SITE POLL: How do YOU use the blog system?

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Which of these apply to you?

  1. I do not use the blogs AT ALL.

  2. I use the blogs SOMETIMES/RARELY.

  3. I use the blogs ALL THE TIME.

  4. I REGULAR READ other people's blog posts.

  5. I RARELY LOOK at blog posts by other people.

  6. I NEVER LOOK at other people's blogs.

  7. I use my blog for CHARACTER BIOS.

  8. I use my blog for ROLEPLAY INFO.

  9. I use my blog for DISPLAYING WRITING/ART.

  10. I use my blog for JOURNALING.

  11. I use my blog for PROJECTS.

  12. I use my blog for ROLEPLAYING.

  13. I use my blog for RANDOM ENTERTAINMENT.

  14. I NEED a blog-like area to post my misc content.

  15. I DON'T CARE if there is a blog-like area. I can use other options.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Like the groups, our blog system is not supported frequently enough and it is now becoming a problem for us when it comes to bug fixing. O_O We're at a point where we need to find a new solution or remove this feature from the site.

    Please vote on all the options that apply to YOU!

    These statistics will give us an idea on whether or not we need to find something new to replace this system or if it's obsolete and unnecessary for Iwaku to bother keeping at all.

    *** Don't worry, if we DO have to remove/change this system, there is an option in your blog to DOWNLOAD ALL your content for safe keeping. :D You will have plenty of warning if this is the case.

    Vote please!
  2. I posted up a partial bio on mine. I figure it is a good place to store characters some where.
  3. I love my blog, I use it to post art and writing. I find it a bit more personal then the actual writing and art museum on the site. Its another way to help with feelings XD if I could say that. And I love getting feedback from my friends on my writing.
  4. I've never really seen this site as somewhere in which a blog would come handy. I can understand how other people would use it, it's just that I never would have a reason to. If I needed a blog for my characters or feelings then I would just use Tumblr, but even with Tumblr being an option, I've never used it as a personal blog. :P
  5. I use my blog to write down my races. It's a fine thing to let others read about them before deciding on rping with them or not.

    ....I haven't written anything there in a long time, eventhough I have the Xyrians. o.o
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  6. I've started using my blogs for things that don't really fit anywhere else; I don't want to showcase work that i literally spent 5 minutes on, and I don't think there's any place meant for giving your opinions on other RPers... I'd miss my own stuff as well as several other blogs I read regularly.
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  7. I should start using mine, I just never have taken a peek at it. ;x
  8. I tend to use blogs to rant and get things off my chest ^^ It helps me to vent and feel better. I do post random miscellaneous things but I mostly do it to rant. So many people respond to my rants and are so very supportive.
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  9. I only recently started using my blog and have quite a multitude of poetry on there as of now, in my opinion. I look at other people's blog regularly and would really love it if I could continue to do what I've been doing. I love the blog area already and how it's incorporated into the system. 'Twould be a shame if it had to go! D:
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  10. I have all my roleplays listed there D: Don't disappear!!! And some old roleplay ideas. Most of them are things I don't wanna do anymore but... A few of them I still wanna do. And I wanna know where I have them. And and and and... I guess I could just copy them into a word document. It is an option. But it would be soooo hard. I would need to copy... and then PAST. o.O I don't know if my poor fingers can handle that.

    But if I would be a bit serious, I like to have a blog where I can post a ton of roleplay ideas if I have them but don't want to do them right this instance, and I like to go back to my old post of all my listed roleplays and check out my old stuff. Sometimes to get inspiration for new stuff and other times just to laugh at myself. But I won't die if the blogs disappeared. As long as I'm informed in good time I can just copy everything I really want to keep into a word document. (Even though I really really really like to have it public so possible roleplay partners also can check it out if they so wish.)

    Jag håller tummarna* for a replacement for the current blog system :3

    *I'm holding my thumbs (Crazy Swedish saying (which might or might not have origin in Sweden). Kind of like crossing your fingers for good luck and hoping it will happen/go well. Though crossing your fingers in Sweden means that you're lying about what you've just said. So don't cross your fingers while saying good luck to someone in Sweden. They might think you're lying xD)
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  11. Never touched it, probably never will :/
  12. I don't use the blogs area myself but have been planning on it. I think it's much better than this new character posting space you guys got going. For starters it has no character limit. I think if you guys sort the blogs into groups then it would be more convenient for people to use and find material that's interesting for them to read
  13. We don't have a limit on characters. Are you talking about the summary text when you initially post the character image? Many people are mistakenly thinking that is where they post the character sheet, but that is just a summary box. O_O The field for posting your full character sheet comes in the "Edit Tags and Fields" section after the image is submitted.
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  14. Ooh! Well then it would be smart to add an -insert character info here- notice to avoid confusion.
    Still the blog grouping thing is a good idea no?
  15. I've lurked around the blogs a few days before, but I have not really done anything at all yet. Though, if and when I find something to write down, I will definitely try out this feature!
  16. i use it to post up reviews of anime and video games
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  17. ): I use my blog quite often and I enjoy reading some other people's blog posts. I find this tool very useful for roleplay-related usage, especially storing RP information. I'll definitely miss it if it goes, but if it's doing more bad to the site than it is good, then I understand. ):
  18. I mostly use the blogs for storing my roleplay ideas that feel too long and complicated to easily fit into a PM message. All the same, I'm ambivalent about their existence. I could just as easily spoiler the idea and stick it in a PM. I know many people use them to give updates for when they are going to be gone for long periods of time, but other than that I never look at other people's blogs.
  19. [​IMG]


    Deleting the blogs?

    Deleting the blogs?




    I hope the link in that big, fat red NO! conveys just how much I'm noping at this. I need the blog for various things from storing player data to letting out personal steam! DO NOT TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME, PLEASE! D:
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  20. I created a group so I could have more organization rather than just using a blog which posts everything in order. I was thinking about using my blog for diary-like entries, but I haven't gotten to it yet.
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