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Single Question Experiment

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by SlamifiedBuddafied, Nov 4, 2015.

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  1. I've been asking this question of people over the past few days and will continue having the question asked. Keep your answer short but detailed and to the point. As a convoluted answer will be of no use here.

    Question, "What do you see in a person who see's the worst in others?"
  2. Well, to answer the question honestly; while it can be a little grueling, a person like that still is indeed neccesary all in all... Since problems, and, well, bad qualities in general are easier to work with and well... Resolve when either you or someone else are distinctly aware of them.
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  3. I see a very unhappy person that hasn't yet gotten their own life under control, so all they can see are the crappy things in life. D:
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  4. Normally I tend to think of such people as being unsympathetic or not understanding of others. Personally, I tend to give people the benefit-of-the-doubt and assume they have good reasons for what they do -- so instead of thinking that people are jerks, I tend to think that they're just misguided or going about things the wrong way -- or maybe they're just having a bad day for whatever reason. So, when I see people continuously focus on the bad traits in others, I tend to think of them as either not understanding the extenuating circumstances that might be causing someone to act a certain way, or perhaps that they're just not sympathetic enough to care about said circumstances, instead assuming that other people must be awful for the things they do.

    Sorry, that was kind of long-winded, but I wasn't sure how to word that concisely and still make it clear what I actually meant. :/
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  5. I see someone tempered by the world and all of its atrocities.

    Just because they see the worst in another doesn't mean they deny or ignore the good. What they see is unfiltered by political correctness, color of skin, faces, and falsehoods. While others see a bright face and sweet words they see manipulation on the most basic level.

    I don't see a bad person nor a good person. They're just a person who's become tuned to seeing the worst in things.
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  6. I see someone who's pessimistic. They're being themselves, and that self happens to see the worst in others. I could judge whether that's interesting, good, bad, or even useless. I also could ask more questions such as "Why are you pessimistic?", but I am not going to because to me it doesn't matter.

    >>; Reading this thread while I was high was maybe or maybe not a good idea.
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  7. I'm amused. These, so far, are the exact same answers I've been receiving from others. Now, to point something out here, I've only asked a small question covering one small bit of a persons mind. In these answers so far, each person has only seen the worst in that person, without giving them a benefit of a doubt either. Ironic, no? Assumptions as well.

    @Windsong You hit the nail on the head, as a person who see's the worst in things doesn't ONLY see the worst in things. When asking such a question of others, they assume the worst immediatly without first considering whether or not that person still see's what is good.

    I'm not at all surprised by the responses so far and I do thank those who have been so quick to throw their two cents in. But more so, how quick we are to judge those who we assume are out to judge others.

    But of course, I'm being presumptuous aren't I?
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  8. I'm probably the most judgemental asshole on this site. All I did was write about myself because I'm having a shitty moment.
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  9. I see a skeleton in people like that.
    Come to think of it, I see a skeleton in most people.
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  10. A smart person.
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  11. [2]
    I was just about to point this out myself. XD

    Amusing how the people who claim to be the most positive are the same one's who are the quickest to demonize and highlight the worst in people. XD
  12. It's something we all contain, it's just a matter of knowing that we all do it. More so admitting we all can see the worst in people, but all also may see the best. We're all guilty, but it's a rare thing to see those who can admit they aren't the good guy.
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  13. ?? I wasn't being pessimistic or assuming the worst in anyone, though?? I said that I would think they're either unsympathetic or they just don't understand, which I can't exactly fault them for. It's not like I'm calling them stupid or anything -- it's a misunderstanding that anyone could make.

    It's not like I assumed they were pessimistic or cynical, which I'm sure is the obvious answer you were expecting.
  14. @Kaga-kun I apologize here, I somehow missed your post. -_- You can slap me later.
  15. MIIIIAAAAANNNNNN DX I had a perfect master piece, then @Windsong came and ninja'd it -.- so lets go to a "at heart" answer of mine.

    At heart, I see someone who's been majorly screwed and/or been exposed to far too much darkness.

    OR (What I Think is most people) Someone who have seen others get majorly screwed.
    And then they see the person/people who screwed the victim be protected by law/other people while the true victim is now forced into a miserable situation. Weather that be the victim painted as the bad guy, loosing everything they own/know/love/etc.
    Once one witnesses enough of these, the good in people hardly matters anymore as their good isn't being used to make things better, it's only being used to make excuses for evil they think should be tolerated to keep over all "peace"
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  16. I see a person. The question is insufficient in context to provide a sufficiently accurate answer. Life is too complicated, it depends entirely on what's going on and how they express it. If they just blindly hate everything all the time, then I'm with Diana: That is a very sad little man who has given up on the magic life brings. If they're humorous about it, and smart, and consistently provide reasoning beyond "just cuz' muh feelz lol", then that is an incredibly intelligent person with the woeful responsibility of seeing humanity's worst qualities on a regular basis. We need those people, they drive society forward by pointing out where it's wrong, even if society isn't ready to hear it.
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  17. ALSO, I was thinking about this thread while I was offline, and I noticed something interesting about all this:

    The reason why people are "seeing the worst" in the person who sees the worst in others is entirely because of the way the question was phrased. Like Brovo said, we don't know enough. More specifically, the only thing we know about this hypothetical person is that, like you said, they "see the worst in others". Therefore, this hypothetical starts off with us actually thinking that about a person -- so of course most of the answers will be negative, because it assumes that we're thinking negatively about them to begin with, as I would think that "always seeing the worst in others" would generally be considered a negative trait, and hard to not associate with pessimism.

    If this were a real person that we just so happened to encounter, it's possible that we wouldn't even describe them as "seeing the worst in others". There will surely be other character traits to pick up on -- it's possible that we might learn other things about them that might explain why they have such a worldview, or it's possible that we won't even see that in them at all -- we could be seeing other, more positive things. Therefore, even if this hypothetical person could fit the description of "seeing the worst in others", it's possible that many of us wouldn't see them that way.

    The way the question is phrased, though, we only know of a single, negative trait of this person. So, of course most answers will make it seem like we're assuming the worst about them -- because the only thing we know about them is negative. And, unlike in the case of a real person, with whom we can at least try to focus on other things if we want to be optimistic -- there is literally no other character trait to focus on, here. We're seeing the worst because the worst is all you've allowed us to see.

    Personally, my answer had more of a positive spin on it, but that's only because I prefer to give people the benefit-of-the-doubt and assume that there could be other reasons why they're acting a certain way. But, that got me thinking -- anything I could speculate about why this hypothetical person could be acting a certain way is all just wishful thinking on my part, which isn't too different from what I tend to do in reality, I suppose, but, at least then, I have a bit more background info on which to base some of those assumptions. Even if it's a complete stranger, I could still assume some things just based on the situation they're in. In your hypothetical, though, there's nothing to work off of, which is probably why I remember not being able to really think of any examples when I gave my initial answer. Point is, my answer still revolved around trying to justify what would normally be considered a negative behavior. That was still my starting point, and the only way I could possibly switch things into a positive light would be to make up possible explanations for them being that way.

    Heck, you didn't even say whether or not we know this person well or not. If it's someone we do know well, then we probably know a lot more about them, and it would certainly be possible to more easily see more positive traits, or at least understand their actions better. And if it's a complete stranger, then, how do we even know that they see things this way? Is that an assumption that we're basing off of them making one or two negative comments about other people? Either way, the only way we could even see this person as "seeing the worst in others" is if we're framing them in a negative light to begin with, which, yeah, would mean that we are also probably seeing the worst in them. It's no wonder that a lot of our answers reflect that sort of mentality, then -- since the scenario, as you described it, would assume that we're all focusing on the negative in this person to begin with.
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  18. Eh, even with this considered I say the question is valid as is.

    Reason being you're arguing this on the assumption that others will desire/want or care to know more about the person before making a decision.
    Which is ideal, however human beings are also very big on first impressions.

    There are people (many people in fact) who go on first impressions alone to judge a person, and become eternally locked in that mindset of the person because they'll keep writing their negative narrative of the person, and examine everything they do under said lens. So in a sense what the question is doing is evaluating not only if people will look at others negatively or not, but if others will go solely on first impressions or not.
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  19. You're three hours late. I didn't steal shit. You're just slow and wanted an excuse so you blamed me.

    This is the kind of shit I deal with at work daily. It's soul-cracking.
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  20. Yes, but, my point is, the hypothetical assumes that this is our first impression, when, in reality, it very well might not be.

    You're right that this little experiment does show that most people would stick to that first impression and not try to seek out more info, but, once again, the question is framed such that it controls what our first impression is to begin with.

    Even assuming this person is just a stranger that we don't know much about, who's to say that this is the first thing we think about them? There are a lot of other first impressions that we could get from them. Given the fact that the hypothetical gives us no other info, however, it's impossible to say what those other first impressions might be.

    I guess what I was trying to get at is -- this whole thing made it look like the OP was like "people tend to only see the worst in someone that only sees the worst about others, isn't that something?", and I was trying to point out that, no, this thread doesn't really prove that -- as the only reason we're seeing them in a negative light is because the OP framed them that way.

    You're right about the first impressions thing, though -- but, in that case, this whole thing really only goes to show how easily people will stick to first impressions, rather than a more general assessment about how people tend to see someone who "sees the worst in others".
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