Singularity: In The Dark

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    The soft pitter patter of the earlier rain was a distant memory as Desmond Miles lay on the edge of the second story building at night. It was pitch black out, only illuminated by the yellow glow of the streetlamps, the colors seeming to flicker uneasily as the largest downpour Starling City had seen all year did its best to wipe clean all the secrets and lies that threatened to overwhelm the city.

    The rain tried to wash away the stain with water, and below him, as the vigilante stalked through the night, Lisa Castle tried to wash away the stain with blood. That's not what she would have told you of course, she would have told you that she just hated the criminals and wanted them dead, but Desmond didn't know the difference at this point. He didn't know that the scarred, beautiful woman down below him would go on to be his friend, even though he hoped she would become his partner.

    But enough of that. Desmond was steeling himself for the coming fight, knowing there was only one way to get her to take him seriously in the shortest amount of time possible.

    Castle was a soldier, and there was something a soldier respected above all else. At least that was the theory that he'd worked up on the desperate trip from Assassin patrolled territory to the relative no man's land of Starling City, made that way a few years prior thanks to the rise of the Starling City Archer.

    Knowing the nerves in his stomach weren't going to go away any time soon and realizing his window of opportunity was closing, Desmond rose from his lying position to a crouch, surveying the speed and direction at which she was traveling. Between his three days worth of scraggly stubble and his dark gray/almost black hoodie, he knew he looked less like the Assassin he'd once been and more like the homeless man that he technically was ever since…. Focus on the mission Desmond.

    When he was sure his angle of descent would permanently hurt her, he leapt down onto her, the same way his the two Assassin ancestors he inherited his skills from had done a million times. The key difference here was that he kept his hidden blade purposefully retracted, he wanted to make a point, not eviscerate her. They crumpled to the ground together, her taking most of the force of his impact. Seizing advantage of her stunned state, he tore her M16 out of her grip and hurled it down the alleyway where it clattered in front of a dumpster. Then, pressing his luck he reached down into her holster and pulled her Desert Eagle from her belt, tossing it away. He didn't even look to see where it landed as he got to his feet and backed away, hands held up in a ready combat stance, trying not to betray the feeling that this hardened killer was going to kill him for what he'd just done.

    “Lisa Castle. We really need to talk.”

    The rain slid down his face, collecting at the small of his neck as he stood there waiting for her reply. He hadn't wanted to do this, but there wasn't any choice, and he'd known it from the moment the Assassins had turned on him.

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  2. In the blink of an eye, Lisa felt the full weight of a grown man force her to the ground, and was stripped of her guns. Though dazed, she'd taken far worse injuries and had been about to lash out at whoever was on top of her. Desmond did all the heavy lifting for her, though; he just... got off. Didn't press the attack. Didn't finish her off. Just talked. The vigilante stood with a gutteral growl, though she didn't quite go for her knife yet. In a hunched over fighting stance, she had an almost primal look about her. The attack had clearly not been the way to go to get her attention; she looked like a cornered animal. In a flash, the vigilante drew the seven inch Ka-bar knife from her waist and dashed forward. Her wild eyes said it all, but what she said aloud just reaffirmed this. "Then you should have led with the talking!"

    Oh boy. ​
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  3. Desmond flexed a muscle on his left arm, not to be attractive, but extend the hidden blade that had become something of a permanent fixture on his arm in the past few years. When the blade extended, he did the only smart thing when dealing with a psychopathic woman with a knife and an expression like a corned animal.

    He ran.

    He darted towards the dumpster that he had thrown the gun towards and leaped up, kicking off the wall and smoothly rolling onto the top it, coming around to a crouch and holding the blade protectively in front of him as he attempted to appeal to her reason.

    "Would you have listened if I had?"


  4. Lisa paused, and angry grimace spreading over her features. She did slow down, though. This wasn't the way someone out to kill her would act, and she wasn't the kind to just blindly kill someone out of anger. She watched him quietly, knife still raised. When she did talk, there was a quivering rage to her voice. "Probably. Depends on what you had to say."​

  5. Desmond smirked, his pulse was pounding and adrenaline was pouring into his blood, so he was only half responsible for what he was about to say.

    "The world may never know what I was going to say."

    Then realizing that the crazy knife lady was very likely going to try and kill him again he continued on, even raising his hands and retracting his hidden blade in a show of peace.

    "Look. It's a long story that'd I'd be real happy to explain over a nice cup of coffee now that I have your attention. But, in short, I need your help."

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  6. That was the wrong answer. She tensed as she readied herself to throw her knife... and then he fixed it. She slowly sheathed it. "... With what? And why should I help you? You can't just expect me to come with you."

    This guy seemed like an asshole.​
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  7. Desmond had been wrestling with the right line to get her attention, a hook if you will. That's why he'd settled on surprising her, just so she couldn't ignore him. He weighed the options in his mind, not answering for a moment as they stared back and forth at each other. Aw screw it. He was going to go for it, and worst case scenario is they fought and she came out victorious and killed him.

    Not like he had a lot to lose at this point.

    "I'm being hunted by a secret society of assassins, and unless I have someone I can trust I'm not going to survive long enough to do anything about it."

    Yeeeeaaaahhh. She was totally going to believe that. Hopefully his fighting skills had bought him a tiny bit in credibility.


  8. Lisa frowned deeply at that. What the...? What was he on about? What was...? She was so confused. With a grimace, she spoke. "What?"​

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    "It's a long complicated story, but look at it this way. You know what you do? You keep the streets clean of criminal activity, right." Desmond took a chance and leapt down next to her. The playing ground between them had been leveled for the most part. While she was the far superior marksman he could probably beat her in a hand to hand fight. Still, he hoped it wasn't going to come to that. The point was to get a partner, not leave a corpse behind, or become one.

    "What if I told you there were people that had been doing the same thing for a long time, but on a global scale. And the people we take down are a lot more dangerous than drug dealers."​
  10. Lisa rocked back on her heels. What the fuck was this guy on? Yet, she was finding her interest piqued. She had spent nearly a year since killing the man responsible for the deaths of her family members just hunting down small-time drug dealers to fill a void that she was beginning to doubt would ever be truly filled (worse yet, she found it hard to care that it might not ever be filled). The idea of hitting some big guys was... more than a little tempting. She leaned forward slightly, accidentally betraying her rising interest. "What do you get out of this? How do I know you're not just as bad, and just using me to take down your competition?"​
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    Desmond was honestly taken aback. At all the ways that he had thought that this conversation might go, this was not one of them. "Uh..." He began promisingly. He shut up for a minute and thought about the answer. Damn it. He belonged in the field, not in the negotiating room.

    Then it hit him. "Well, if I was using you, don't you think I'd have planned it a little better? A nice jet to a private beach, as opposed to attack in the wet dark dressed like a vagrant?"


    "And what do I get out of this? Staying alive a little longer. They almost got me twice getting to Starling. I need someone watching my six." Yep. He'd just done it. Now he was literally taking the lines straight off the movies.

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