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    They say things happen for a reason. Natural disasters, birth and death, even pregnancies and bad days are all things people claim are "events that are all part of life's plan". But, in the grand scheme of all things, where exactly does unwillingly becoming a father to an orphaned child?

    Months ago, a young man was heading out for a quick shopping trip when he saw a homeless woman in the streets. She begged him to assist her, claiming that since she was old, se most likely wouldn't live much longer and even the tiniest bit of kindness would be greatly appreciated. Normally he would've given her some pocket change, but something about her words touched him deeply. So, the young man gave her $50 and bought her a warm meal at a diner close to her street corner. She was overwhelmed with joy and claimed that he had provided a little bit of relief in her hard life. She then asked for the young man's name and promised him that one day, his greatest wish would come true. The young man didn't think too much of that last statement because his greatest wish was to become a father, but he had developed a rare disorder that the doctor's claimed would never allow him to have children. But still, he thanked the old woman and went along with his day, unaware of what he had just set in motion.

    About 9 months later, the young man heard a knock at his apartment door, followed by the resounding footsteps of shoes dashing down the hallway. When he opened the door, he discovered a little baby boy in a basket, resting contently. Attached to the basket, was a note:

    So now, this young man is stuck with the responsibility of raising a newborn child while dealing with other events in his life. People say things must happen for a reason... But how does magically becoming a father by having a witch grant a wish qualify as something inevitable?


    Hola, people!

    So, as you've read, the basic idea of this RP is that a young man has suddenly become the father of an orphaned child (his child, created by the powers of an old witch) and must raise the baby while dealing with his own life. It's kind of a comedy, with the young man struggling to be a father to his baby and keep up his current lifestyle, but with a sweeter side as the man and his child gradually become closer and form the kind of bond only a family could have.

    But, here's where you come in. Your character could be a co-worker, a resident of the apartment complex, a random person the man meets on the street, a single parent, one of the young man's long time friends, or even the paediatrician he takes his kid to, the possibilities are up to you! There's no set pairing for this, so we can go about it however we'd like.

    Although, if I may suggest a few ideas for people you could theoretically play, here's a list of characters we could run with:

    • His best friend (from childhood)

    • One of his neighbours/His landlord

    • His boss/a co-worker

    • A random girl he meets (ex. Meets her while she's jogging, bumps into her at the grocery store asking for directions to the diaper isle, at a bar, etc)

    • A friend of his friend (ex. The friend of his best friend's girlfriend)

    • A fellow single parent (met randomly in the streets/store or at a parenting class)

    • The older/younger/twin sister of his friend/best friend.

    • A doctor/nurse who works at the paediatrician's office

    **Note: any of these people listed could have children of their own if you wanted, but that's up to you.**

    We can do a lot of major plotting later, but I want the core idea to be something that jump-starts whatever pairing we're going to do.

    Anyways, post below if you're interested in this idea or shoot me a PM! I'm only accepting a few people (with different pairings, of course) for this RP so you'd better get on it if you want to try this!

    On a side note, here's a quick preview at the young man your character will be paired with :3

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