Sins of the Father

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    A transmission had been bumped all over the Sympalacia Terran Embassy military channels, it was an astonishing transmission because know one knew what to make of it's content.

    ", I can't.....WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! FUCKING TELL THEM WE NEED FUCKING HELP! one can one could help us now.....Gregory! MOVE GET THE HELL OUTTA MY WAY GREG! uhh Icarus?! JOHN ARE YOU THERE!?! SEND A FUCKIN RESCUE GODDAMNIT WE NEED~~ Lydia.....stop this.....YOU STOP IT ASSHOLE!!! I DON'T WANNA DIE!!''s too late.....they can't hear us one can hear us now.....we can't be saved......-Screaming, the sounds of multiple guns firing.......static-"

    Two days later, after running scans and data, the Transmission's origin was determined to be the Ancestral Sin, a ship built by Humans and launched in the 23rd century which had been labeled destroyed in an asteroid belt while traveling faster than the speed of light. The Sympalic Council, in response to the Terrans' who discovered it pleas to investigate, called Three ships to board and analyze the Ancestral Sin, and find out what happened.

    The Running Rabbit-------Docked at Hauler Stop Station Orbiting Illista in the Ulysi System approximately 5.5 hours FTL to rendevous.

    "Damnit why won't the plasma coils align?!" A voice barked, and a Jinenja crawled out of a shaft in Engineering. "I asked for this ship to be repaired completely and the Plasma coils that relay power to the Mass Accelerator drive are out of sync, the Thermal Emissions for the drive vents are too damn high!" Ark barked again. A Human man was receiving the barrage of insults to his work on the ship. "I told you I wanted the ship in the best shape she's ever been in! Now I've got 5 hours to repair the damage it already had along with the damage you and your crew caused FIXING her! Get out!" The human ran. In the human's defense, Ark thought, the ship was never in that great of shape to begin, she was an old tow boat, and she was only getting older. Ark kept it running, and was constantly refitting it to make the ship last longer. He grabbed his tool kit and started repairing the plasma coils while he ordered an emergency replacement Drive core vent system to patch into the ship since the human repair crew had botched things up so badly. Ark quickly wired a transmission to his comm unit and said, "Lieutena--Damnit, Fate, the humans we hired to fix the ship screwed up, it's gonna be another five hours before we can undock and hit FTL we should make our rendevous though, since we aren't supposed to dock with the Ascending Grace till 0100 hours. Uhm, do you happen to know what's being cooked for dinner? I forgot who's turn it was to cook."

    The Ascending Grace-----Mid-FTL Travel

    "Commander Koda to Lieutenant-colonel Mio!" A soft bark rang out, "How long until we reach save radius of the Ancestral Sin" The voice speaking belonged to a Karri/Human woman nearly in her thirties by Terran Measurements. Her voice was cold, and didn't seem to show any sort of emotion, as if she had purged them. Her finger lifted from the talkbox in her ready room, her eyes unwavering as they took in the view from her porthole. Space at nearly 100 times the speed of light, though even then, it took hours to reach destination provided you don't make use of a hyperlight accelerator. "Also Lieutenant," She said pressing the button again, "Also, I'd like to speak with you about some concerns I have regarding our mission. Please report to my ready room at your earliest convenience." She said blankly, her blue and yellow eyes still fixed on the view of space as she resumed her position, her arms behind her back hands clasped.
  2. A lone Genesian walked through the cargo bay of the Running Rabbit with a datapad in hand, making sure that nothing had been misplaced or missing. Considering the mission they had just been hired to take a part of, it would be rather important to make sure that they had everything they needed. She had managed to make it halfway through the list when she received a transmission. "Lieutena--Damnit, Fate, the humans we hired to fix the ship screwed up, it's gonna be another five hours before we can undock and hit FTL we should make our rendevous though, since we aren't supposed to dock with the Ascending Grace till 0100 hours. Uhm, do you happen to know what's being cooked for dinner? I forgot who's turn it was to cook." Fate rolled her eyes at his question. “No idea. Last I checked, though, it was your turn, but if you’ll be too busy doing repairs I’ll do it.” She replied, placing the datapad onto one of the crates next to her. She had been going through inventory for a while now and figured that it was about time for a break. “Also, it’s been four years we left the military, I’d think that you would have gotten used to saying my name by now.”
  3. Ark blushed a little out of embarrassment, "Yes I keep forgetting to call you by name after so long, I think it's because I'm constantly doing repairs on my ship cause some one likes to be a vigilante when she has the helm....aaahhheemmmmm, Fate. Also I find your lack of ability to call me 'Captain' every once in a while disturbing, my friend." he joked, in his customary sarcastic way. After the military, he'd bought the RR and used it as his home and anything else he wanted. "Anyway I should be done with the repairs before dinner so I'll cook, Hey have you got that new crew member with you? I'd like to meet them at dinner." he finished, rolling his eyes after an energy relay snapped. 'Damnit, woman' he muttered, 'quit using my ship as target practice for pirates!' "Belay that, I have to add energy relay repairs to my to do list," he stated dryly, an irritated tone hanging in his voice. "You'll have to cook, can't ask the freshie, it'd be rude. Course if she knows anything about engineering I could use her help on these repairs."
  4. Qeren was escorted to the Running Rabbit in a muzzle and chains. These sorts of precautions got these fools nowhere, and it pissed her off to no end. Being a Geneisan was hard enough, but being a creature that every living person feared made it worse. All the time people would gawk and stare at the chained up abomination. Her so called "captors" let the man that gave them a parking permit sign off on all of her papers. They were no doubt ready to get rid of her as they approached the ship she would be in service to. It looked a lot like the one she was last on as a government operation; she was sent to spy on them, and then she had to kill everyone when she found out they were manufacturing human meat on board. That was a fun trip.
  5. Looking out the port hole at the docking bay, he noticed a girl being carted towards his ship. Confusing since she was in chains and a muzzle, however he was hiring on a new crew member today. He put his tools down and walked out of the engine room and to the airlock doors, opening them up to welcome and free his new crew mate. Upon exiting the airlock he stopped the two humans carting the girl.

    "Hello Captain Turlik, this is your new problem." One of them said, an irritated yet frightened look on his face.

    Ark gave a partial smile, and replied, "Problem? Seems the only problem here is that a member of my crew is being treated like an animal in a zoo. Get her out of that crap." His tone was showing the signs of anger building up within him.

    "The restraints are for your safety sir, this Genesian is unstable...."

    Ark quickly interrupted the human saying, "I don't care if she's unstable I won't have a member of my crew new or old, treated like a crazed animal. She is a person and now that she is a member of my crew you will treat her as such, now release her from those restraints and give me her files, then you can go on your way."

    The humans knowing better than to piss off a being that exhibits 3 times their strength released the girl and scurried off leaving her files on the ground next to her.

    "Now then," He started, extending his hand in the common Terran handshake, "Captain Ark Turlik, welcome aboard The Running Rabbit. Do you need anything or would you like a tour of the ship?"
  6. Mio glared at her screen, this little trip was taking forever, she just wanted to hurry up and see some action. She had been staring at this stupid screen for the past 7 hours, it seemed like that's all she had been doing lately. With a sigh of annoyance she stretched her arms and started to head over to the ready room. While walking she pressed the talk button on her earpiece to tell the commander how long it will take, "Commander, it should take only about 4 and a half hours until we are within save radius of the Ancestral Sin. And as for our little meeting, I'm on my way now." She had already wanted to call it a half day and go to bed right now, but she knew she wouldn't be up by the time they reached the save radius.

    Once she reached the ready room, she gave one last sigh and opened the door. Standing in the routine marine stance and giving her commanding officer a salute, she decided that this may not be a good thing to be called for a talk right now, "Lieutenant-Colonel Mio reporting in ma'am."

    It was almost impossible for her to keep up formalities, she hoped that there wouldn't be too much of this left to go. "I really hope I didn't do something to get me in trouble, 'cause if I did, I did it in my sleep."
  7. Koda raised a muscle over her eye giving the dark ring around it a distorted eyebrow raised kind of look. "You're not in trouble Mio, you know me, if you were, we'd be talking between the door of a holding cell." She said starting off, she directed the lieutenant to the view outside the window. She pushed a button on the side of it and an old photograph blew up into view over the window. "You've spent time with humans yeah? What kind of stories have you heard concerning this ship? Keep in mind I've read the official reports and logs." Her voice as always was cold and nearly robotic, her face as always nearly expressionless save for a certain darkness that always seemed to loom over her which always seemed undetectable.

    "I also want to know what you think of the reporter....I've always trusted your character judgment more than my own."
  8. There wasn't much that she had actually heard about the Ancestral Sin, but there were some wild and out there ideas about it at least. "I never really heard much about the Ancestral Sin, most of what I heard was that the people on board went crazy and killed each other." She tried to remember some of the stories she had been told, "There were a couple guys in the science field that said the crew had accidentally built a time machine, but that's about it."

    It was always difficult to recall anything about her childhood that didn't involve some sort of training. "As for the reporter, I'm not the biggest fan of him. I have no problem with how he looks or anything, but he seems way to calm for something like this." Even Mio wasn't that calm, she was calm to everyone else's eyes, but inside she was squealing with joy at the thought of danger. She put her hair up into a pony tail with her ribbon, "Even I'm a little anxious to get to the ship and see what happened. I'm just hoping that there is something interesting on that ship, whether it be living or not."

    This voyage was really promising, but there was something that made even Mio get a little chill down her spine. She had heard the message that was received from the Ancestral Sin, several times in fact. There was something really off about the crew it seemed, but Mio was far more interested in what they had been shooting at. "I have listened to the transmission received, over 12 times I might add, and I could hardly make out what they were shooting at. When I got irritated enough, I tried to isolate the voices and the sounds, but there was only what seemed like a low growling sound. So, I was hoping that you may give me permission to listen to the first transmission received, from when it headed into the asteroid belt, since you have the clearance to grant permission. And maybe we could figure out what exactly we would b walking into." Mio knew it was a stretch to ask for this, but she had to try, it had been bothering her for a while. She had heard that there were monstrous roars in the first transmission, so she wondered if there was some kind of connection she could make, it was worth a shot.

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    Star Date - 01596-25 : January 25th, 2468.
    UEP - CCIR Operative Kriss O'haira - Codename: "Shadow"
    Log Entry #256a - Time: 15:26 - 3:26 pm

    It has been a few days since I have last seen the blue sky of Earth. The mission is underway and there has been no sign of any type of hick-up in the operation. No one suspects me to be nothing else but a reporter, and I wish not to blow my cover so early, even before I reach the ship of interest. The time spent on this ship has been brutal, this ship is an older model, no hyperbolic chambers for the crew to slumber in while on transit to make thing's less irritable, more or less. Stress has been getting high, even for my self. I sense that more then half the crew just want's the voyage to end, as do I.

    Once I get aboard the ship, the mission will be a go and my military protection will be removed if my cover is blown. This is Shadow, reporting. End transmission log.




    Saved. Thank you.

    Kriss stairs at the computer screen for a few minutes before turning it off, removing the memory storing device the size of the tip of a pinky and stored it in his breast pocket. He stood and looked around his resting chamber, small and cramped. Most of the room was filled with a bed that wasn't to length that matched his height comfortably with a shelf just above it's cushion littered with papers of news and text logs based on the ship and it's unknown disappearance from the point of view of a civilian which isn't a lot. The information he was putting forth would be that of a well informed reporter, which scared the military officer high enough in rank to know about the ship, but not the commander. Taking a stack of paper's from the small desk from his left and a notepad that laid underneath, he left his room to roam the halls to ask questions to those he passes.

    The true reason for his departure of his room was that of two reasons. One for being too cramped, and the other was to investigate the case he was given by his higher ups. He needed to analyse the transmission from the ship in question, the recorded distress signal from the Ancestral Sin.

    Kriss had found him self in the cockpit of the ship and saw that he wasn't alone. Looking to the two soldiers, he remain silent, like he always had to the crew of this ship. But, seeing how everyone hates awkward silences, he speaks, "Oh... good evening. Sorry for barging in."
  10. Fate felt her eye twitch when Ark brought up her tendencies. “It’s not my fault that I can’t resist helping those in trouble.” She grumbled. Over the last couple of years she had gained a rather large reputation for fighting pirates and mercs that attacked cargo and passenger ships, much to Ark’s chagrin. She had lost track of the number of times that he had admonished her actions. It made her chuckle when she thought of those times. It was hard to believe that she had once been the fearless and emotionless leader of the HROU. Ark’s presence in her life had really changed her. She would sometimes wondered what her life would have been like if Ark hadn’t been transferred to her unit, or if she had died when she had been shot by that bastard Jail. “And I’m not a vigilante!” She yelled once she had managed to pull herself from her reminiscing of the past. Picking up the datapad once more, she waited for Ark’s inevitable retort. After a few moments of no reply, she began to get curious. “Hey Captain, you still there?”
  11. The Running Rabbit-------Ark

    Ark had been attending to the new crew member, but had neglected his conversation with his right hand. He cracked a witty smile, "Ahhhh I like the sound of that word....Captain....You know the clip of you boarding a ship in a black mask is on the networks, Shouldn't try to be a vigilante if you can't shut down surveillance systems......Sorry about the silence by the way, Fate, I was tending to our new room mate. Her file says Genesian from somewhere in the Sallinus system, pretty grim reading actually.....They brought her here in restraints, like a maddened beast, anyway if you get a chance ask what she likes to eat, we'll give her a good meal while we get underway to meet the Marines....Captain out..." At that he turned to the girl, looking at her files, "Qer--Qeren? Did I say it right? You should go introduce yourself to Fate she's around here on board somewhere.....I hope I'll see you at dinner, maybe we can get to know each other a little bit, I'm afraid I have to fix the ship again thanks to my first officer..." He started while his feed to Fate had still been open, "Who likes to play Superhero aboard my ship. Excuse me." He finished, and with irritation disappeared back down a ladder set inside a blue lit tube as he went back to the engine room.

    The Ascending Grace--------Koda

    "A time Machine?" She inquired, "I find the crew losing sanity and murdering each other much more likely. Anyway I agree with you, for a human he is exceptionally calm, especially regarding their worst space-faring disaster, something he seems far too interested in. I'd like him to be watched when we get aboard the Ancestral Sin. He doesn't get clearance to go on board till I say so, Understood?" Just then the door to her Ready Room, opened and like the devil of old Terran myths, it was the reporter.

    For a few moments she simply stared at him coldly, or outwardly coldly. In truth it was a look of curiosity, but soon the silence was broken by the man, and after he'd finished speaking she immediately responded, "Are you lost? This room is for Senior officers only, however, as I would like to speak with you anyway, I will allow you to be in here.....after my first officer leaves the room, if you could wait outside I will let you inside momentarily, thank you....." Her tone held no contempt nor any emotional inflection at all really, simple bluntness, something she was known for.
  12. Takaoru sat at his lab table, trying to figure out the best set of equipment to bring with him aboard the Ancestral Sin. He had already decided to have the rest of the crew stay a little ways away from the Ancestral Sin, so that there would be a whole crew ready for support. Being one of the only scientists on board with actual battle training helped a little. He thought that he should probably make a few changes to his high tech glasses so that he would have a much better synchronization connection with them. The best idea would be to bring the standard tools, but he would also need something that would read some more lower signals, but he could probably reprogram his glasses to do that.

    It took him about two hours to figure out everything that he would bring with him. He had barely a bag to carry, and had made over seventy modifications, upgrades and additions to his glasses. Many of the changes and additions to his glasses were for him to have a higher chance of detecting any life signs on the Ancestral Sin, though it was highly unlikely. There were many things that would be great for technical advances that would greatly help out all of the races. This was probably the best voyage, but one of the creepiest he had ever participated in.
  13. Qeren grinned when she was finally released from her confines and went on board the craft. It was spacious and dark; this was a place she would enjoy to hunt humans on. As she walked, she listened to the sound of her bare feet padding on the floor. It sounded like a slow, relaxed pulse which was something she rarely heard. Most of the time, heart rates would be rapid and terrified in her presence. It was a talent to put fear into someone without even attempting to.

    Eventually, Qeren found Fate and watched her quietly. After sizing the girl up, she knocked and walked in, stepping over the tools and wires strung about the floor. These human built ships were so overly complex; it was an unnecessary precaution. All of the materials that were wasted in these ships could be used for much better purposes. "Hello, my name is Qeren Edelweiss," she said lazily. "I'm one if your new crew members."
  14. “Alright, I’ll be sure to ask her. See you then.” Fate said as she began making her way around the cargo bay once more. This job wasn’t going to finish itself, and she would prefer to have it done somewhere within the next hour or so. After scratching a few items off the list, she came to a halt as Ark’s voice drifted over the still open feed. Her eye twitched again. “For the last time, I do not play superhero!” She yelled, knowing that Ark would still be able to hear her. ‘God, you screw up one time and no one lets you live it down. And I only wore that damned mask so none of the military officers on board would recognize me. Not my fault someone posted the video somewhere.’ She thought.

    Fate had been able to check a good number of things from the list when a knock caught her attention. Turning toward the sound, she saw who she assumed was the newest member of the crew. “A pleasure to meet you and welcome aboard. My name is Fate Tribeca. I serve as the Running Rabbits First Officer.” She said to the new comer. “It’ll be nice to have another Genesian and woman aboard if I do say so myself. With it just being Ark and I, it can get rather boring. Anyways, since I’ll be the one making dinner, anything in particular you would prefer?”
  15. Kriss nodded to her orders and left the room only to wait outside. He leaned against the wall in front of the door with his hands in his pockets, so the one who would leave first would get to see him first. Tilting his head down, he took a wooden pencil from behind his ear and began to take notes in his little pad he brought with him. The pencil he had in his hand was one of only a few since the time space travel became world wide one would say. It's pretty old and worn out, scratching the paper and his hand writing couldn't help but look sloppy from the dried graphite.

    He would hear the blast doors open in front of him, making him stop writing and look up to who ever had left the room. From behind his bangs, he looked to the person with the blank eyes of a reporter, or perhaps something completely different. What ever you want to call it, his eyes were that of a hawk, memorizing every aspect of her person, her posture, the way she dressed and held her self on two feet. All the little things that he needed to know to know that much more about the person to get a feel for them, to get a psychological profile on them before he could part his lips to speak to them. "My apologizes, I hope I didn't barge in on something I wasn't supposed to hear." Seeing how Kriss was supposed to be a reporter, he spoke those words with sarcasm and smirked to the second in command who the commander had just ordered to leave the room. "Wouldn't want a good story to slip out to the public, now do you? It's not unheard of for the military to cover something up that went amiss a few decades back. Why exactly have you and your team been ordered to investigate the sudden appearance of the missing Ancestral Sin? Were you sent here to cover up something? Perhaps some type of technology that you don't want anyone to get their hands on."

    He paused for a moment to stand in the middle of the hallway to look her dead in the eyes and continued, still outside in the hallway speaking to the commander's right hand with the door opened ajar for her to hear him continue his rant. "I know from research that the Ancestral Sin was filled with multiple projects funded by the government's military of the time. Technology that was under development of unknown power, a few generations of the human race built into it's hull. With how much funding that went into that ship, the Human race would be one of the most powerful races in the Galaxy... only if it didn't disappear when it did."

    Kriss remained silent for a few moments then looked to the captain/commander of the ship. He closed his eyes and readjusted his jacket, standing straight. Turning around as if to walk away, he says his final words before departing, "Unless you wish to continue this conversation, and I haven't overstated my welcome in the slightest, You can find me in my resting quarters just down the hall."
  16. The ring around Koda's eye wrinkled again, sorting her thoughts through the barrage of questions. "Inquisitive one aren't you?" she started, "Suppose you wouldn't make much of a reporter if you weren't." She stated, her eyes, the "+" shaped pupils held within staring at him coldly. "Very well, off the record..... I'll tell you what I know. 200 Years ago your species built a ship that was supposed to revolutionize faster-than-light travel. On it's maiden voyage it's spacial containment field supposedly failed, leading it to crash head first into an asteroid field just outside the Alpha Centauri cluster at warp speeds. As for my orders, I am to rendevous with a private salvaging ship and the officer of a science corps unit, to confirm the identity and find answers regarding the ultimate fate of the Human starship the Ancestral Sin. Your personal research came back with results regarding other projects, that is false, the only reason that ship was built was to test the credibility of one human doctor, a Cuthner who put all of his time and every bit of currency he could get into his pride. And humans shouldn't be concerned with who holds power in the galaxy, your species expects too much after such a short century." His words, to her, though only conjecture sounded like those of a xenophobic human with a skill in words. She would of course always observe humanity as part of her, but maintained Karri way of thought believing humans to be too ambitious, hearing him start to walk away, she spoke only a few more syllables, "If you have no further questions, I'd prefer you stayed in your quarters until you're clear to board the Ancestral Sin......Nothing personal, this is a military ship Civilians have certain restrictions to their passage aboard."
  17. Mio had already been tired, and now she had to deal with a bad mood. The reporter was already trying her patience, she hadn't spoken to him much, but he was irritating to her. Turning away from the intrusion, she looked at Commander Koda, "Commander, about the clearance for the first transmission, since I don't have a high enough clearance, you would have to grant me the permission to review it. If you wouldn't mind that is. But I would prefer that I listen to it a little bit later, so maybe you could send it to me if you do decide to give me the clearance." She turned and saluted to the commander and followed after the reporter. "Don't get a hot head like most reporters, there are several things that could go wrong, so you staying in your quarters is the best way to keep you safe." She tried to be nice, but she couldn't keep from giving him a cold glare. There were definitely a lot of things that could go wrong, but if that happened, it would be because someone screwed up. "This is a mission that I'm really excited to take part in, and I hope that you don't get in my way, because I have no problem with tying you up and leaving you on this ship while we head to the Ancestral Sin."

    Realizing that she was probably overstepping a few boundaries that were laid out for her, she decided to back off a bit. Stopping in the hall before turning off to go to her own quarters, she had a sudden thought. "Hey, maybe if you get killed, then that would be an interesting story. Then again, it would probably be real troublesome for everyone if there were something on that ship still alive." Her alarm went off on her portable computer, "Well this isn't fun, I still have a bit more plans to make." She glared at the reporter once more before heading off to her room, "I don't think there is any real danger, but you never know, there could always be a monster on board. I mean, I've heard a few people say something like that, but it could just be lies."

    Mio headed off as fast as she could to her room, the docking plans for Skellius still needed to be set up. This was really going to be a long trip, with little enjoyment as well. Her brother was the only one from the ship that was participating in the boarding of the Ancestral Sin, so there wasn't the bother of having a second rookie with them. She had been told that she was to keep an eye on the reporter, but she didn't really want to, because that meant she would have to protect him. Well, either way he would get in the way, so there wasn't much she could do about it.
  18. Koda returned her gaze to the lieutenant, unadmittedly someone Koda considered a friend, "Mio I will send the files to you in a while. In the meantime, I want anything you can find for schematics and technical readouts for the Ancestral Sin." She said, and then almost completely out of character for her she continued saying, "By the way, I apologize if I keep you busy from planning to meet your brother, this mission is rather important to the Terran representatives." With that she turned her gaze back at the viewing panel, which was now playing the final visual transmissions received from the Ancestral Sin, 200 year old last wills and testaments of 480 humans.

    The transmissions were corrupted by age, they skipped place and the audio was grainy. Koda couldn't make out the majority of the words, and the videos' color faded in and out at times. Koda watched what she could with disappointment, seeing nothing that could've caused the disaster, introduction to the crew, tour of the ship and a tour of the warp engine itself, all being a thinly veiled guise for a documented manifesto and diagnostics to show everything as being in working order.

    The last video turned her deeply hidden disappointment into a visible look of skeptical confusion. "Pause." She said softly, "Go back 22 seconds." She continued the screen doing as she said to reversing the play back 22 seconds. "Repeat the next 22 seconds on slow down x4." The video played, at a much slower pace, the video capturing a view of the warp engine, starting it's vazing cycles, right at the point the negative energy/positive energy collision catalyst injectors fired. At the exact moment the reciprocating pulse chamber in the vaze generator began oscillating beginning the vaze pulsations, there was a figure moving out of the core of the engine, somewhat humanoid but very faint, the video then cut off from data corruption just as the figure was beginning to manifest a faint face comprised of three circles, two for the eyes and one set lower like a mouth shaped in an 'O' contortion. The video had been time stamped at the moment right as their first vaze warp test began.

    Though not shown on her face, she had been quite taken aback by the video. She quickly granted clearance to Mio and sent word to her. Shortly after she opened a private channel to her lieutenant, "Lieutenant, I want you to go over these video transmissions and tell me every single odd looking thing you find in every frame. Scour it. Do the same with the audio logs."
  19. It may not have sounded that bad from Commander Koda's voice, but Mio knew better than that, there was something odd. "I'm getting right on it, I'll have my report to you before we reach the save zone." Mio started with the audio first, since that was what she was most interested in. But there was something that bothered her already about the previous audio. The more and more she listened to the low growling noises, the less mechanical and more biological it sounded. It hit her that her brother might be able to help, but it would have to wait until she met up with him. Figuring that after the team that was boarding the Ancestral Sin would have a 2 hour time frame before boarding, there would be a little time.

    Starting with the audio from right before the ship went into the asteroid belt, Mio set to isolating every single sound she could. Most of what she heard was a lot o loud and, even to her, terrifying screams. Whatever happened on that ship had to have been caused by either a malfunction or some creature that got on board. Then again, it could have been just a serious case of mass hysteria, another psychological issue, maybe a virus. There were many possibilities for this, but the audio of the 'monstrous' roars, which was exactly what they were. Mio had chills of terror and excitement down her spine. After listening to it a couple times, it had to be a type of biological creature, or a mechanically bio-engineered one.

    She spent the rest of the time watching all of the video, still isolating and re-recording the audio with it. Nothing interesting or weird could be found, just some people she wouldn't normally like to know at all. Finally, she was at the last video, and she watched it closely. It was barely there, but she noticed something coming from the vase generator, something really fast and extremely odd. Slowing it down and freeze framing it, she watched frame by frame as a figure formed, and that did it for her. Now she was certain that something had been on that ship with them, whether it was still there or not couldn't be determined, but that thing definitely had something to do with what had happened.

    Mio grabbed up what she had, then stormed out of her room, this was just not her lucky day. She got to the ready room and marched in, she could care less about formalities at this point. "Now that thing in the video had to be involved in what happened. But what the hell is it?" It confused her more and more each time she thought about it again. "I'm wondering if that thing is still on board. Oh, and by the way, I finished analyzing everything. And, we should be within the save zone in about 1 and a half hours, not much time to figure this out." Mio was wanting to see some action, but she didn't want to have to deal with anything created from the collision of negative and positive energies, or something even worse.
  20. Koda almost drew her pistol as somebody barged into her ready room, but seeing and hearing her lieutenant made her stop and listen. It appeared that Mio had also seen the apparition in the video. "Lock the door" she said, the automatic locking mechanism doing as directed. She walked over from her table to the viewing panel and brought up an old log from Cuthner's research. "I can't say anything for sure until we board the ship, however I agree with you, the apparition in the transmission must've had some hand in this disaster, that is all we'll speak of this until further notice, lieutenant, when we reach the rendezvous point with your brother, your orders are to sort out what you can before we board, I also, when the time comes, want both of you to work under the captain of the Running Rabbit, I read his dossier earlier, he was the most efficient tech specialist in the Core Alliance, extremely intelligent Jinenja, the both of you should get along with him. Impressive combat record as well... Anyway, before we board the Ancestral Sin, I want you, your brother Captain Turlik and his first officer to report to my ready room, until then I'm not to be disturbed I want to review your preliminary findings in privacy, Thank you..." She said taking a long breathe after so many quick words.