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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOKAY BOYS AND GIRLS! I was browsing tumblr and stumbled upon an image that immediately gave me a brain jolt. So here's the idea: One day you're just walking your two younger sisters to school when suddenly BAM, they get shot several times out of nowhere. What you don't know is that they lived and were stuck in comas for several years and you gave up on living so you killed yourself out of grief. Years later your sisters awaken and find out two things. One-you're dead and two- they were given cybernetics and new bodies which naturally grew over time in order to stabilize their failing conditions.

    They're given the chance to go back in time and see their older brother once more BUT when they go back they learn that their deaths were meant to happen because your brother becomes a hero in the future they're leaving, having taken on an entire armada or evil beings on his own and defeated them to get revenge the two of them.

    OKI DOKI LOKI! Here's what I want from you peeps. Someone is going to have play the brother, kill himself then play him again although the past/present will play out like before except this time he knows his sisters will live and there will be fight scenes, killing, decapitations and maybe incest at the end depending on how it goes. If all that sounds good to you peeps then here are you older and younger siblings:


    Name: Shizuka Masamune (white hair)
    Age: 8

    Name: Sera Masamune (black hair)
    Age: 9
    Appearances: [​IMG]


    Name: Shizuka
    Age: 27
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Sera
    Age: 28
    Appearance: Kelly.jpg

    What I need from you is a brother cs and he has to be in high school at the time. PM for further details or if there's anything you want me to clarify on.
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  2. I'd be interested, the second picture isn't working for the second sister, I will send the cs via pm :3
  3. Erg, stop making good ideas! If you are willing to rp something like this with me let me know. I'd be willing to do this sorta idea.
  4. We still can. i dont mind multiple instances and i fixed the image for the second sister
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