Siri Is Very Rude...And Funny

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    Okay, so I pretty much creeped on YouTube for hours one day, and a stumbled upon some...things. And I got very curious, so I experimented...

    If you have an iPhone, I have a question. Have you asked Siri what is 0 divided by 0, lately? It's pretty funny to me. And it stung, really. She basically told me I had no friends. O_o And I couldn't help but think..."How did she know?" >_>

    Also, talk about iPhones or any other phone in general is much welcome. Now that I mention it...anyone know of that commercial where there is a new phone model coming out, so those with the old phone intentionally leave their phone in a taxi or destroy or whatever. I cannot remember for what company that was, but all I could think while watching it was..."Why?"
  2. Ask Siri what the air velocity of an unladen swallow is.

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  3. I don't have Siri myself.
    But my friend once asked it a question about changing a light, and she responded with something along the lines of cookies and that he had no friends.
    Because of your reaction right there. :P
    It makes you remember the commercial, so you're more likely to remember the product.
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  4. That's what Siri said to me. Something about the Cookie Monster being sad about having no cookies and me sad about having no friends. I was amusingly...offended. O_o
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  5. i saw this

    she's very rude indeed

    sour about that
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  6. Apple has added a lot of interesting quips to Siri's responses lately.

    You can ask her "What does the fox say?"

    Ask her what her favorite animal is - she references a variety of fictional animals from various IPs like Star Wars, Star Trek, and I think a few others.

    Ask her to tell you a story. She will resist at first, but be persistent.
  7. I asked her, and Siri gave me giggles. Sometimes I feel like she knows more than she's saying. @_@

    Also, ask Siri why a firetruck is red. It's like one of those bad jokes one of your parents would tell you. xD
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