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Ibara no Joō

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About Me
Welcome to my rp search, I'm Sincubus but you can call me Sin, I'm around terms of beginner to intermediate though I can adapt my roleplay style to my partners. I'm open to doing both gender and can do yaoi and yuri roleplays and straight rps. I enjoy romance, supernatural, fantasy, sexual content rps (only if your 18+ and up), modern day romances, medevil , feudal era, sci fi , fandoms and many other types of rps, the only thing that I don't like is horror rps and action rps with a lot of gore. I tend to ramble on and on during brainstorming but I can be active as much as anyone. I'm not really sure on what I wanna do or what rps I would like, so please just message me or post here.
Stuff I enjoy


medevil times


age differences


yaoi rps

straight rps

pregnancy rps

yuri rps


planning out ideas with my partners.
Genres with no real pairings
Performing Arts Boarding School
Military School
High School
Apartment Building
Organized Crime
Con Artists
Family Drama
Starting a Family
Foster Care
Combined Family
Broken Family
Long Distance Relationship
Rekindled Romance
Road Trip
Starting a Band
Celebrity Family
Otherworld Fantasy
Alien Invasion
Time Travel
Dystopian Society{/slide]

{slide=Pairings}(I've bolded the one's I've been wanting to do and crossed out the ones, I'm not doing.
vampire x human
vampire x werewolf
vampire x hunter
vampire x dark elf
vampire x devil's daughter
devil's daughter x worshiper
Arranged Marriage

Boarding School Roommates
Bride x Bride's Maid
Forbidden love
dark elf x elven goddess
knight x maid
knight x servant
knight x princess
knight x prince
pregnant woman x rescuer
pregnant woman x husband
pregnant stripper x client
teenage pregnancy
unknown pregnancy / illness
demon queen x mad god
traveler to a fantasy world x mad god
pregnant woman x mad god

Band(Not school)Roleplays
Rich household member x Servant
Editor x Author
Butler x Mistress
Mentor x Apprentice
Apprentice x Kingdom Ruler
Survivor x Survivor (zombie apocalypse/dystopian future)
Angel x Human
Human x Devil's Spawn
Photographer x Lolita Fashion model
Demi Goddess x Mortal
Demi God x Mortal
Angel x Demon
Angel x Human
Demon x Human
Sorceror x Sorceress
Grim Reaper x Recently Dead
Reincarnated Lovers
Scientist x Experiment
Robot x Human
Alien x Human
Detective x Art Thief
Assasin x Target
Spy x Spy
Cop x Criminal
Psychic Detective x Grieving Client
Psychic Detective x Cop
Private Investigator x Client
Private Investigator x Cheating Wife
Journalist x Detective
Celebrity x Body Guard
Reclusive Author x Publisher/Editor
Homeless x Wealthy
Upper Class x Servant
Soldier x Nurse
Soldier x Native
Prince/ss x Commoner
Princess x Sorceror
Prince/ss x Servant
Prince/ss x Foreign Prince/ss
Prince/ss x Oracle
Prince/ss x Sorceror/ess
Sorceress x Knight
Fairy Queen x Kidnapped Knight/Prince
Princess x Lady in Waiting
guardian angel x human
captured solider x solider
Exchange Student x Traditional Student
Mass Effect
Dragon Age

Ever After High
Teen Titans
Black Butler
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy XII
Final Fantasy XII & XII-2

Harry Potter
Kingdom Hearts
Doctor Who
Steven Universe
Muse A is a performer at a night club, she's isn't a stripper per say but she does perform on stage with some the dancers in order to some extra cash. During one of her late night show she meets a rich business man known as Muse B and he asks her to do a special performance just for him, she's embarrassed and doesn't know what to say or do, but gives it her all and even enjoys it. But what happens when Muse B wants to be more then client and dancer.

Muse A is a famous celebrity, she's pretty popular and everyone wants to keep there eye's on her. Including Muse B who comes to almost everyone of her shows, even though she performs badly. Muse A is confused on why he keeps coming to her show's and decides to ask him, it turns out her father/manager had paid him almost 2 million dollars in order for her to have the fame that's she been wanting. Muse A is angry with her father and decides to quit singing but Muse B has a secret, he's fallen hard for her.

Muse A is the princess of a lowly clan of demons known as "Atraskana" or in simple tongue "Shapeshifters" they are known for changing the appearance of themselves into anything they want and are known for being tricksters, mostly getting into jobs as either thieves or even gamblers. But Muse A wants to become a singer and decides to audition under a different name, then comes Muse B who is a human who has the ability to tell if the person is a member of the supernatural family, he see's Muse A perform and is immediately smitten with her, but the rules of the competition state that the performer can not be a creature, so what does he do, risk his job or the heart of the woman who doesn't know he exists.
Rp Sample
Serena slumped her shoulder against her armor, clearly annoyed for several reasons. "the turian counselor wishes to speak to you over the comm about a memorial for your father..if you so wish it." Nilan quipped from behind Serena causing an annoyed groan from the turian leader, she reached her hand up running her hand over her fringe for a moment, clearly bothered by the entire situation and too make most matter's worst, a broadcast about the triumph defeat of her father rang over the loudspeakers of the elevator's.

"they don't need to rub it in, he didn't mean what he did and from what shepard told me, she was able to convince for a few seconds at the end." Serena said under her breath, but when her name was mentioned including some rather offensive words about her leadership over the past 2 months and how she had almost been declined spectre status, she sighed, the door opened and she stepped forward just in time to see the shape of the Normandy jet off, she sighed as she looked up at her ship..well it was her fathers.

It was a worn down turian war ship, designed for close combat and some sneaking efforts, it was cracked in places and almost seemed to be taking a lot of damages. "It needs some work, our engineer and navigator aren't here on the ship at this current point, so we'll need to wait." she said sighing deeply.
Other Stuff
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Ibara no Joō

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there we go, it's finally all done, now I need to find some new partners and see if this roleplay search, works or not, you can check out my resume to get some more details about me.


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I would love to do the third plot with you!!

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Modern, magic,
I would love to role play with you. If your willing. I have a possible idea.

Ibara no Joō

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I crossed out the one, I am no longer doing, but there are plenty of other pairings and plot's available.

Ibara no Joō

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updated with a few pairings and a few genres we can try to combine.


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I'll gladly do a futaxf plot (with myself as the latter), possibly with a fantasy/medieval setting and pregnancy involved.


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Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Romance, Greek/Roman mythology, Action, Mystery, Scifi, Anime, Medieval, Yaoi, Yuri, Fandom.
I'm interested in Reclusive Author x Publisher/Editor or Assassin x Target if your still looking
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