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  1. Yes! I have posted in there and I look in there for new players.

  2. I have posted in there, but I do not look there for players.

  3. I have not posted there, but I DO look there for players.

  4. I knew it was there, but have never used it at all.

  5. I never even knew that thing existed!

  1. We have a thread called Roleplay Invitation Requests over in the Global Signups forum.

    It's -meant- to be a way for members to go through a list of players who are currently looking for new roleplays to join and welcome getting invites to RPs.

    Where we do get people posting their requests in the thread - I don't believe Game Masters are actively using it. And there is no sense in having it if no one ever uses it. D:

  2. I have posted in there (and since deleted my post, for the time being), and I have used it to look for players, but not anytime in recent memory. I also have mostly looked at it for potential one-on-one partners, rather than for players to invite to group games.
  3. I use it to find new players for roleplays which don't get enough interest, so it's pretty useful for me. I'd say I use it once a month.

    It's particularly good for getting fresh blood - i.e. people who aren't part of my regular RP following. Such new and enthusiastic players can lend great energy to a roleplay.

    The only thing that annoys me is that everyone has the "roleplay resume" link, but it usually takes you to YOUR OWN resume instead of theirs. >:[ That sucks donkey balls because I need to find genre interests quickly, rather than clicking on name, view profile and resume tab for EVERY SINGLE CUNT just to find out they're a one-liner retard who I wouldn't ask to roleplay a 10ft barge pole.

    It'd be great if the thread listed genre interests and had writing samples, just to spare me all the profile stalking.

    Of course... I might be the only GM who uses the thread in this way.... and I wouldn't expect Iwaku to make changes solely for my benefit.... y'know as some kind of thank you for all the years of hard work... and as a general sign of respect for one of the greatest roleplayers on the internet.... that would be silly....
  4. I've only really used it to look for one on one partners.
  5. Actually, what Asmo brought up in his post is one of the main reasons I don't use the thread. I still have to go to people's profiles to see their actual Resume and find out what they're into, and it gets a bit tedious going through each and every post to check them against my premise; so when I'm looking for fresh blood, I generally just go poking through one of the roleplay sections to see if anyone catches my eye.
  6. /me now feels educated.
  7. I have checked it at times, but I do not use it to seek players out regularly. I think I will use it more in the future especially because of the recent premature failure one of my roleplays had.
  8. I pretty much only do onexone's, the only time I'd consider a group roleplay would be a group of three, maybe four people including me, all of whom I am comfortable roleplaying with. Therefore I go to OnexOne Requests for new players
  9. I use it as a GM a lot, covering missing or drop out members, filling spaces in dying or new RPs, and trying to search for interest/genre/paragraph writers. If the thread was set up better - with more in the resume than what's on there now, then there would be no need to go to each profile.

    What information do we all really want to know about the people we're seeing? I say their genre interest, their strengths/weaknesses, an example of their writing - which I really rather see a link to an old or current RP thread they're in rather than the little examples people place in their resumes. But, oh well...

    Just put the full RP Resume on there and be done with it. If they have a Mature Resume, then either link to it or have them spoiler it? I'm not sure about that one, but if newcomers just fill out a resume there, there will be no need to flip back and forth between everyone's profiles.
  10. I have posted there but I seem to have a difficult time in finding partners. I could adapt pretty well to the needs of my partner, except I have to use a Medieval or Puritanical setting. Otherwise I don't mind anything else my partner wants to plot.