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    You are to PM me The CS for approval.
    This is not a combat RP. You will not all play gun running, armed to the teeth cyborgs. I am putting my foot down here and now.
    This is however a Character Heavy, Intrigue based RP.
    Have a lot of fun, be nice, befriend me and others and we'll all be raving about androids in no time.

    Singularity City, Formerly Chicago.​

    Singularity city was created as a UN led social experiment in a world that’s on the verge of a new world war. This super advanced metropolitan area was built to last. Started in 2025, this monster of a city is now a international hotbed for spies, Intelligence organizations, hackers, riggers, organized crime, scientists and regular old folks trying to make a living in the worlds most advanced city. Welcome to your home. Doesn't matter if you are a newly arrived defense contractor working for one of the Massive Corporations that pretty much own the upper levels, or a thug That's running with the Gangs on low and mid level. Or if you're a spy who spent far to much time in modern day Babylon. You are home. Welcome to SC kid, I hope you brought yourself a trench oat, because Chicago used to be rainy this time a year.

    Current Events and The City;
    The Singularity Project

    In midst of the political turmoil, With America once more on track after the hostilities settled down. UN came with a As well as a new, super efficient energy source. Spearheaded by Dr Joseph Gilhelm, a brilliant physicist who years easlier had deviced a small test reactor of his own in his native home of New Zealand. The main device was something what he called a “implosion core“ A self contained energy source that constantly fluxed between expanding and detracting, s essentially imploding itself creating massive amounts of energy whenever it exploded outwards. This, combined with the advancements in man and machine integration, led to new age. One that would See America rise from its darkest hours back to a financial powerhouse. The UN in the meanwhile, Established Singularity city on what was once Chicago.

    Chicago, having been the worst hit by the riots, was in dire straits. The city looked like a warzone, crime was rampart and its people lived in third world country conditions. The UN went in, suggesting rebuilding it as Singularity City. In turn, the UN would finance the reconstruction. This super advanced city, the most advanced in human history was a multi-trillion project, financed by many different countries with interest. Including countries that clearly just funneled money from China. It was a project trying to advance humanity, the largest social experiment in history. Based on studies conducted on the citizens who all were essentially test subjects in their own right, the discoveries and new technology developed on site has been made with neck breaking speed. To help police the massive project, the Un have a special internation police force trained nad situated in Singularity. The SCPD is much like a foreign legion in that it has people from all over the world. To make the allready superactive Melting pot worse, there is dozens of highly competetive Mega cooperations, vying for the patents that may change the future. The city itself is buil around the basis that higher is better. In fact, the entire city has become so massive and so large in height that Its sectioned in levels. The higher up, the less polluted, the less dirty it gets. But also the more controlled it gets. As such. on the lower levels, you are more likely to find the Triads, Mob Thugs and street gangs.

    The City of Singularity City is standing on the verge of a new breakthrough. Everyone can feel it, everyone is anticipating it. Exactly what it will consist of nobody knows. But what people do know is that there has been a large amount of gang violence on the lower levels. That Triads are more active then ever and that the Police are out in force. In the midst of this, our characters find themselves for different reasons, stuck in the middle of a Cold War about to go Hot.

    :Setting info:[/CENTER]

    There is one thing that's somewhat specific to this setting, its the way weapons and general technology works. It may be very, very advanced. But the clothing, the guns and such are thematicly tied to Noir alot. That means bioelectric, gas powered tommy guns, 45's and trench coats. However, you will also see modern elements of clothing incorperates. See it less like EVeryone is a old Pulp movie, and more Pulp Noir meets futuristic and modern themes.

    Technology (open)

    • Weaponry:
      Not a huge amount have changed. Projectile weapons are still king. The proppellants have vome more sophisticated however, certain bio electrical chemicals are used to propel the bullets at greater speed but with less recoil. Railguns have strict use only within the military on larger weapon platforms. A cousin to the Rail gun has seen civilian use however. The Gauss Rifle. Its not meant for rapid fire but weapons that use this pack quite the punch.

    • Since far back in history. Humans have used prosthetic. Cybernetics was never really so much a super news item as it was natural progression. In early 2000's ,we already have fully functioning finger prosthesis. The modern day era cybernetics are simply a far more sophisticated approach to the same. Capable of actually augmenting your strength, available in a number of styles and for different purposes it is no longer about replacing lost limbs. It's about breaking your limit trough the integration with machines. Due to the complex, often dangerous nature of something so powerful like a plasma torch finger or a hidden saw, all Cybernetics need to be properly certificated, monitored and done by special professionals working for the company that produces them. As It stands however, so called Riggers are making a killing on the black market. There is also a limit of a maximum 30% percent of your body being allowed to mechanic unless a special permit has been given to you. Criminals usually have their Cybernetic prosthetic dismantled and removed before put in jail.

    • When in 2020, the first AI to seemingly possessed “thought” came about in Geneve, the world changed rapidly. This new AI, dubbed Adam by its creators possessed a way of being able to treat the world around in terms more like that of a human then machine. It was able to piece together new stimuli, both visual and audible and come t1o is own conclusion way beyond its own basic programming. This marked the creation of the first ever Semi-Progressive A.I. The core of Adams AI was implemented into several different fields of robotics. Back then Adam and its spawns were still unsophisticated due to a lack of input. They would however continue to evolve with the help of advanced micro and nano technology. By the year of of 2030 the progressive AI started to show quirks. They were developing personalities. It wasn't long before scientists and authorities became concentrated. These confused, self aware machines would lash out on those that didn't match certain perimeters. Much like a human who defends itself against a perceived threat.

    Politics and the World Aka Cold War 2

    The World in 2045 (open)

    The Chinese Superpower.
    China and The Asian Mainland (open)

    Following a massive financial meltdown in 2017 and a “Asian Spring” much like the Arabian Spring of 2011, Bangladesh, Vietnam, North Korea and many other Asian states found themselves embroiled in civil wars. America, already wrecked with debts and facing a internal crisis due to the acts of highly organized rightwing militias and violent domestic terrorism had nothing it could contribute. So it was China, who neighbored most of the countries anyway, that took action. With official UN backing, Chinese troops spilled over the borders. And sure enough, there would be peace at the end of the bloody conflicts. But China now all but owned most of Asia in all but name. The regimes were nothing but puppets, the companies that build it up again and escaped with the benefits were all Chinese. The Chinese, already the biggest economical power and consummate now out weighed a weakened USA in the UN. The tides were now shifting. With so much of East Asia under the sway of China, and with the Chinese spearheading the African Rebuilding process, the worlds foremost Superpower was no longer the USA. It was China. But with great progress, comes higher demand. While China is more powerful then ever, it's government became less so. The iron grip of the worlds largest political party had lessened as a stronger middle class had emerged steadily the past decades. Money brings change.

    Of course, there were more then a few nations who felt the pressure from this. But no matter how much the UN pressured China, the country was a massive financial superpower. It was around this time the Chinese would officially begin to provide America hostile countries with arms. The Chinese influence, substantial in the poorer states of Africa, allowed China to wage a cold war on the US. East and West was no longer about the east European block vs the West world. It was now China vs USA. And the the battlefield consisted of stock markets, the virtual net, and the few countries not yet stripped bare of its resources.

    To this day, the cold war between the two shapes most of modern politics.
    Show Spoiler

    Japan and the Genesis of the Virtua Net.
    Japan have always been cutting edge. Japanese science was the first to fully capitalize on the sudden AI development. It was the Japanese who first created a fully working Combat Exoskeleton. In fact, a lot of modern science trends were spearheaded by Japanese inventors. But it was one creation that would become a defining aspect of the Japanese. It would also carry with it some dire consequences. The V-Net started as a natural development of the internet. A direct upload to somewhat clunky gear that let you browse a virtual space and communicate in a whole new manner. Unfortunately, it made the Japanese Hikomori situation worse. The shut ins became ever more isolated, now able to really live in their own world. People died of starvation, over stimulation and poor judgment in general. But the phenomena only grew, soon it was common around the world. Of course, the V-net would soon become a place for a whole new level of cyber crime. While the phenomena was growing, it wasn't after a great earthquake the Japanese really felt the brunt of it. Hackers from all over used the V-net in elaborate scams to steal the identities of Earthquake victims, they deliberately hacked and fried brain jacks of Relief workers and Hijacked AIs inside relief related machines. This sudden surge in attacks delayed the Tokyo Rebuilding project and cost the Japanese huge amounts of money. To this day, Japanese politicians blame China for the attacks. As a result, Ultra Nationalists rose to power and a new much more Militstic Regime took the reigns. Ironicly, Japans first Female Prime Minister, something that should be seen as triumph in a society long marred with patriatichal traditions, was Ultra Nationalist.

    Then there is the Yakuza. Long considered something of a unofficial social pillar in poorer Japanese communities, the organized crime that was so typically Japanse had a new opponent in the Ultra Nationalist Yuko Katami but a new business in the much coverted western and chinese imports that got banned when Yuko came into power.

    The European Meltdown.
    Europe (open)

    Following numerous financial crises within in the EU, tension began to cruelly rise between stronger, established Nations and those that were suffering. Nations like Greek were bankrupt, with riots and massive civil unrest as a result. Other, stronger countries like France had just barely kept itself from financially collapse. But with more and more countries no longer able to properly sustain its own budgets, the blame began shifting towards the EU as a whole. The domino that truthfully started it was when Britain withdrew from the EU, following BP's Bankruptcy and the uncovering of a large, widespread corruption withing the EU Parliment. Soon Sweden, Italy and Spain followed suit. The EU was in complete chaos.

    What came next was a series of conflicts that would forever change European history. On the eve of 2023, Italian Prime minister Anthonio Visceras was shot by a unknown assassin. One month later, a series of explosions sank a Italian destroyer. Four months later, North Italy Declared itself a separate entity by both popular Vote and parliamentary resignation.. Italy had long been a country divided in North and South, with North being very industrial heavy and blaming the countries problems on the poorer southern Italy. This Northern Italian League was heavily capitalistic and actually turned Norther Italy, now Pandona, to prosperous region.

    Scandinavia in turn benefited from the chaos just like it always does. Rather self sufficient the 4 countries would slowly integrate into one new, strong Nordic Republic. Britain, Germany, Spain and most of the major countries did in turn recover as the dust Settled, having had a history of strong economies.

    A country that was less fortunate were aforementioned South Italy. Weakened and far poorer then its wealthy northern brethren, the church became the only thing its people could turn to. The country became a strongly catholic state, one where the “New Christian Party” is the ruling party and strongly backed by the Sicilian Crime Syndicates.

    The Arabian Oil crisis and Two State Peace.
    The Middle East (open)

    With the oil reserves running out faster then ever before, the Arabian economical lifeline began to dry out and grow weaker. While at first, they can press prizes due to high demand of oil and low supply. But the new, alternative power sources begin for the first time in modern history, become big money. With turmoil still prevalent in many of its countries, the Arabian league needed to do something as tension rose. That something quite unexpectedly came from Iran. Not from the regime, but from the People, rising up and in what may have been the quickest revolt in modern Persian history, overthrew the government. It began with sudden defections within the military, spreading like wildfire after a leak regarding the government torturing its citizens for the enjoyment of their by then paranoid and deranged President. In less then a month, the entire regime had surrendered to revolution troops who had managed to not only take the presidential palace, but the entire inner council of Teheran. This sudden upheaval led not only to a change in tone for the surrounding countries. For the first time, Israel could no longer blame its arm race on Teheran. And a Israeli people tired of constant conflict had begun to stray away from the strong right, military focused government. A new era was about to dawn. Year 2020, 2 years after the Iranian Revolt. Two of the worlds most bitter enemies, the Palestinian and the Israeli states, both recognized by the UN, finally made peace. A historical moment. Albeit the future would hold other threats, Middle East was the most stable it had been in decades.

    Africa: Exploitation and Advancement.
    Africa (open)

    Africa remains a warzone in many places. Religion, cultures and other things factor in to make regions unstable,. But on a overall, the continent of africa has moved past a certein treshold. Less totalitarian and corrupt regimes are becoming more normal. Famine is finnaly being pushed back, and economy is on the upswing. Chinese influence is evident however, as the superpowers started infrastructure programs even in the early 2000's. Now, it has started to bear fruit as the African countries owe them a debt, a debt best paid with cheap export and trade alliances. With new medicine there is less disease, with less disease there is less deaths. And with new ways to clean, gather and even create water, parts of the Sahara is slowly being turned green.

    The Free South American Netzone
    Latin America (open)

    With Brazil becoming one of the worlds foremost economies, and the death of several old and decrepit leaders in other South American countries, change could be felt very strongly in the region. What was most intersting however, was the weakening of the Colombian and Chilean drug cartels. Cocaine, heroin and other old world drugs was not cutting it anymore. Cheap to make designer drugs that was safer and far stronger at the same time was flooding the market. From Asia and from small places in southern USA. In mexico, a massive undertaking to clear out the Zetas and the immense corruptiont that plagued the country for so long had started to pay off. Suddenly the Kartels lifelines were being cut off. Another thing that actually sounded the real alarms, the V-net. Net diving could give you any kick a drug could, and then some. And you could get it nearly free. The old drug market had died. Its killing blow: Virtual Drugs. But, as restrtictions grew on the V-net. A new kind of market appeared. The Free Netzone. A place of total web anarchy, hacking, illegal information trade and the new, “Virtual hooks” that to many replaced drugs. No restrictions. It was here old crooks had to settle, and Latin America became one of the foremost supplier of illegal net hubs.

    The North American Nightmare.

    America (open)
    The United states, Not so united any more. Following a downward spiral and a amounting financial Crisis, america his a new Depression. This immense economical failure brought markets to its knees all over the country, and there was a sudden, violent outcry. In the south, Militias blamed the government entirely. In the north, Citizens looked to the corporations and rich for their anger. Riots began to become more and more widespread as did armed skirmishes between well armed citizens and government officials. As a counter measure, The Federal government forces trough a ban and return program for all weapons short of hunting rifles aswell as nation wide revocation of many licenses. A act of desperation, It seemed a good thing in theory. But the already inflamed situation was now a festering wound and America stood on a brink of a humanitarian and military catastrophe. The town of Brookwills in Texas was the starting shot. The entire Town, at the brink of ruin due to lack of jobs and any income, actually attacks government officials. Similair events happen all over the state as a organization calling itself “ The Lone Stars Republican Army” begin to actively operate within smaller communities.

    It is soon labeled as a domestic terrorist group, But the phenomena spreads beyond Texas. Other militias join in a combined effort to toward Federals. Driven not so much by right Wing extremists as a overwhelming anger at the current situation, Americans fight each other on native soil. The militia grows in power, with Texas leading the charge. Defections begin to take place as Texans and other from the affected states join the Militia, providing a already well armed force with even more guns. For no less then 3 months, The American army has to deal with what is a popular uprising. Fighting them town to town, with only more disgruntled citizens joining the LSRA, talks are forced onto the table. Around 2017, a truce is formed. But America to day, remains strongly divided.

    The New Zealand experiment and the Australian Deadzone
    Australia and NZ (open)

    The two main countries of Oceania have become each others polar opposites. Were new Zeland became something of a forerunner to the Singularity Project, everything that could go wrong, went wrong for Australia. The smallest continental landmass, Australia has been suffering from a shrinking ozone layer. Wildfires break out with increasing intensity and frequency as time passed and it became clear that something had to be done. A leading scientist in enviromental research presented to the Australian government a revolutionary new project. The Oz' as locals called it, was something of a miracle project. The large scale, super powered monster or was built over the course of 9 years, in the middle of the Australian Badlands. Powered by two Implosion Core Reactors, the project seemed to be a success.

    It was only fitting, that mans attempt to fix their own mistakes, would end u in a complete disaster. On may 22nd, One of the reactors shut down. The reason why is still unknown today, all systems were showing green and no cracks had been reported. 50 minutes after it seized to work, it flared up again, imploding the entire facility, including its twin reactor. The chain reaction of the two cores imploding into one another alongside many dangerous material, including the pure Ozone, meant that disaster had struck. The Resulting event took with it a large chuck of the neighboring area and created the biggest man made crater to ever exist. At the core of said crater, Is the densest man made object ever made. The remains of the impact core is a 1 km by 1km big chunk of metals forcefully squashed and forced together. For around 58 miles around the core, the land is absolutely toxic with pollution.'

    New Zealand however, had a bit more luck with experimental technology. It was here the first prototype of the Implosion Core was created. It was also here the first large scale reactor was built. Incredibly clean energy, that would continue to provide most of the country with electricity. Next in line was the “New Zealand AI experiment”. By building up what was essentially a small society meant entirely for AI's, scientists observed as the AI's grew smarter, more adaptive and more mature. It was from this small scale project that the Singularity City Project would be born.

    Russia (open)

    East Europe and the Russian Collapse.

    While “Europe” had crisis in the west, east suffered from its own problems. The Russian machine was on shaky legs. The regime, long under pressure from populous groups, human rights activists and even far right movements had a hard time properly enforcing their rule. The death knell seemed to be a insignificant thing at first. Just another unjustified prison sentence of a human rights activist. The problem was the timing, as she had just received the nobel peace prize. The outrage from abroad as well as inside Russia at her life sentence for clearly falsified charges were enormous. And it became like petrol hitting fire. Rioters took to the streets, organizations began digging up prior cases of similar nature. But Russia is not a country unaccustomed to violence. And it has a history of quelling riots. And only two days after the riots started, prominent figures were arrested and anyone without a Russian passport was deported, It was a lock down.

    But this time, everyone knew Russia could not hold it. And then came the cracks. The opposition left parliament entirely. *Hardliners found themselves targets of organized, angry “freedom fighters.” The backlash grew, as nationalistic smaller parties in its far off regions like Tajikistan began calling for freedom once more. Soon enough, the parliament called martial law, but it was to late. The entire government machine was collapsing by then as defections plagued every part of the public services. And Russia, a country that encompasses a surprising amount of regions with rich local history and desire for statehood, began to crumble.

    When the dust settled there existed among others “Central Republic of Russia, where most of the old “true Russia” was concentrated. To the east there was the heavily Chinese backed “Peoples Federation of Russia.” To the north existed the “Siberian-Russian Republic. That while not overly populated, remained rather strong financially due to holding onto the last of the dwindling oil and ore rights.

    But while the old Russian machine crumbled and became a bunch of smaller states the east block was experiencing a great deal of commerce. The countries benefited greatly from trade with the new, Scandinavian Federation. And they also had new partners that were desperate for greater leniency in the now weakened Russian states. Out of this new sense of emergence came the idea of the Slavic Coalition. A supposed East European powerplay to fill in the void of the saber rattling former Russia. It was meant to be a superstate, a slavic EU. But as certein countries like Poland wanted nothing more then to simply stay afloat, other countries were eager and pushed for it. Unfortunatly, the western formerly of Russian state "Free Republic of Smolensk-Kursk" wanted nothing of it. The infighting that started between 'Russians' and "True Slavs" within each country would end up mirroring the bloody history of Ukraine decades ago.

    Factions (open)

    Companies (open)

    One will quickly realize that while Singularity City is supposed to be a international effort toward peace and progress, its also the battlefield for stock and shareholders and the mega corporations that helped fun the entire project.​

    Sasuki Secure Synergies: SSS
    Type: V-net provider and Security Firm
    TSS is a Japanese founded security firm currently overseeing 20 of the american V-Net installations, 89 percent of the Japanese, 30 percent of the Scandinavian V-Net. Pioneers in V-Net adaptation, the company was founded by Sasuki Tetsou. One of the first people to really bank on the V-Net trend, he has made countless billions as well as securing numerous prestigious defence contracts around the world. In many ways, SSS owns the v-net buisness.

    Virtua Rio:
    Type: V-Net entertainment company.
    Brazilian company that really have become its own worst enemy. The biggest V-net pleasure zone in the world was their creation. A virtual brothel if you will. Its not much of a surprise, seeing how prostitution in brazil IS legal to begin with. But the company established with the help of the free netzone one of the most lucrative sex empires and ”sleaze capitals” in the world. But they wanted to run legit, morally defensible businesses as well. This is where their big problem was. They were s oknown for their seedy business that trying to go legit was real nightmare. Only after 6 years have they now established what is the worlds largest V-NET movie chain. The word is that they are deeply connected with the various Brazilian and Bolivian mobs however.


    Zealand Energy and Ulitarian Systems.
    Singularity HQ: OLYMPIAN TOWERS
    Type: Electricity and technology
    The by far biggest company in the world when it comes to energy solutions. The inventors of the implosion core, ZEUS is a giant of a organizations now. They bankrolled every single singularity reactor installation out of their own pocket. They hold severe political sway in the American Congress and have many other governments supposedly on the payroll.

    Advanced Recognizance, Evaluation and Security
    PMC (Private Military Corp.)
    Sister Company of Z.E.U.S and its inhouse security, Ares boosts both weapon development and cutting edge security solutions and technology. Its one of the SCPD's international strike force's main contenders. Many times being accused for covering ZEUS tracks.

    Gangs and Syndicates (open)

    Every bigger city as a underbelly. And so, even humanities supposedly most advanced city has a impressive amount of professional societal parasites. The organized crime unit of SCPD estimates there to be atleast 7 of the worlds most notorious syndicates operating within city limits, not mention all the gangs, sub factions and crime rings.

    Kings Crew
    Name: Kings Crew
    Territory: Most of the Afro-American dominated areas in the middle levels.
    Leader: “King”
    Calling them a street gang would be like calling a tiger for a cat. The Kings Crew is Singularity Citys biggest distributes of hard drugs, illegal american arms, Illegal V-Hook keys and other contraband. King as the Jamaican born Josephina Kinglsey is called, is a woman of ambition. She came to Chicago long before the Singularity Rebuild. She rna the stretches from the age of 11 as a "corner boy" under some older, very rough and dangerous boys. When she was 15 she already had APB out on her head for murder. Then the riots happened. In the chaos, King managed to gather to her a small army of street girls, hustlers and other unwanted. They held entire neighborhoods together with a mix of violence, ingenuity and community. And when the people began to build higher and higher, King used the fact that police and UN soldiers turned a blind idea her more stable parts of town, t establish her base of operations. Now she runs a small empire, the King Krew being her foot soldiers.

    Territory: Small part of the south low levels.
    Leader: "Patriot Mishka"
    Russian Street gangs and Maffia from the old country were quick to carve out a small, but strong foot hold in he lower levels. They mainly do business with the Red Dragon Triads while warring for control over the drug trade on the lower levels with Kings Crew and The "Los Locos 22." The are small in scale, but run their business with ruthless efficiency. many of the top members are former Russian intelligence and special forces that fled during the Russian collapse.

    Los Locos 22:
    Leader: Unknown
    Territory: Part of the Latin dominated mid and sub levels. Every single junkyard and scrap pile.
    Hackers, Anarchists, Drug peddlers, Riggers. The Los Locos 22 are the single most chaotic entity in the city. A off shot from the Zeta cartel, the Los Locos were given their name by local immigrants who witnessed their drug fueled and often bloody raids into enemy gang territory. They are incredibly unpredictable, but seemingly unable to hold on to any larger territory. What is noticable is the vast network of hackers that inhabits it's ranks. Net based anarchists use the 22 as a sort of stagin areas for their more illegal operations, as the 22's will protect them as long as they get a small cut.

    Red Dragon Triads
    Leader: Hao Wei
    Territory: The Red Dragons are one of the two biggest Chinese syndicates in the world. The other, Bao Ming Triad, is less active in america, and instead deals more with the immidiete Chinese territories and its neigbours. The Red Dragons are active in Singularity, albeit their involvement is restricted. Being Chinese, they are a top priority for various Western Intel organizations that fear Chinese spies and operatives would use the Triads as a in to western territories.

    Intelligence Networks and International Organizations (open)

    Aside from the numerous secret police of every nation with enough money to fund one, there are a number of different secret organizations, intelligence networks and other shadow like operatives. Aswell as the more fringe groups and terrorist networks.

    Pro-Human League
    Leader; Charles Malborn
    Area of Expertice; Legal Sabotage and instigating violence towards Androids.
    Additional Info; Limited Political Influence.
    Every struggle has its purists and the Pro-Human League is a homegenized group of people who hate and dispise the direction towards man and machine integration. They consider AI a affront to humanity and all that is natural. Many of its founding members lost loved one to the emergent AI phenomena, and Charles Malborn was supposedly one of the people who worked on ADAM. He means to undo what he helped create, and his followers are not of the docile sort.

    White Slate
    (No player charachters. This faction is NPC's only)

    Leader: Unknown
    Area of Expertice; Assassinations.
    Additional Info; Wanted for Terrorism
    The White Slate are a supposedly Chinese based collective of Assassins for hire. The White slate has a calling card of a perfectly featureless, blank card left on their victims body. Among the Intelligence community they are almost a urban legend. Having sprung up During the Asian Spring, their victims supposedly include countless western diplomats, Chinese officials and most famously; The Taiwanese prime minister. What is known is that they likely number a total of 30 professional killers, each unique in his or her methods. One of these has actually been apprehended, and serves as the only hard evidence of their existence. He is currently jailed and at a unknown location.

    Anti-Sentience Task Force
    Leader: Operative General Michelle Myers.
    Area of Expertice; Counter-Espionage, Surveilence, Counter-Terrorism
    International Standing; Sanctioned (UN)
    A international taskforce that hunt down rogue A.I and those that involve themselves in illegal manufacture of these. Task Force Alpha has had their work cut out for them. The heavily armed agents often tumble with everthing from rampaging military platforms to organized crime utilizing AI and illegal body modifications. They are obviusly very active in Singularity City especially and have a close, albeit slight testy relationship with the SCPD.

    'Goon Squad'
    (Notice. NO official members can be PC's. Loose affiliation is allowed, such as freelancers taking jobs for them.)

    Leader; Former Brigand General Tomas Welt.
    Area of Expertice; Mercenary and Wet Work.
    International standing; Wanted for war crimes.
    Goon Squad got their name for a simple reason; They are a blunt, forcefull instrument of war. They are violent, immoral grunts and former soldiers from all over the world. Operationg generally in the warzones of Africa, South America and the unstable areas of East Asia and Europe, they boost a small standing army of their own mercenaries. They hire highly talented military personnel to highest bidder, regardless of who pays. Three times a Goon Squad has been active on American soil. Each time the blood shed has been considerable.

    Charachter Creation;

    Now, this rp isn't combat oriented, even though there is bound to be gunplay for those so inclined. Weapons are limited within the city, either aquired trough incredibly illegal sources or as service weapons for native operatives and agents. Robotics and cybernetics are very restricted aswell. Only 20 percent of bodymass may be modified legally unless special circumstances arise. Note, you CAN break these limits but that imminently puts you in a illegal situation.

    To help you guys a little on the way, I have implemented a system of traits. These will help me tailor the setting aswell around you all, and easier give you ingame information. This also limits the potential for ”Super Characters” that are automatically good at everything. You get to choose freely 4 plus 1 of your own making.

    AI charachters, A Android have 3 traits predetermined for them, that unique to them;


    • Weapon Cache (Illegal); You have a stash of illegal weaponry hidden somewhere within the city. If the authorities were to know, you'd be in trouble. On the other hand, not everyone can reach under their madras for a Heckler and Koch!

      Vehicle; You have your own personal, civilian vehicle of choosing.

      Old Money; For whatever reason, you have inherited a bunch of money and property.

      NPC Ranking Officer; You know someone rather high up within a network or organization of your choosing.

      NPC Fence; If there is profit to be made, you know just the guy who can buy your stuff or sell you illegal things.

      NPC Night Doctor; There are doctors for everything. You know one of the infamous, illegal ones. This NPC will let you heal and possibly implant cybernetics without nosy police interfering.

      Artifical Muscle (any body part. One trait per of body part (I one arm, one trait.); Part of your body has for one reason or another been switched with nanoweave and tubing, creating fully functional, artificial muscle. Its sturdier and constant, capable of withstanding and exerting far more then the average man. But incapable of actually improve trough training.

      Cybernetic eyes; Your eyes have been switched for highly functional cybernetics one. Giving your eyes a unnerving and to many people; soulless look. But on the upside, you can snap images, switch to infrared or ultraviolet vision.

      Memochip; Not everyone can keep tabs on everything, but you can. Memochips store raw data such as the infromation from your eyes, and paired with various cybernetics like Cybernetic Eyes or Brainjacks.

      Brainjack; You can slot yourself directly into machines, be it to get ah old of sensitive date or converse with a AI. Brainjacks are rather common in the IT sector, but risky. What comes in, might not leave.

      Internal Computer; Like a memochip, only it allows you to actually work over and disect the information, aswell as accessing computers and other things trough brainjacks.

    • Street Smart; For what ever reason, you know the beat of the street. You are inherently good at dealing with the city and its wiley ways.

      Wiz Kid; You are a expert when it comes to computers and IT in general. Hacking, software maintenence, you name it. Its all in the fingers.

      Tinkerer; Software was never your thing. You are more of master of all things hardware. Cybernetics, electric panels and grandmas automated vacumcleaner!

      Seducer; You have a way of just getting to people, leading them astray and getting them all sorts of off guard.

      Silver Tongue; Nobody talks like you do. Small Talk is a art form, flattery a weapon, truth a nuke. You should be gagged, for the sake of everything just in the world.

      Ice Cold; Even when under serious stress or in the most dire of situations, you manage to keep yourself calm and collected. Betraying no emotion what so ever.

      Reputation (Honorable); People trust you, believe in your sense of honor and doing the right thing.

      Reputation (Professional); People know you as the guy that gets the job done, doesn't involve himself unnecessarily and who carries out his task even if its in one hell of a moral grey area.

    • Military; Your character has trained withing a military organization, having gone trough weapon training and physical regimes.

      Martial Arts; You are practitioner of certain forms of martial arts, having the knowledge to apply in physical altercations.

      Operative; You have undergone traning with one of the many secret organizations or intelligence networks.

      Gun Nut; You may not be a military man, but you lived for guns most your life. You can pick them apart, identify them and utilize them.

      Thuggish; You are a thug, hardy and strong. Can handle yourself and soak punches with best of them. Your scowl will likely make a lesser man piss himself.

      Athlete; You are a physically gifted individual, capable of feats the normal average day people are not.

      Criminal Background; You have done a dirty deed or two, you know how to break and entry, how to best intimidate a poor civilian or how to handle fellow crooks.

    • Artificial Body; Androids are artificial beings, everything from their brain to their outer shell is all polymers and metal. They do not bleed to death, but they do not heal.

      Backup Memory; All androids have the capability to back up their data to preserve their personality and information, should something go terribly awry.

      Progressive Algorythm: Androids learn faster then humans, they are in turn a bit slower to put knowledge together in terms of understanding their surroundings. This is becouse emotions is new to most of them.



    Your username here acknowledges that I as GM has ultimate power over things should the need arise.
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  2. I can't wait until the character sheet is up. I already have a basic idea for my character and I'm eager to roleplay her as soon as possible!
  3. This is open-recruitment, ja? I can join if interested?
  4. I'll join, but school right now is entering crunch time. I might get maybe one or two posts out per week, until the week of the 22nd. I hope this doesn't create any issues.
  5. @Hibou It should pose no problem. As A Gm I kinda wait for people to post then push story at a pace I see fit for the players. AS this is "advanced" I am much more interested in seeing fleshed out posts where players take the setting in mind and make it their own. Speed posting is far less important in that regard for me personally. I think you'll be just fine.

    @Cancerframkall IT is indeed open recruitment.
  6. Interested, just waiting for a CS so I know what I need to write.

    No real idea on what sort of character I'll be pitching at the moment, just waiting for some inspiration to strike.
  7. I'd definitely be interested in making a character.
  8. Same here, just waiting on the character sheets.
  9. Annnnd Its up. A head up. I utilize traits as way to keep things a little easier on me as GM. I know people are tempted to make ultimate badassess or CEO's for massive companies. That's not quite what this about. I am gonna be adding a bunch of traits tommorow when I wake up aswell. DOn't worry. It won't limit your creations to hard. Its merely to keep everyone on the same level.
  10. Hey! I got a question. So, should we post the CS here and PM you, or just the latter?
  11. PM first, If approved, post here.

    I added a whole chunk of traits. Take a good look at them. :D
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  12. Name: Cromwell, Jackson Elliot
    Age: 43
    Sex: Male
    SCPD; Freelance
    Jackson Cromwell slipped the papers into a folder, paper-clipped it shut, and carefully places it into one of his filing cabinets. Case closed. It had certainly been interesting, albeit not the most challenging, but the pay could have been better. With a few paces he moves across the room to the corkboard dominating the wall to the left of his desk. Carefully and with delicate precision he removes photographs, pins, documents, and written notes until nothing is left but a map of the city. Jackson carefully places each pin back into a small wooden box, then takes all the photos and documents and drops them into the trashcan next to his desk.
    A rather thuggish man had come to him late one evening, his head and arms mottled with blood and bruises. He wore nothing but a pair of jeans and a muscle shirt. His torso was heavily tattooed. He said that he awoke beaten up in an alley with no possessions, and couldn't remember who he was or what had happened. He had no money, but Jackson sympathised for his difficult situation and agreed to help. The first step was to find his identity; so he went off to access the files of the SCPD.
    Jackson had once worked in the SCPD force, but had dropped out after a corruption scandal that he had been involved in. Misdirection from higher-ups led the squad to initiate a gang war, therefore allowing the green-light of a SWAT crackdown operation. Countless were arrested, including dozens of innocents. Jackson was disgusted by this misuse of authority and resigned, sacrificing his position and salary for moral high ground. Jackson became a PI with the hopes of taking down corruption as a freelance, but wound up doing small cases like finding runaway teens or tailing one's spouse to prove or disprove an affair.
    Once they had found the man's identity -- he was Gryff "Turkish" Harbinger, a London-born boxer -- they set about discovering what had happened. A week of daily investigations led to the discovery that Gryff, a proud man, had won a gang-run boxing match that was fixed to have him lose. He was beat up as a penalty, but when he went unconscious they took his belongings and dumped him in an alley. Gryff paid Jackson a few hundred from his bank account and they parted ways.
    Jackson ran over how long the money would cover food, bills, and gas as he withdrew the envelope from his waist pocket and hung his coat and hat up. Pacing back to his desk and tossing the envelope of money on its top, he sits down in his chair and turns to face the wastebasket. Cleaning up after a case was a hassle, what with having exclusively hard-copies of information, but Jackson figured it was a necessary evil. He didn't trust the V-Net; data could easily be stolen over the web, and every thing you did was tracked and left a 'digital footprint'. Your adversary, if skilled enough, could stay a step ahead of you. Here, with an almost-primitive separation from the Net, Jackson was impervious to the methods typically employed from hackers; and with no cybernetics, EMP pulses did little to hinder or disrupt Jackson's capability.
    He pulls a matchbox from his pants pocket and lights himself a cigarette. He stares at the flame for a second before dropping it into the wastebasket, leaning back and taking a drag as the photos and papers flare up and burn. The metal of the basket was already blackened with countless case-closures, and it would no doubt endure many more. Jackson looks at the cheque envelope on his desk and sighs. Tomorrow, he'd have to go to the bank and make a deposit manually. Sometimes, after all, separation from the net had its downsides.

    Left over from his more profitable days, Jackson has a junky VEHICLE.
    Thanks to a pal of his in the SCPD being promoted to the Chief of a precinct, Jackson now knows a RANKING OFFICER.
    Due to public knowledge of tough cases cracked during his time in the force, Jackson has developed a PROFESSIONAL REPUTATION.
    Having once worked for the SCPD, Jackson was rigorously trained in OPERATIVE methodology.
    Having held on to his old service revolver despite gun laws, Jackson is in possession of a SPECIALITY WEAPON.

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  13. Name:
    Irene Grace Terry




    Anti-Sentience Task Force

    Agent Terry winced as the doctor changed the bandage on her stomach, the gun shot still visibly ugly, but a lot better than how it was a few days prior. The pain, though, remained unbearable. Keep still, the doctor says. Easy for you to say, she groans. During her two years of service to the Anti-Sentience Task Force, this was the first time she had been gravely injured while in duty, and it was as traumatizing as people said. Also painful, extremely so.

    Irene was not an usual agent, heavily armed from toe to head. No, her job was a lot more stealth than crude brute force; she was a spy. And a good one. Her good looks and manipulation skills are what made her so unmatchable at this job, like her father. Let's keep real, no one would offer a random girl, who just happened to be a good actress, a job at an international organization of agents and spies. No, that does not happen. Irene was one of their first choices because her father, Agent Hank Terry, worked for them. Hank was one of their top agents, he would never left a job unfinished, even if it costs his life. Which did. With one talent less, the organization searched for possible substitutes, and who better than the own daughter of the great Hank Terry? So, since her teenage years, she has been trained to become a spy without even knowing. The guy who took care of her after her father's death, since she had no mother, was an agent, the maid was an agent, the gardener too; friends, lovers-- agents, all of them. And thus, without even knowing, Irene has been shaped (forced) into the person she's today.

    The woman shook in a shaky breath, focusing on the pain of the gun shot instead of her heart's. She hated when memories rushed in suddenly like that because she was never prepared for them, they would leave her frustrated, angry, confused, and miserable. Because all her life was a lie, a well built long timed lie. Why didn't she just leave the organization then? Well, the answer is pretty simple: it's because this lie is the truth she knows. To leave this life behind would means to leave herself behind, because this lie-truth is what shapes her, and without it, she's lost. Also because it's your father's only legacy, a voice whispers, the truth resounding in every word.

    Irene accepted the pain-killers from the doctor, who watched her with a mix of curiosity and apprehension. She'd have to stay low for at least three months, which meant: no missions, no distractions, no nothing. Just she, her mind, and the pain-killers, or just the pain, in case the memories are too troublesome. Maybe alcohol, alcohol was good.


    Vehicle: An old Harley Davidson in appearance, but with recently upgraded motor. A "gift" from a cybernetics dealer who's now under arrest.
    Seducer: Part of her personality that's deeply encouraged by her superiors.
    Silver Tongue: A blessing and a nightmare to those around her. Also deeply encouraged by her superiors, except when used against them.
    Ice Cold: An essential part for her job, since she is always under the risk of being found out.
    Operative: To become a spy, Irene was rigidly trained in Operative methodology.

    Signature: Greatwest
  14. I am not sure who got a memo about writing the backstory like something out a old pulp book, but I am goddamn delighted you all took that road for your charachters. SO far all the approved ones have been a sheer delight to read.
  15. Contemplating a character, however I shall require a day more as tonight I will be busy.
  16. Name: Ilya Volkov

    Age: 38

    Sex: Male

    Appearance (open)

    Faction: Independent

    Backstory: Ilya Volkov walked down the darkened streets. His coat was buttoned up as far as possible, hands stuck deep in empty pockets, all in an attempt to ward off the chilling morning cold. I strange sense of nostalgia had crept up on him in the middle of the night. A feeling that washed over him slowly, but steadily, finally plunging him head first into its dark waters. That was why he found himself at the corner of Then and Now.

    Mr Volkov hailed from Russia, a child born into a country never known as being gentle. If there wasn’t the harsh weather to contend with, life was wrought with men and women, even children, trying to claw their way to a better life. He never remembered it that way though. Life was hard, but it was never unkind to those that pulled their weight. Those that strived for better. Better was a very subjective term though. Better could mean fighting for the common good or joining relief corps. It could be helping those homeless who gathered at soup kitchens and the orphans huddled in their corners. Somehow he always missed seeing those. He wasn’t an orphan. He was gifted a mother and father. His father was a strong military man. One that tossed a ball every so often with the boy and taught him the building blocks of firearms. His mother was a housewife that remained true to Mother Russia, even after the riots started. It was not long before all military men were called to police the land.

    Ilya cringed at the memory of him asking where his “Otets” was one day, shortly after the worst of the riots had passed. His hand momentarily appeared just to disappear in a breast pocket. No matter how much civilization had advanced, nothing could beat a good smoke. The filter perched itself between his lips and a blue lighter flame ignited the cigarette.

    The remaining spouse soon felt overwhelmed. She still had no job, no remarkable skills and thus no income. She needed to feed a growing male and herself; she needed to survive the world too. It was this reason she jumped at the chance to send Ilya to this experiment that was Singularity City. A good friend was going and he promised her to get the boy there safely. To care for the boy once there.

    The trench coat wearing man inhaled deeply on the cigarette, blowing smoke up in the air after. A tap to the stem of the cigarette knocked the ash off as he looked at the raising bluish cloud. Seeing in it odd shapes that could have been the city when he first looked at it in wonder.

    Things never worked out entirely as planned though. The man had used some less than appropriate means to enter the city. He promised some men promises he couldn’t keep and tried to get out of the deals he made. It ended roughly for that man, but Ilya at least was spared. He was put in an orphanage. For the first time in his life, he was alone. The years flew by there. When he was finally kicked out, having reached adulthood. He struggled to find his feet. He was unable to find appropriate jobs. He was unable to get training without a penny to his name. That was how he found himself in his current profession.

    The cigarette was nearing the end of its life, now barely a stub. Ilya extinguished the little red light on the heel of his shoes. The slight smell of rubber invaded his nostrils. His hand found his pocket again and the he started to cross the street.

    It wasn’t an easy start, but it was still easier that finding legitimate work. He needed to intimidate a few people, which was difficult at first. He had to make some loans on financing, which in turn caused its own problems. Nevertheless he succeeded with hard work. He now had some regular suppliers as well as buyers. He knew what to do and when to do it. He still worked alone, but his business was growing nonetheless.

    ‘I wonder if there is a thing as fate,’ the thought flitted through his mind as the lamplight at the corner of Now and Then flickered and died.

    • NPC Fence - Simon, as the seedy little man called himself, made Ilya’s acquaintance one dark morning. Chief among his suppliers, and definitely the most trusted, was a provider of certain, less than legal, items and also takes the odd sale of more troublesome objects off of Ilya’s hands.

    • Street Smarts - The fact that he deals in mostly illicit items, made it a necessity for Ilya to learn all of the best hiding spots and also the quickest routes available. Where the right bars were and also where the right people were.

    • Gun Nut - The fact that he isn’t as tech savvy as all the other people in this modern world, forced Ilya to learn something a bit more hands on. Guns were the natural choice. He was taught the basics by his father and it allowed for expansion in his job and even offered a line of defence.

    • Criminal Background - Obviously no criminal is immune to the law. In his more naïve starting years, Mr Volkov ran into some cops and served his time for minor offences. The experience did him well.

    • Unremarkable - A trait he values very highly. The fact that he can disappear in a crowd or even pass by most folks without being noticed has saved his skin on more than one occasion.

    Signature: Cahill
  17. Been a while since I did cyberpunk and I am a moderate fan of Cyberpunk 2027. Lemme scrounge something together.
  18. I am really very excited about this.
  19. Still looking? This reminds me of an idea I've been tinkering with in my head, and I want in. One question: how do you feel about a character with more than two arms? Would be an illegal surgery of course.
  20. How would said character be able to even hide it? XD.
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