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  1. Jared bought us a shiny, expensive server! :D ...and then he terrorized me and said if I don't find him customers he's going to make ME pay for the whole thing! ;___; Iwaku's bill is hard enough, the whole server would make me cry. Server admins so are mean.

    But the COOOOOOL part is that on this server we can host other people's websites. And by hosting a site with us, you're helping cover costs for this server. You could have your own domain oooorrr host on our personal domain. Badass name right?

    If you are wanting to have a website, be it a blog, roleplay forum, character blog, art site, business site, WHATEVER, on space that is 100% yours, advertisement free and with constant backups; YOU CAN HOST IT WITH US. 8D IWAKU APPROVED HOSTING! It does cost monthly monies, but it's inexpensive and you can cancel it at any time. It's way better than having a proboards or a free hosted blog somewhere, because you get full control over the content and look of your site. (You know, as long as it's legal!)

    You can view the fancy Iwaku-side Ad HERE! Jared is still tweaking the official signup page. But this ad gives the break down AND some examples of websites that are already being hosted. <3

    If you have any questions about hosting a website and what it entails @jared555 will answer all of those. :D I'll just be standing over here in the mascot suit looking pretty.
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  2. Don't be frightened by complexity. If Diana can run a site like this without too many explosions, you can use Wordpress or something similar with a little help!

    If you use your own domain name you also can create emails
  3. Jared is also helpful if you accidentally ban yourself from the server and will only mildly tease you about it in public. :duck:
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  4. I host my site with Jared! You can see it in the examples on the ad page. He's always really good about giving me updates and is really understanding when I screw something up.
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  5. New Year's Week Promotion:

    10% off for the life of the hosting account as purchased OR 33% off your first payment (equal to one month free if you pay for 3 months) for all new hosting accounts.

    Ends at 11:59PM on January 07, 2014 CST.
  6. I may have to indulge myself in this.

    Though I may need a bit of a guide in what is possible/potentially too much for each package level.
  7. I will try to get in touch with anyone who has either mentioned interest here or by messaging me within the next day or two
  8. I think I am caught up on things. If you had contacted me in the past and I haven't responded please message me.
  9. my brother can I could do an art website :D
  10. may just have to look into this!!
  11. They went to Jared!
    Sorry, couldn't help it...
  12. *twitches and starts fiddling with weapons*
  13. 35% off of your first payment (up to a month free) if you sign up within the next week! Use the promo code SPRING2014 .

    I will happily help you transfer existing sites from other webhosts.

    Edit: Offer has been extended until April 3rd and I have enabled 6 month billing cycles so you can get up to two months free!
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