Sins of the Father

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  1. In 2182, a scientist by the name of Cuthner began working on an Experimental ship with what he called the future of Faster than Light Interstellar Travel. He postulated that instead of amping the drive cores of a ship's engine to pull the ship to FTL speeds therefore moving the ship, that instead space itself could be moved around the ship as it remained in a constant stasis field. He spent 30 years building his vision with grants from the UEP, United Earth Parliament, and ignored all else in order to see his vision come to reality, even his young son and daughter.

    By 2227, the ship was almost ready, however, a malfunction in the Pulse shaft killed Cuthner, and having no one else to finish the ship his children were the ones who completed its construction. Harboring resentment for him over abandoning his duties as their father for this ship, they named it Ancestral Sin, and were among the crew of its maiden voyage.


    On August 9th, 2231, the Ancestral Sin was given its first voyage to test its experimental Warp Drive, a round trip to Betelgeuse, Alpha Centauri and back to its Launch point near Io. Everything went fine on its first warp to Betelgeuse and the receiving port recorded no malfunctions, however when the ETA for the Ancestral Sin was up for it to appear at the Star Port near Alpha Centauri, there was no sign of it. Back at the Landing Dock on Io, a strange apparition was seen that appeared to be the Ancestral Sin covered in blood and headed on a collision course into the Asteroid Belt, and a transmission was heard that could only be described as Monstrous roars and bloodcurdling screams.

    It isn't known what happened to the Ancestral Sin nor what happened to its crew of 480. Officially the ship is labeled as destroyed by a rogue Comet near Alpha Centauri and that no crew survived. It has been recorded as the worst catastrophe of Space Travel in Human Records.

    The year is now 2468, Humans are part of a council including 3 other Sentient Extraterrestrial races; The Karri, the Dovus, and the Vakirians. They live in peace together and often help each other take care of problems with races that aren't with the Council. However, today the three races will have to come together to solve a bigger problem......the return of the Ancestral Sin......

    Small-line Species Information:

    Karri; The Karri are cold blooded Humanoids who resemble Humans in almost every aspect except their amphibious skin and frog like eyes. They remain in a temperature suit when not on their own tropical climate home world.

    Dovus: Like Humanoid Velociraptors, they exhibit traits of the dinosaurs and birds, hollow bones agile raptor like leg muscles, fast and quick to kill if needed.

    Vakirians: Human in almost every way, and older more evolved version of Humanity, they all have either blue or white hair with the females having a more hot pink complexion while the males have a greenish blue complexion.

    With the return of the Ancestral Sin, a Recon/Salvage crew has been called to investigate the ship look for survivors and try to figure what happened two hundred years ago. The crew is multiracial, including Dovus Karri and Vakirians with the Humans. Three Ships have been assigned by the High Order to search the Ancestral Sin, the Ascending Grace, the Skellius, and the Running Rabbit. Each Ship has a crew of 4-8.

    Character Sheet Skeleton:


    Age (16+)



    Personal Codex History



    Assigned Ship


    My Character:

    Name; Turas

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Species: Vakirian/Human Hybrid

    Personal History Codex File: Raised on Colony 385 Beta orbiting Paralla, Joined the Council Alliance at 16 as a tech Specialist and soon was appointed to Chief Technological Analyst of Derelict Stellar Vessels. Experienced Combat aboard a Derelict Vessel called New Dawn, over taken and lived in by Pirate Dovus, and ended up being the only survivor. Shortly Afterwards he was made Front line Tech Analyst for high risk salvage and rescue operations. Now works solely for the High Order as a Special Tasks Operative still doing his job as a Combat trained Technological Analyst for Top Secret High Risk Salvage.

    Enhancements: A Bio-server is standard issue for Tech specialists, not only does it allow them remote access to computing systems within their own mind and holographically project a computing interface by which they can do their jobs, it also allows special abilities to be used in combat by projecting digital thought process into the physical world. He is also enhanced with digital muscular acceleration, making his reflexes faster, physical strength boosted, his cardiological and respiratory systems stronger.

    Personality: He's a stubborn young man, with almost no taste for flights of fancy, preferring technology and science to notions of fantasy and mysticism. He's a sarcastic yet sweet person, even if a bit self centered he helps if he can, though sacrifices aren't something he'd do really. He's lonely, and has almost no friends.

    Assigned Ship: He's Been assigned to the Running Rabbit

    Skills: He's extremely Adept at technology and is actually the only technical specialist assigned to board the Ancestral Sin aside from a subordinate or assistant as he believes that has been assigned to Arrive on the Skellius. Aside from that He is combat trained and can fight his own battles if need be. With his Bio-server he can project digital distortion waves or what he calls the Warp Wave. As the Digital Wave is emitted it smashes and rips apart organic molecules and overloads synthetic circuitry. Another Ability of his Bio-server is a Pixel Blade, an elbow blade that shifts out of a digitization to a physical blade of heated pixels. In addition he can create a force that flows with a physical punch, something he calls the Mach punch. He can create a defensive distortion that takes a hell of a force to break through but it only lasts a short time.