that are currently around :)

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  6. The only one who's working on the bugs is Diana. o_o Staff has no idea how that shit works xD We just answer questions and watch the CVs work their asses of to get everything into the right places in the roleplay section :D (That's totally the precise job description for admins, staff and CVs. Bug fixer, question answerer (totally a word) and slaves cleaning up the forum. :3)
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  7. O
    oooooh, well then, get to work, unless you're union. If that's the case then keep up the good work!!
  8. The staff is the slave drivers! We make sure those lazy CVs do everything all day long. -whips CVs- They wouldn't be able to get anything done without us :D -sits down with a cup of tea- What would iwaku do without us ^^
  9. I can confirm redblood's statement about slave driving. I'm a newbie to the staff and she's teaching me proper whipping technique, should be ready to be a cruel CV taskmaster any day now. :D
  10. We totally wear dominatrix clothes too :D Especially Jorick!
  11. The form-fitting leather makes me feel powerful and sexy.

  12. Haha so true. :) I enjoy working though, but dang I worked for a couple hours on labeling tags yesterday and feel like I've barely put a dent into it. lol. So don't whip me, I'm working. :P
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