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  1. Chapter One
    It began as a small tremble, barely noticeable by the many groups who had congregated in the library for their daily or bi-weekly meetings. But then suddenly the tremble turned into a tremor and the bookshelves began to rattle. One by one the books began to tumble from the shelves falling on the floor with a fwump! Then like dominoes the bookshelves began to fall one by one creating a horrifically dangerous cause and effect. After all the bookshelves had collapses atop one another and it seemed as though ever book was on the floor, there was a deafening silence. The library goers who hadn't run out prior, stared at the mess in bewilderment, excitement and fear.

    And then...It happened.

    Suddenly with a sickening CRACK! the middle of the floor began to sink. The fallen bookshelves and piles of books slid to the middle of the building and a hole began to form. You would think that the hole would reveal the foundation of the building, but no, only blackness came into view. It was like a black hole in space. People began to scream and scramble backwards as tables and chairs tumbled into the hole.

    "Move back, move back! Get to the walls!" A librarian screamed frantically and most people did so, however a select few weren't so lucky. Perhaps they were paralyzed with fear, maybe they saw someone in dire need and went to help, maybe they just weren't lucky enough, but before anyone could really process it, a large group of people fell screaming into the sinkhole.

    Not ten minutes afterwards the hole would cease to grow and emergency personnel would investigate the disaster, but when they descended into the hole all they would find is a forgotten mine, but no bodies.
    Meanwhile, the group who fell into the hole were waking up in a strange land. They had landed on a fluffy hill, that when they came in contact with it, they bounced for a few feet in the air before regaining there balance.

    Where were they?

    Upon surveying their surroundings, they would see a long rope bridge in front of them leading to what looked like a castle in the distance. And when the group looked at themselves, they would see that they changed remarkably! Some of the older folk were young again and supernatural! The once human group was now a mixture of animal human hybrids and other mythical marvels!

    How did this happen? Why did it happen? And what should they do?


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  2. Naomi Miles-Langston Girl ScoutPixie
    "Everyone stick togethee--
    Were the last words Naomi shrieked before she back flipped into the black hole. She'd been trying to grab onto one of the stone columns, but she'd slipped on a loose paper and went backwards into the abyss. She'd thought she was going to die a horrible death after falling into the earth's core or worse, but when she found herself bouncing up and down on a lovely green hill, she practically burst into tears.

    "I'm not dead? Oh my god, I'm alive!" She sobbed, digging her fingers into the soft soil. It was then that she realized that she should most likely be dead and yet she wasn't. And also...why did she have four hands?

    "OH MY GOD!" Naomi screamed in horror as she saw that her skin was now reddish brown and her arms--She had four freaking arms! And--"Ow!" She gasped, as she had smacked into something during her flailing. She blinked up at what she'd run into and nearly passed out. It was a leg. Well somebody else's leg, but, why was it so much bigger than her? In fact why was everything bigger than her? The grass was at her waist! And everyone else around her were giants! No wait...They weren't giants. She-she was...Tiny!! Backing up quickly, Naomi suddenly flew into the air as her newly appeared wings flapped rapidly. "I can fly!" She exclaimed as she soared past someone's ear. "But I'm still super tiny! Nobody squish me! I'm a person not a mosquito!" She yelled hysterically, and in her panic, flew right into someone's hair.
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    Angelina Gale ❤ Seniors Advancing Daily ❤ Fire Bird
    Angelina was sure that this was the end. She was sixty three years old after all! She would either have a heart attack before she hit the ground or when she did hit the ground she would break every single bone in her body. So it was a huge surprise when she landed on something soft.

    Yes, a huge surprise and a bit of a disappointment. She'd been hoping to see Marley again, and Lucy was at Rosemarie's so she would be fine. And her kids...Well Angelina doubted they would even blink when they heard about her demise. But now was not the time to dwell on--"Smooth skin." She said suddenly, as she got to her feet with ease. That was new. No popping or cracking joints? No groan of discomfort when having to bend her knees? What in the world? And her skin...Was so smooth. Being African American, she had aged pretty nicely, but she was still human, so she'd had a few sparse wrinkles, but now, as she felt her skin, she felt no signs of age. She felt rejuvenated.

    She felt--"What in high heaven?!" As an object moved into her peripheral vision. She looked like a complete fool turning around in a circle for a few moments before she realized that the 'object', was attached to her and was actually, a pair of wings. "Oh my." Was all she could say. It was then that she glanced around at the others who had fallen with her, and her eyes got wider. One particular person caught her eye and she slowly approached the...Creature, she assumed was, "Phillip?" She gasped, looking a little apprehensive. After all the last time she'd seen Phillip, he hadn't been...A centaur.

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    Candace Grey ❤ Holy Roller ❤ Harpy

    Candace had landed on her ass, and even after bouncing six times, she stayed on her ass, her arms wrapped around her knees and eyes wide with fear. She was aware that she looked different. That she used to have beautiful flawless skin, with only a few 'use' marks. She knew that. She did. She'd looked in the mirror twice that day and then asked forgiveness from God for being a vain bitch and then asking forgiveness from God for saying 'bitch' in the same sentence as 'forgive me father'.

    So...Why did she have feathers for hands? Why were they rainbow colored? Did whoever did this think she'd be less pissed if she had rainbow feathers for hands??? And what was up with her feet--Oh wait, not feet, GIANT FUCKING TALONS!

    Candace had a simple smile on her face, but inside she was freaking out. Was this hell? Had she done something wrong? She'd prayed nearly ten times today. And she'd helped a drooling old lady cross the street! So. Why. Did. She. Have. Rainbow feathers for hands and eagle feet!?

    "This can't be happening to me." She finally squeaked out. "I don't deserve this." She murmured, then tilted her head up to the sky and screamed as loudly as she could. Except it wasn't really a scream.

    More like a bird screech.


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  3. [​IMG]

    It was just a regular day for Jaxon Savage, he was with his buds in the Library. They were talking about new plays and what players they wanted to put on their teams. Jaxon had picked the right people for his team, his plays were being made... he loves winning. While they sat there, the floor started to rattle and shake... and then a giant hole appeared in the middle of the room. Everyone started to run, but Jaxon was too late. It seemed like the hole wanted him to fall in, he was the closes to where it appeared... he had no chance of escaping it's grasp. "Fuck! It's all over for me now." Not one to hide in fear, Jaxon kept his eyes open the whole way down the dark abyss.

    When he landed, everything felt weird. He was glad that he didn't die, or that something worst happened. When he looked around, he noticed different crazy looking creatures were around him. He was about to ask what the hell was going on, when he stood up. He didn't notice anything off about himself, until he looked down at his hands... or PAWS! He jumped back, scared of the sight. He then felt a sword on his back, he didn't know where it came from. When he took it out of it's sheath, the sword felt right in his paw. "Urrr..." He had to check if he could still speak, which he could. "What the hell is going on here?" He didn't know if this was some drug induced prank that one of his buds was playing on him... but he didn't like this one bit.

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    Hanji was with the Rainbow Rights group sitting down and talking about different things they would be doing this week. Hanji had planned an event for the next friday, a party for LGBTQ and anyone else who wanted to join in. It would be fun for all of them to get out some energy in a good way, a party usually helped people settle down and forget their worries. That was what Hanji was all about, forgetting the hurt in the world and embracing love and light. Hanji knew there was mean people in the world, but he would rather see the good in everyone... even the ones who did the evil things to others. While he was sitting there, he noticed that books starting falling off the shelves, his rational side told him that it was probably a small earthquake... but something else in his mind told him that it was something worst. He then heard a crack... and the floor broke open. "Oh My Gosh! Run!" Before Hanji could get out of the room, he fell over a broken chair... that would be his ending, or so he thought.

    Screaming the whole way down, Hanji thought he was going to die. He would die and never be found. For the usually positive and happy guy, this had broken his positive vibes. When he felt a thump to his side, he thought it was weird. He didn't feel dead, but what did that feel like? Fearing the worst, he opened his then closed eyes. When he did, Hanji squealed in happiness. The place was beautiful and amazing, there were others around him too. They looked like something out of a dream, or a fantasy movie. When he tried to stand up, he only felt being lifted off the ground. "Woo!" Hanji noticed that he wasn't just off the ground, he was flying... or floating right about now. He had beautiful colorful wings, they were gigantic. He did notice a girl... or bird like creature start to shriek. He felt bad for her, not knowing how to work his wings yet... he ended up knocking her and himself to the ground. "Sorry... I'm Hanji. I don't know what is going on, but we should work together to find out." He smiled at her, holding his free hand out to help her up. HIs other hand was holding something, a magical wand... which was even cooler!

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  4. Once Old.

    Now Reborn.
    Philippos Steinar"Everyone backup, Stay away fro--" He Turned around to help Angelina away when he saw her fall into the hole. He was stunned, he had spent so much time with her, and losing a friend that quickly. His mind reeled and tears started to fill his eyes as the piece of floor beneath him gave out, sending him falling into the inky black abyss. He clamped his eyes shut while he fell into the dark.

    He came back to his sense when instead of bone crunching pain and a splat, he felt a small bit of pressure as he...Bounce?... off of the soft earth. He took in a deep breath and sighed in relief. He was glad he didn't die, but yet, he was nervous about how he lived in the first place. He didn't want to open his eyes, what if he was the only survivor of the fall. He didn't want to think about that. Pulling his from these dark thoughts was a familiar voice, but it sounded a bit, Fuller?

    He opened his eyes and focused on the women, no creature in front of him. She was very beautiful with wings coming off of her back. He gasped a bit from how real they looked. Then he finally placed the voice. "Angelina?" He got chocked up as the emotional trauma of her falling into the sinkhole came back into his mind. Then he was a bit shocked, he didn't even recognize his own voice, it was deeper and richer. He attempted to stand, then he noticed something was VERY wrong. He felt two other legs, but they felt as if pins and needles were stabbing them as if they haven't been used in awhile. He looked down his front, he was shirtless and his upper body was very toned, it was as if he worked out everyday. He twisted his torso, He was startled when he spied a hind end of a horse. "Angelina," Philippos said her name again. "-What have I become." he was clearly shocked.

    ¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨
    ¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨
    ¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨
    ¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨

    People Take Things For Granted-

    A Body Is One Of Them.
    Jonathan GreeneJonathan jumped out of his chair when he heard the loud cracking sound. The room was absolute chaos, that's when it happened, a maw started to open up in the room. He saw as the floor beneath a fellow library guest was about to give out. He dashed at them and spun tossed them out of the way. He thought he had cleared the chunk of floor in time, but he footing gave out as the chunk, and Jonathan with it, into the sinkhole.

    His heart raced as adrenaline pumped into his system, he couldn't tell how long he had fallen for, He closed his eyes accepting his fate. He thumped against the ground, but it didn't hurt, which surprised him. He "opened" his eyes and sensed the scene around him. He found it very startling that he could kinda see all of his surroundings at once. Then it all came to him at once like a epiphany, the three "smaller" wisps in front of him acted as his eyes. But why did he need those to see? He had eyes for that. He willed one of the wisps to look at him.

    "I AM A GODDAMN BALL OF FUCKING LIGHT!" Everyone around him heard him at once, as he bellowed from the sheer craziness of the situation. He didn't understand a fucking thing that was happening, but he wanted his old damn body back.

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  5. Sepherina Galloway

    Another ordinary day in the life Sepherina Galloway had come again. Seph was sitting in the library as she sat in the back on the lounge couch. She was here again reading up on every pregnancy , parenting and baby book she could get her hand's on. She wasn't even showing and yet she was already prepping herself in the early stages for what was to come down the road. As she was flipping the book page she heard a clatter as her honey eye's glanced up at the light above shaking a tad... Suddenly , the floor began to rumble heavily under her as the couch began to bounce back and forth as books flew every which way around the space. Screams filled the room as plenty of people began to scramble and run. Seph quickly stood up on the couch to only bring her gaze down upon a gaping hole forming under the couch. Her lips parted as she stood bravely and unmoving as she felt the couch tip... The darkened abyss below beckoned her in as she found herself coated in darkness.

    A scream nearly broke from her lips as she neared the ground below as her hand pressed against the warmth of her flattened belly.." Not now! Hell no!!" Her eye's drifted shut quick only to feel her back fall against the soft plush of the ground below her.. She should be dead and yet here she was in one piece. She blinked several times as she looked upwards towards the bright blue of the sky. She slowly pressed her palms to the ground as she rose up.. In the process a sword hung long on a belt against her flowing gowns only to glance to her other hand which held a staff tight.. Why in the hell did she have these things.. Her freed hand came to brush over her face only to stop with a small shake... There was a horn... A horn on her forehead.. Her honey eye's widened as she dropped the staff to the ground as she attempted to calm her thought's.. It was than she saw a lion man who seemed to be attempting to figure out things like she was... " Do you have any idea on what the hell is going on?" She was about to add on more when she felt something call out in a ecstatic voice as it crashed into her hair.. She slowly raised her hand up to brush into the soft green locks only to withdraw a small winged girl rested on her small palms. She gave a slight smile as she glanced down at her." Seem's like you need a crash course on how to land , hmm?" She chuckled a bit as she drew her closer t her face for a look at her.. What the hell was going on and what were they..? There was no way in hell she was going to look at her fucking reflection yet.
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  6. [BCOLOR=#33cccc]Garett Killian[/BCOLOR]

    It had started just the same as every other afternoon. Garett idly stared out the library window in nearly absolute boredom, while simultaneously checking his opponent. The guy he was playing was new enough that Garett hardly held it against him that his strategies were boring. Textbook stuff never really was worth playing against, and he had long ago learned how to trump most of it.

    His exasperated opponent let out a small gasp, his brow furrowing at the position he himself had walked into. Garett never claimed to know anyone's moves before they made them, but if his opponent wasn't going to bother attempting anything new then he wouldn't have to be a psychic. His would be aggressor stumbled over the board, attempting to follow the steps he had learned, but doing so with the knowledge it wasn't going to save him. Five minutes elapsed before Garett realized he was done leading the boy on, and decided to play an attraction.

    By callously discarding a couple high profile pieces on the board, attractions were risky, but often successful, attempts to lure the enemy's king into open view. It, of course, worked. Within moments, Garett revealed lured his absentminded foe into the perfect positioning. Not one to deny himself the pleasure, Garett lifted his bishop and forcefully swung it's base into his opponent's king.

    "Checkmate bro. Good game, though." A lie. It was boring as hell.

    "Yeah, I almost had a comeback at the end there though. Aga-"

    A sudden rumbling took hold of the building then, and before either player had a chance to ask each other what was happening, a hole began to open up not ten feet from them. Suddenly adrenalized by what appeared to be an imminent emergency, Garett took one last look at his favorite board (noticing with some suspicious apprehension that the tremors had caused only his king piece to fall) and made a break for the door. Sections of the library began to rupture and fall beneath him, and before he made it to the exit, the steps all but fell from beneath him. He didn't manage to cry for help, for mercy, or for his mother. His descent was soundless: so stunned was Garett by the sheer unlikeliness of the event that he could only muster a single thought.

    How many people can say they were swallowed by a library? A lot of more boring ways to go.


    Impossible. Utterly impossible. And freaking cold too...

    Grass. Soft, plush grass. That's the first thing his mind registered, as he felt the foliage underneath his cheek. He was alive by some magic, and he wasn't going to waste time resting: Garett leapt to his feet, or at least tried before some thing pulled him straight back down. His legs wouldn't lift but..

    Wait... what happened to my goddamn legs? Oh my god my arms too wha-

    Ice there was ice everywhere around him, but only around him. His legs had ... frozen (?) to the ground, and it took him several moments to wrench them free of their frosty prison before he realized how much different physically he had become. He was always lanky, but what had been a solid six foot height had become at least half a foot more. His limbs were slender, and slick with what felt like snow slush. His customary jacket was gone too. In its place, and ornate set of armor, and atop his back a long, sheathed blade no wider than his iPhone.

    What happened to me... and where am I?

    It was then he truly took in his surroundings. A beautiful field dotted with various exotic looking flowers, and trees before a great floating bridge leading to what appeared to be a castle of old. At first, he was baffled, but then it made sense: he must be in some sort of injury induced coma. That was the only explanation of course.

    Then he saw them. Not ten feet from where he fell, new figures began to rise and shout. All appeared as unused to their bodies as he did. That's when he began to hear it. Their voices were familiar--but not immediately so. Passing soundbites only continued to grow his intrigue until he was able to place it. The other library victims he saw go down with him.

    Projections of my subconscious I'd assume. Makes some sense, I guess. At least if this is some fantasy hallucination dreamt up by my predicament, at least I'm not alone. How boring would that be?

    "Hey guys," he said once he had walked within hearing range. "I'm just going to assume you all are former library members then as well?" He figured that's what they were modeled after, but he wondered just how true his hypothesis was.
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  7. Ann Finch
    Ann was staring at the dark crack in the floor, that was presently sucking away the ground. 'This is it, my untimely death. At the least this time I didn't have to do it myself.' She thought as she stared down into the endless hole. It didn't take long for the fragile earth underneath her to cave, sending her down the hole. 'I wonder what it would have been like if I had let my depression keep me in bed today.' She thought as the blackness swirled around her. She waited for the hard crunch of the ground, but nothing came, just endless falling. 'Ok can you just hurry up and kill me universe!!!' She shouted angrily in her head, only to black out as she continued falling.

    Ann had fully expected not to survive, and yet, she found herself waking up in a grassy and bright world. "Is this heaven?" She asked into what she assumed was nothing, but found a bunch of people around her, they all looked, odd, and some had immediately started freaking out. Shaking her head as she found that some of their voices were somewhat familiar, she moved to shield her eyes, finding a cold metal pressed against her face. A yelp escaped her lips as she looked at her hand, which moved exactly like normal. Instead of her short brown locks, she had long white tendrils hanging from her shoulders. "This is weird, why do I have hair, and why is it white." She said, looking down. She had some sort of tattoo on her leg as well, and she raised an eyebrow. Shifting to see it better, she felt something hit her back and she reached behind her, pulling out a gigantic sword about three times her size. "Oh shit." She said, holding it and looking up. "How can I even hold this! What is going on!!" She said, dropping the sword to the ground.

    Scott Mcall
    Scott was perfectly content with the meeting, glad that he was able to talk to some of the kids struggling with transition and sexuality when the loud rumbling alerted her to something more. As some students frantically rushed to the walls, Scott moved to follow them, only to find his form petrified in shock. His mind seemed to protest as he helplessly stood in the path of a gigantic sink hole that swiftly swallowed him and Hanji, one of her friends who had tripped over a chair in the ruckus fall with her. Scott let out a very unmanly scream as he plummeted down the hole and towards the ground.

    Awaiting death, Scott found himself hitting the ground instead with a dull thunk, but no everlasting blackness came to him, no cease of memory. He simply felt, weird. As he attempted to open his eyes, a blinding light hit his irises, and he groaned, squinting. He brought an arm up to shade his face as he pushed himself up off the ground, hearing the sound of shifting silk as he did so. Looking down, he realized that his clothes had been changed into some form of traditional silk robe, that was admiringly quite comfortable. "Wow, this I really cool." He said, until he felt soft velvety things touching his arms, and the back of his legs. Assuming spiders, Scott squealed again, looking behind him, only to see an abundance of tails, 9 since he counted, following him around. "What the....." He mumbled, looking around for Hanji, but all he could see was a bunch of creatures. "Hanji?" Scott asked a floating warlock kind of guy, hoping for the best.
    @Shattered♦Secrets™ Hanji

    Aydn Sanches
    Aydn was miserably tired. She had spent all night trying to get her sister to sleep on time, and do her homework, which had only resulted in a large scale argument. And now here she was, facing a gigantic sinkhole that was about to swallow her. "I'm sorry." She mumbled gently before the ground caved underneath her, sucking her downwards. She had never meant to hurt her sister, and now she was going to be all alone in the world, and she would just be another disappointment. She would be all on her own.

    But instead of the death she had expected, Aydn found herself lying in a field, the light streaming towards her now crystal blue eyes. "What the....." She mumbled, trying to stand up. Her head felt heavy, and something on the sides of her heads was holding her back, causing her to yelp and fall backwards. She lifted her hands to the side of her head, and instead of her usual short hair, she found a large set of ram horns, long tendrils of raven hair falling over them as she laid there. Her horn were tangled in some brush, and she groaned, trying to get her new horns out. "What the fuck is going on!" She yelled as she started untangling herself.
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  8. Naomi Miles-Langston ❤ Girl Scout ❤ Pixie
    Naomi was so happy that she'd flown into somebody nice instead of...The giant lion man--err just a giant lion? Not that he was a bad person! Just that...He might be a 'giant man lion' hungry for 'suddenly a four armed bug girl'. Naomi smiled sheepishly up at the...Woman with a horn. Naomi doubted that the woman would appreciate if Naomi identified her as rhino woman.

    "Ha, yeah, I'll try to work on that. If we're here for the long haul that is." She responded with a wry smile. "Are you by any chance...Um...Well human would be an inaccurate term. Ever for me! But uh, are you perhaps from the library?" She asked, gesturing vaguely to the sky that held no trace of the whole that she had fallen into. She dropped her hands back to her side abruptly, but one hand got snagged by something around her waist and she looked down to see...A yellow string. Well not really a string...More like a super thin golden rope. Naomi wondered what it was for as she ran her hands along it's fine weaving.

    Just then the aforementioned giant lion man, began to speak and Naomi quickly concluded by his statement, that he was in the same boat as her. She kind of wanted to comfort him, and totally pet him, but doubted he'd appreciate that last one, so instead she called out to him in her best Mumford & Sons impression --because who didn't like Mumford & Sons? "Excuse me, little lion man!"
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    Angelina Gale ❤ Seniors Advancing Daily ❤ Fire Bird
    "A centaur, I believe." Was all Angelina could say as she took turns marveling at herself and her friend. She stepped back, so he could try to...Adjust to his new predicament, although she really couldn't see how. It was one thing having wings, but having half a body attached to you? It was scary and thrilling. Angelina spun on her heel--Something she hadn't been able to do without losing her balance and having to sit down for an hour before-- and gazed at all the other creatures--No, they had to be former people.-- around her. Some were taking the sudden events well, while others were panicking and one in particular was just screaming like a maniac.

    "If it helps any, Phillip. You seem to be very well endowed." Angelina said, and her hand flew up to her mouth. "Not in that fashion. I'm referring to your," She gestured at his very toned and muscular upper half. "And you're young! We've both reverted to our--our younger years!"

    Overhearing another person, nearby, Angelina turned to him to say, "Yes, we both are--" and momentarily paused to take in his appearance. He looked like...Well he looked like a dementor. "...Library patrons." She finished.

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    Candace Grey ❤ Holy Roller ❤ Harpy
    Candace's scream was cut short, when someone smacked into her. And she bit back a particular colorful cry of outrage. She was happy she hadn't lost her temper, as the boy apologized. She stared at his outstretched hand, then back up at him, then back at his hand. He...An angel, wanted to help her? Was this a sign? Did this mean that God wasn't punishing her after all?! "Okay!" She sobbed with happiness and latched onto the guy's arm with her freakish bird hands.

    She then let out another surprised shriek when a...Dog thing with nine fluffy tails approached them. Candace cowered behind the Angel, wishing he would just fly them away to the Pearly Gates or whatever.

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  9. Once Old.

    Now Reborn.
    Philippos Steinar"Centaur..." He said back to himself as if savoring the word itself. He stood up, getting a feel for his new set of legs. He felt strong, stronger then he had ever been in life. His hair was also longer than it once was. His long dark hair went down to his shoulder blades, this is when he actually noticed he was shirtless as Angelina complimented his appearance.
    Philippos Steinar

    To be honest he had never looked like this back... back when things were normal. When Angelina turned to talk to the...thing that was coming up to join them. Philip walked up to behind her and bent down so he could whisper into her ear, close enough she could feel his warm breathe. "You are looking rather ravishing yourself, beautiful." As he ran one of his hands along one of her wings. He raised his head to look at the being joining them. "Yes we *were* Library patrons. But we really need to start rounding people up and getting them to calm down. It seems that many of us here have suffered major changes. Also we might need to build a camp of some sort, and start collecting food." He was worried now about everyone's safety.

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  10. [​IMG]

    Jaxon was a little annoyed that no one answered him, but he didn't want to act like a giant douchebag right now. He did have an urge to roar... but he stopped that from happening. He was about to ask another question, when a woman... or animal, something came up to him. She had green hair and a horn coming from her forehead. At least he wasn't the only one tripping... maybe. Even in this weird fucked up place, Jaxon could tell that this girl was beautiful... even in this creature like state. When she asked him what was going on, he gave a soft laugh. "I'm as lost as everyone here." Jaxon started to noticed more people around him, they started to stand up and realize what was going on. "I guess we are all from the library... seeing how we don't know what is going on... at all."

    Jaxon saw the horned girl speaking to... a fairy!? What the hell. "This is crazy... really crazy." He smirked at her, when she told the fairy she needed some lessons in landing, it was pretty funny. "Yup... I'm from the Library. I was with my Fantasy Football Group... and you know the rest." Jaxon kicked some of the dirt from the ground, his paws... he couldn't believe he had damn paws! "I'm Jaxon by the way... I hope that's still my name." When the fairy yelled at him... he almost growled, but than he realized she was doing a voice. "Really.." He grinned at her, now showing off his sharp teeth... not to scare her, but he forgot he was a fierce humanoid lion. Jaxon noticed a centaur thing talking, he made a lot of sense. "Yeah, we should find food or at least shelter... maybe over that bridge." With his paw, Jaxon pointed towards the bridge over the horizon. He didn't know what was over there... but he was bound to find out.

    Location: Fluffy Hill
    Mood: Annoyed-Amused-Annoyed

    Interaction(s): @Shayla @Wonderful Thing @Zacharia Finch (Sepherina Galloway, Naomi Miles-Langston, Philippos Steinar)
    Mentioned: @Shayla @Wonderful Thing @Zacharia Finch (Sepherina Galloway, Naomi Miles-Langston, Philippos Steinar)


    Hanji was glad that the bird girl took his hand. She seemed like a nice girl, scared... but nice. "Maybe if we talk to the others, we can all find out what's going on." Hanji heard someone start to yell... he turned to see orbs of light, and they were speaking! Wow, now Hanji has seen it all. "Please... umm, sir? You don't need to yell you know." He turned back to the bird girl, he was about to ask her what was her name, when he heard a familar voice call out his name. Making sure not to knock the girl over with his gigantic wings, he turned to see a fox like creature in front of him. Hanji looked in shock and awe at the nine tails it had. The voice didn't register in his head, until a few seconds later. "Scott! Scotty!" He flew over to the boy, hugging him and than letting go. "You look sooooo coool!" When Hanji was excited he tended to spread out his o's like he just did.

    Hanji felt a presence behind him, it was the girl again. He felt bad for her, she was scared right about now. Hanji probably looked like some type of angel or savior... with these wings of his, maybe he was. "Don't worry, this is my friend... Scotty." He turned to the girl, smiling at her. "If you don't mind, what is your name? I don't think I could just go around calling you Bird Girl. Unless you want me too, that would be a cool name though." Hanji heard the lion man start to speak up about a bridge. He looked out to see it too, he also saw a castle. "I think we might have to go to the castle... or something, maybe that's why we are here." He looked at both Scotty and the Bird Girl... they would hopefully be his partners, until he knew more about the others.

    Location: Fluffy Hill
    Mood: Happy-Excited-Super Excited

    Interaction(s): @Wonderful Thing @Zacharia Finch @IceQueen (Candace Grey, Jonathan Green, Scott Mcall)
    Mentioned: @Wonderful Thing @Zacharia Finch @IceQueen (Candace Grey, Jonathan Green, Scott Mcall)
  11. [BCOLOR=#33cccc]Garett Killian[/BCOLOR]

    Before Garett stood a firebird of a woman. Her near ethereal form was accentuated by bright hues of red and orange. It made Garett moderately jealous that the first projections he happened upon were a million times more impressive looking than he. Never one to trouble himself with vanity, Garett felt almost guilty to be jealous--that was until he saw the centaur.

    WHAT?! Why the hell does he get to be that?! I want to be that?! Jesus that's so fucking cool...

    Forcefully, he redirected his train of thought to that of the woman who spoke before him, listening intently to her response. His hunch was confirmed: they were in fact drawn from the library. Garett might've suggested then that they head off towards the castle, had the centaur not immediately begun to speak his mind.

    "Yes we *were* Library patrons. But we really need to start rounding people up and getting them to calm down. It seems that many of us here have suffered major changes. Also we might need to build a camp of some sort, and start collecting food."

    Terrible waste of energy. In the same amount of time it would take us to comfort and level with all twenty or so bodies I see here, attempt to forage for food, and then build rudimentary shelter we could be across that bridge and back again.

    Garett opened his mouth to voice his concerns, but it didn't seem as though that was necessary. A lion like humanoid, angelic being, faerie, and harpy all seemed to join the group at once. It seemed as though the newcomers favored the castle as well, and that made sense although neither seemed wholly convinced.

    "Of course we have to go to the castle. While I appreciate your initiative, it would waste a tremendous amount of our energy and time to do as you have said. From the sunlight, I'd deduce its mid-day. We have more than enough time to cross the bridge and hope for aid at the castle. There appear to be upwards of twenty bodies here. Trying to force everyone to not only come to grips with their new bodies, but then spend their afternoon in a foreign land picking berries and building lean-tos will be nearly impossible and veritably pointless."

    A thought struck Garett then: perhaps the centaur was apprehensive about funneling all of the newly-appeared creatures into a settlement without ensuring its safety first.

    "If you're worried though about whether or not we'll actually be welcome down there, I propose an alternate move. You're basically a badass horse-warrior. You could make the trip in half the time, and scout it out. Might be safer that way, but its still a pretty ineffective use of our time."

    It seemed perfectly obvious to him that heading to the castle was the way to go, but he wasn't prepared to force it.

    Who knows. Maybe we ought to take a majority vote... I wonder if this place even has democracies, or if that fantasy castle is run by an equally fantasy-themed king.
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  12. Miyamato Hikaru

    Hikaru shrieked as he fell face first through the sinkhole. He'd been about to dive for cover but instead of finding safety, he had thrown himself into the massive tunnel with more momentum then he would've originally had. As he plummeted downward he could feel bones in his body shifting and muscle rearranging itself. A ticklish feeling preceded by a poof affected his head and bum as ears and a tail erupted into existence.


    With catlike agility Hikaru landed on all fours and bounced a little. He sighed in relief as he realized he was alive. But what happened? And why was he some kind of half animal - half human? Hikaru looked around him and saw that there were many others who had fallen with him and changed.

    "People... or not people? Anyone know what's going on?"


    location: fluffy bouncy hill interactions: @anyone
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  13. Theodore Kale King ♣ Satyr

    Click here to reference Theodore.

    The library was not an uncommon place for Theodore to be. Whether it be for tutoring or escaping his parents, Theodore spent the majority of his time at the library. It was a calm place that made him feel capable of anything. He was helping one of the girls from his math class, Jennifer, with her math homework. She was a blonde girl about his age, a cheerleader. And the only reason she ever talked to him was for help in math- not that he was bothered by this. At least this way she encouraged her friends to be nicer to him outside of class, plus he got the satisfaction of knowing every good grade she earned was because of him.

    While they were working, Theodore noticed the juice in her PINK water bottle- which was actually blue- was moving. That was his first hint of the tremors that were to come, and as he opened his mouth to comment on it the room began to shake violently. Simultaneously, Theodore and Jennifer jumped to their feet, and Theo watched with wide eyes as the bookcases began to tumble. The last one landed with a thunderous crash, and Theodore took a moment to collect himself.

    However, he was unable to do so before the ground split open. He turned to tell Jennifer to run, but she was already gone. He began to run upwards, eyes set on a pillar for him to hold onto. Unfortunately, he never reached the pillar. Instead, Theodore slipped on a book, falling flat on his face. He pushed his glasses up as he flipped over to face the hole. Frantically, the teenage boy began to scramble backwards, but his efforts were a waste. A table had knocked over, and as it collided against him he was sent down into the hole.

    It was so dark that Theodore couldn't be sure when his eyes were open or closed. He was falling face first, the wind causes his clothes to flutter against his body. Theo was almost sure he must be screaming, because his mouth was dry and his throat began to hurt, but he couldn't hear himself. After what felt like an eternity light began to creep at the end of the tunnel. A light? Theodore wondered. Great. I'm dying, that's the light. I've got to go away from it.

    Theodore whipped around in an effort to run away from the light that- in his mind- meant death. He attempted to grasp the air, anything, to stop himself from falling towards the light. But, try as he might, it was only a matter of time before the light engulfed him and-

    Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

    Even after Theodore ceased to bounce he held his breath, staring up at the blue sky with wide eyes. This is it, he thought to himself, still not breathing. I died. This is heaven. He laid on his back for several seconds until a loud bird-like screech startled him. (Candace) With a sharp and long inhale, Theodore bolted upright and took in his surroundings.

    This is not what I imagined heaven to be like at all. Where are the golden gates? The land made of clouds?

    It took only a few moments for Theodore to realize this couldn't possibly really be heaven. It just didn't make sense- there wouldn't be creatures like the ones before him in heaven. Theo's brown eyes widened with shock once more as he took a good look at the various creatures: A giant lion, a small pixie, a centaur, several beings with wings. It was all so... weird.

    Theodore's instincts told him to get away from the dangerous beings, and so he pushed his glasses back against his face once again before beginning to back up. It was at this point that he realized things were not right with him. The first thing he noticed was that he had no shirt- something he never went out in public without- and then that he had bulging muscles. Those were definitely not there before.

    And then he noticed his goat-like legs. Sure, his legs had been hairy before, but this was just ridiculous. Okay, I'm not human anymore, Theodore thought as his hands ran over his hard hooves. Let's see... muscular upper body, goat legs, hairy forearms... Theo reached up to his head, feeling his new ears and horns. All of this points to Satyr. But why have I been turned into this?

    Carefully, Theodore got up to his feet. He wobbled for a few seconds, but quickly regained his balance. It almost felt natural for him to have goat legs... peculiar. Clearing his throat, he joined the group, listening to both of the ideas that had been proposed before. "I also think we should head for the castle," he spoke up, keeping a safe distance from each stranger. By now he had discovered that they were all once humans from the library, but that in no way made him trust Mister-Giant-Lion not to eat him, or Miss-Fire-Bird-Lady not to burn him. "If we landed here with the castle and the bridge in clear view, it seems like the only reasonable path to follow. Maybe they'll have some answers for us."

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  14. [​IMG]
    ` ♦️ AMERICA JENNINGS ` ♦️
    ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
    ↘ location. fluffy hills | ↘ mood. terrified / frantic
    As usual, the Eco Club members gathered in the library, America being among them. Nothing unusual, just your average day at the library, with the common conversation of plants and wild life. America rarely partook in discussion as she did not quite have as much experience as her fellow peers, however tried her best at learning what she could during the discussion.

    In the process of the conversation, America decided on reaching out to get a botanic book that had been thrown to the ground - which obviously agitated her a tad bit. At the exact same moment, the whole library shook, causing America to slip and fall. Pain shot up her right leg and she groaned in pain. She was unable to get up, let alone stand.

    If you did not have a death wish, you would either immediately take cover or run away. But not America, running wasn't an option, nor taking cover, she was literally in the same exact area where the ground had opened, which left her with little to no options at all. So, she accepted her fate without further complaint, after all, it was her fault that she fell in the first place.

    America did not scream when she started falling, closing her eyes and trying to find peace of mind. 'Well, this isn't such a bad death, it could've been worse.' she reassured herself as she continued plummeting to her untimely death.

    . . .

    She expected a loud crunch, maybe a scream coming out of her mouth at the last second, nothing happened. Clouds had apparently cushioned her fall, with her landing in a very awkward position. Her eyes fluttered open, taking in her surroundings. America seemed to be in a fairy tale version of Heaven. She felt giddy, her legs wouldn't work, in fact, she couldn't feel them.
    They couldn't work.

    Fear rose up her body, America couldn't breath. She tried during the breathing exercises that her dance teacher had taught her, her breaths becoming more calm. Her breaths had the similarity to a fish out of water, disconcerting her even more.

    Despite her burning curiosity, she fought the urge to look down to her feet, she dared not, scared that her legs would be a bloody mess of bones and flesh. America inspected the strands of light teal that fell onto her face, her eyes widening in incredulity. Another fact that she failed to notice at first was that she was barely clothed.

    Nearby, she could hear someone, a male, in fact, with a very familiar voice. He was just a few feet away, and he didn't look like anybody America had ever known. But his voice was more than enough to identify him.


    "Hikaru, is that you?" America questioned, her voice barely audible. Her voice sounded clearer than usual, and awfully similar to a mermaid's.

    . . .

    ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ INTERACTION ▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇

    Miyamato Hikaru - @Amai Kyuti
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  15. Anna Grace Gilmore ~|~ Alcoholics Anonymous ~|~ Siren
    Anna sat with a bored expression on her face as the counselor drawled on about how alcohol didn't have to control their lives. Yada, yada, yada. Like hell she let alcohol control her life. She didn't need to be attending this shit, but she had yet to prove to the judge that she didn't "need" it. So, alas, she was forced here by court order. Leaning her head back, her eyes narrowed when she realized that everything was trembling just slightly. She looked at the group, opening her mouth to comment on it before the tremors quickly became violent, thunderous shakes.

    The floorboards creaked and crackled beneath her, and just as she got up to run, the floor gave way. It seemed she was the first to fall. So tragic. Unlike most people, she crossed her arms as she fell, rather annoyed with the entire situation. Of course she was going to die like this, and just when she'd gotten herself a good gig with some rich doctor!

    As she sensed the ground approaching beneath her, she let out one single scream in defiance. The harsh but also gentle bounce! that followed her scream was surprising, to say the least. She had expected her bones to snap all at once, giving her only a mere second to feel the excruciating pain before passing on to whatever Hell God had waiting for her.

    Opening her eyes, she squinted as light flooded her retinas. What the hell was going on? This certainly couldn't be Hell. It was far too lush and green to be Hell. All at once, panic seemed to erupt all around her, and she couldn't help but slam her hands over her ears. Instead of her soft hands she was used to, however, she felt slimy scales and fins. She let out a yelp, realizing quite suddenly that not only were her hands finned--but she also didn't even have legs! Instead, she had a tail!

    "What the fuck?" This was so not okay.


    Robert James Grant ~|~ Chess Club ~|~ Elven Druid
    Robert was, as always, playing chess. It stimulated the mind and relaxed his otherwise anxious mind. He had far too much work to do as an agent of the FBI to be playing such a game every Saturday, but he didn't really care. Just as he moved his rook in order to checkmate his opponent, the entire chess board seemed to rumble. The pieces fell like dominoes, and then everything seemed to convulse all at once.

    Like any smart person would, he immediately flew out of his seat and dashed for the more stable door frames. Just as he approached one, however, a bookcase fell on top of him. Instead of crushing him into the ground, however, he fell with a shout into an expanse of pure black. Nothing seemed real as he fell. No light seemed to penetrate the black that surrounded him, and that perhaps was the most terrifying fact of all.

    He was going to die. This was the end. And damnit he was so close to closing one of the most important cases he had been given to date. Well, he thought, everything happens for a reason.

    Instead of death, however, he was met with a whole new life. It all started with a bounce.

    Bounce, bounce, bounce.

    He opened his eyes, shouting in victory as he realized he was still alive. He leaped to his feet, shocked by the strange energy he felt in his bones. He wasn't old by any means, but he had never been so agile before. He looked down, his brows furrowing when he found himself dressed in a strange black armor instead of his suit and tie. "Well this is strange," he remarked, running a hand through his hair...which was now white.

    Feeling his face, he breathed a sigh of relief when everything felt normal--until he reached his ears. They were pointed! Pointed! Like an elf! Shaking his head, he figured he must be in some sort of strange passing world between Earth and the afterlife. Not that he'd ever believed in such things, but how could he have possibly survived that fall?

    Looking around, he realized that there were many others who were just as freaked out as he was. One girl had a fish tail instead of legs, and her mouth had no lips--just terrifying fangs. There was another girl with a similar fish tail but also wings like a fairy--thankfully her face was still human-like. Then there was a lion, a centaur, an ice man, a fire bird creature, and many others. All were definitely not human. What sort of afterlife could this possibly be?

    Listening closely, he realized they were all planning to head for the sparkling castle in the distance. That was a good plan. Yes, they should find some people who actually knew what was going on around here.

    "I agree," he said suddenly, "we should head for the castle as soon as possible. seems some of us will need help travelling." He said this with a pointed remark towards the fish lady.

    Anna -- anyone/everyone
    Robert -- group voting to go to the castle
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  16. Angelina Gale ❤ Seniors Advancing Daily ❤ Fire Bird
    Angelina felt herself flush like a teenage girl, which really wasn't far off the mark from what she was now--when Phillip whispered into her ear. She felt goosebumps run up her neck and felt the skin on the back of her prickle. For once, she found that she couldn't really say anything, and she was happy that conversations around her were starting to spark, because if she had to respond she would probably blubber like a fool. She did however, shoot Phillip another appraising glance, which she immediately felt guilty for. It was true that Marley had been gone for awhile, and he would have wanted her to move on to whatever or whoever made her happy, but...It just felt wrong to do it under such odd circumstances. But this new body of hers...Everything was just so new, and suddenly being young again, kind of made her want to take risks.

    Get a hold of yourself, Angelina! Focus on the current situation! She reprimanded herself, giving her thigh a vicious pinch to snap her out of such...Reveries.

    @Zacharia Finch
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  17. Chapter One
    Part 2

    After much deliberation on what their next move should be, the diverse group of library patrons headed towards the rope bridge. Some people huddled together, and some of the smaller folk hitched rides on the larger and kinder folk. One particular patron had the misfortune of transforming into a creature that required water to move properly, so a few members of the group gently carried her across the bridge first.

    Despite it's less than trustworthy appearance, the bridge held firm for each traveler until they were all on the other side. The group was now standing directly in front of the castle, and oddly enough there were no guards in sight. Worry and anticipation floated through the group. Should they enter? Maybe they should wait for an invitation first. In the end, a few of the braver patrons took the first few steps past the gates and into the castle. When nothing happened to them, the rest of the group followed suite, and as soon as they were completely inside, the gates slammed shut.

    Many of the group jumped in fright, a few whirled around and raced towards the gate, banging on it with their fists and claws in an attempt to reopen it. A sharp voice, cut through the panicked voices of the group and an annoyed looking pixie creature hovered above them.


    "Oh, cut it out. Jeez, you guys are always giving me crap about the whole gate thing. I'm working on it okay? It's not easy to open and close massive iron gates with just your mind, you know. You don't have to be such drama queens!" The creature snapped, crossing her arms and pouting. She huffed for a few minutes before glancing down at the group again. "...I was just kidding around guys, I'm not really mad...Wait a minute--" The creature suddenly descended and began to inspect each and everyone of the group. "You guys aren't--Who are you guys?" Although she doesn't sound panicked, the creature's change in tone alerts two half beast, half human warriors who had been lounging around nearby.

    "Zer' a problem 'ere, Tenebrae?" The male warrior asks, his hand hovering over one of the two swords resting on his mid back. The female warrior watches the group with an excited glint in her eye, as if she were watching prey.

    The pixie creature--Tenebrae--shrugs. "Not really, they're just new."

    " 'don't get new people 'ere." The female warrior says, and a glistening trickle of drool slides out of the corner of her mouth. Her eyes are fixated on fish woman. The male warrior notices and smacks her arm. "Cut it out, Zita." Zita rolls her eyes and wipes away the drool.

    "Weren't gonna eat 'er, jus' lookin'. I like fish." She said as if that explained everything, her gaze never wavers from the fish girl despite the reprimand from her colleague.

    "Anyway!" Tenebrae says loudly, and thrust her arms out in a 'welcome' gesture. "Regardless of why you guys are here, welcome to Noval! It's pretty rare that we get newcomers this time of year, but feel free to explore or whatever! I have to get back to my mind training, but here's a quick summary of what we've got here!"

    "There's the Mule Wit tavern over there! Ooh the market is that-a-way! The training grounds are back there, oh and of course the Royal Court's domain is in the castle! If you want to seek an audience with the Queen all you have to do is talk to one of the advisers walking around the city, you won't have a hard time spotting them, cause they're all brothers so they all look the same. Or, ooh, you could just ask Zejit!" She jerks her thumb at the male warrior standing behind her and he grunts in acknowledgment.

    "Okay, see ya!" Tenebrae bids her farewell and flies off to resume her training. Zejit goes to lean against a nearby wall and shoos away Zita who still hasn't stopped staring at the fish woman. The female warrior leaves with a dejected sign, and Zejit turns to the group. "Zo d'ya want t' zee the Queen?" he asks.
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  18. Once Old.

    Now Reborn.
    Philippos SteinarPhilippos was slightly grumpy, here they were in a unknown castle surrounded by seemingly dangerous individuals. At least they seem to be friendly at the moment. He wanted to relax and think about this, but he worried about how they would pay for these things, they didn't have any money or any currency this castle would use. He also wanted to try and keep these people he came here with safe, and the best way for that would be to seek a audience with the queen. He wondered what the best course of action he could do if they were granted a audience. Maybe they could say they are diplomats from another far away nation, or act like nobility and their entourage to try and gain a equal footing, or they could prostrate themselves and newcomers to this very strange land and beg for help. He would need to ask the others about what they wanted to do, away from prying ears would be for the best also.

    Philippos bowed regally to Zejit. "It would be a pleasure to see the queen. Would you take the time and ask the Queen if she would have us as guests?" He asked as proudly as possible. He turned away from the guards to address the general group of people who had fallen into the sinkhole. "I think it would be for the best to split up, one group goes to the tavern, one to the Market, and the last will go see the Queen. We will then meet up later and discuss what we all found." He pitched his idea to the group, this way they could cover the most ground the fastest. The more they knew of this place the better chance they had to survive. He waited to see what their answers will be.

    ¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨
    ¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨
    ¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨
    ¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨¨°o.O O.o°¨

    People Take Things For Granted-

    A Body Is One Of Them.
    Jonathan GreeneJonathan had stopped lamenting his fate and already started to adjust to this new way of living. He marveled at the great castle, the amazing architecture and the amazing smells he could sense even this far from the market. If he was still human and sensed all of this he would have been overwhelmed, but somehow he could stand and sort through all the information. He was nervous about the gate slamming shut behind them, but his group was made up of some very powerful beings he just hoped that fighting didn't start.

    He listened to the Centaur, who he guess, was arrogantly start to think he was the leader. He was reluctant to want to split up in a maybe hostile castle, but he also noticed the upside to the proposed plan. So he decided he would go along with it. But were did he want to explore first, he would probably be the best at scouting so he might have to put the group before his own wants. "I will join the group that will go to the Bazaar, I might be the most useful their." He lied just wanting to see the market first hand.
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  19. [​IMG]

    Jaxon didn't like the way the pixie lady spoke to the group, she was a bit rude. That was coming from a guy who threw drinks on geeks and nerds out of boredom. He was on his guard when he saw the two brutes come up beside the pixie, he didn't know what was going on but he wasn't going to back down to anyone or anything. He watched as the two brutes spoke to one another... their words were so weird and jumbled up, he couldn't understand anything that the two said, except at the end. They wanted to eat the mermaid lady... or just look at her? He shook his head, his lion's mane flopping around. Jaxon folded his arms. So they were all in a place called Noval. He had no clue what or where that was, great! Nothing really sparked his interest until the pixie, Tenebrae spoked of a Queen. He looked at her closer, listening to every word she said. The man called, Zejit asked them did they want to see the Queen. The centaur took the lead on this, Jaxon agreed with the creature... man. "I will go see the Queen with you. Maybe she can help us figure out just why the hell we are here." His sword was still in his hand, he wasn't going to put it away, until he felt safe. He wondered what the other's will pick, hopefully not everyone wanted to go straight to the Queen... they might find more things elsewhere.

    Location: The Castle
    Mood: Defensive

    Interaction(s): @Wonderful Thing @Zacharia Finch (Zejit, Philippos Steinar)
    @Wonderful Thing @kimsim12 @Zacharia Finch (Tenebrae, Zejit, Anna Grace Gilmore, Philippos Steinar)


    Everything has happened so fast for Hanji, first he fell into a hole, then he turned into some magical being, now he was in some foreign castle. Hanji twirled around, looking at the magnificent artwork and beauty of the place. "Wow, this place is beautiful." He grinned, his now white and long hair falling around his face. Maybe this place wouldn't be so bad. Hanji thought to quick, because next thing he saw was a pixie and some beasts with her. The pixie was cute, but her guards... they were scary. Hanji floated backwards, glad to see that the Lion Man and the Centaur were taking the lead. He looked over to where harpy girl was. "I'll protect you... I know that you're probably super scared. Just stand next to me." Hanji listened to the pixie speak of a Queen. This place had a freaking Queen! Hanji had to fight the urge of jumping around and screaming like a little girl. He had always dreamed up Kings and Queens, this place was amazing. Hanji was thinking of where he should go first. Hanji then turned to the harpy girl. "Do you want to go to the market with me? I still haven't gotten your name... sorry." Hanji looked around for his friend Scotty. "Scotty, do you want to come with me to the market too?" He hoped so.

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    As childish as it sounded, Angelina did not like being told what to do, even if it was her friend who was doing the telling. So the entire time that, Phillip, the groups 'self proclaimed' leader was giving orders, Angelina was getting annoyed. She was a democrat, so she believed in voting and consultations, not blatant orders, this wasn't the military for God's sak--"SIR. YES SIR!" A tiny voice screamed next to her, and Angelina turned to the group's pixie like creature with the four arms, and red skin, saluting in the air. It would be comical if not for the situation. Angelina rolled her eyes and went to stand next to the lion man, and Phillip. "I'll go to see the Queen too." She stated.
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    Naomi was so excited, but she didn't know what she should do first. On one hand, she kind of really wanted to go to the tavern, but on the other hand she didn't know if she'd get in trouble because she was underage! And then on another hand she wanted to meet the Queen, but on the other hand, what if she messed up and said something she shouldn't? So in the end, Naomi decided to go to the market with the angel guy and the fox guy. She flew over to them and smiled her biggest smile, before sticking out a hand for a shake and then realizing that was probably really dumb because no one was small enough to give her a handshake. Except maybe Tenebrae, but she was gone.
    "I'm Naomi, and if it's cool with you guys, we should go to the market together!" She suggested, her antennae twitching with unspent excitement. She noticed that the ball of light was coming too and she felt a little better about being tiny, cause at least she had a body. Oh my gosh, Naomi that's such a mean thing to think! She chastised herself. And in an attempt to redeem herself, she turned to the ball of light and once again, stuck out her hand but pulled it back, when she realized that duh, he had no arms. "I'm Naomi, nice to meet dude!" She said, although if she had known who he was, she would have been saluting till the sun went down.
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    Candace didn't really know what was going on, but as soon as those guards popped up, she knew she wasn't in Heaven. Heaven didn't have creepy, scantily clad animal things! Heaven was supposed to be guarded only by angels and St. Peter! Where was St. Peter??? So it was clear that the 'angel' she was clinging to, wasn't in fact an angel, impostor. A heretic. A heathen. A--"I'm Candace, we should totally stick together and be friends, nice to meet you Scotty." Well in her defense...Nobody wanted to be alone in a strange land. But once she got her footing, she would definitely beg forgiveness from God for following a false idol.

    Taking a deep breath, Candace stopped cowering and stood to her full height, which was actually pretty damn tall. She kind of liked it...She'd never been this tall before, and it was nice to be able to look down on people with wearing heels. As she got a better 'feel' of her new body, Candace spread her wing-arms, and a thought flew into her mind. Could she...Fly? She hadn't done anything but whimper and hide behind the angel--Hanji. She wanted to test out her abilities! A sudden surge of courage enveloped her, and she let out a small squeal. "On second thought--I-I'm going to the training grounds!" She announced before running off in the direction that Tenebrae had highlighted.

    Perhaps if Candace hadn't been so absorbed in her own nerves, she would have heard Phillip delegate the groups, unfortunately, while he had been speaking her mind had been racing a hundred miles per minute, with no room for interruptions.
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