Single Drop of Blood

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  1. In this roleplay the vampires realize that their blood supply is growing very low. In order to survive they are each given one human and must make there humans blood last for at least a month. The prince is not happy about this at all and thinks that he we kill his prisoner on spot. How long will she survive in the prince's lair and more importantly... how long will he?
  2. Emily slowly started to awaken. As she moved her head throbbed uncontrollably. "Where am I?" She said aloud knowing no one could hear her. She was on a large bed and the room was dark. The only light she had was a candle that lit the night. Slowly she started to get up from the bed using her hands to guide her through the darkness. She bumped into many things along the way until she reached a door handle. She quickly gripped it turning it ever so slowly. As she started to turn it she realized it would only go so far, the door was locked from the inside? "What the hell is going on here?" She said as she stood by the door in darkness.

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  3. "Nothing," A low voice said close towards the edge of the room.

    The candle flickered showing a dark figure that was sitting in a chair. A toothy grin appeared the figures lips; the only thing visible in the light.

    "If you think you can run, you can't, so I wouldn't even both trying. You are probably wondering why you are here huh, well our blood supply is low so.." He took a deep breath and sighed. "Your blood has to last me a ridiculous..."

    The figure leaned back in his chair creating a quivering creaking noise. He said nothing more, waiting for the girls response.
  4. Emily looked through the darkness. She couldn't believe what was going on.

    "What you expect me to believe your a vampire or something? Come on, who put you up to all of this? Just give me my things so I can go home."

    She remembered carrying a purse with her money, Ipod with her headphones, and her journal that she always wrote in, plus her dance shoes. Emily was a very active girl and didn't have time for anyone's stupid jokes. She waited by the door for the person to get up and quickly grew impaitent. Grabbing a bobby pin out of her hair she turned around and began to pick the lock.

    "If you wont let me out then i'll just let myself out. I've picked many doors in my lifetime."
  5. In one swift move the figure was next to her, his large hand gripping her wrist tightly and almost painfully. He held back his urge to drive his fangs into Emily as he stood there stiffly.

    "You will not leave. This is no game." He hissed.

    You could now see the mans face as the light shown upon it. He had a strong jaw-line, dark eyes, and scruffy black hair that dangled against his forehead.
  6. Emily let out a slight yelp when the boy gripped her wrist. It wasn't enough to cause her pain but it was enough to frighten her. Quickly she looked up at him trying to concentrate on his eyes. When that failed she quickly looked down at the floor her eyes getting watery.

    "Please... I just want to go home."

    Emily didn't understand how or why he chose her but she knew she didn't want to hear his answer. All she kept thinking about was if she would ever see her family again. The silence in the room was driving her insane so with the little courage she did had she said,

    "Why on earth did you choose me? I mean out of all the people in the world."
  7. The prince wrinkled his nose and turned to the side.

    "My reasons should mean nothing to you." He said almost sourly. "Why does it matter anyway? If I were to tell you, It wouldn't change a thing, you're still my supplier of matter what my reasons are."
  8. Emily gave him a dark glare pulling her arm away from his grip.

    "If I am to be a "supplier" then I at least have a right to know why out of all the girls in the world I was chosen for the liked of you. I mean why would you take someone that people are going to go looking for? It would only make more since for you to take someone that's homeless and has no family that worries for them."

    She tried to keep her gaze on his eyes but the look on his face was either intimadating or his body was. She walked back to the bed confused, slightly scared, and annoyed all in one. Plus she was hungry. She knew he was going to have to feed her and thought to herself it would be a great way to escape.

    "I'm hungry." She said turning to look at him. Hoping her plan could work I mean it's not like he could read her mind or anything.
  9. The Prince nodded.
    "Well, What do you want? There isn't much I can get you but if you name something I'll try and get you something closely related to whatever it is."
    He leaned against the door, blocking it from view. He had a feeling she was going to try and escape. She should know by now that that wasn't going to work.
  10. Emily arched an eyebrow when he moved in front of the door giving a low sigh.

    "If you say your a vampire then you would be able to catch me if I tried to escape right? So if that's true why block the door from me? Why not just take me to the kitchen and let me look for myself?" It was true she was going to try and escape. Yet it was also true that he would be able to catch her. "Right?" She decided not to pounder it for much and simply walked by his side looking him deep in the eyes.

    "Well are we going to get something to eat. You can't let me starve, becase that could cause me to starve. If I starve I die and if I die then so do you." With that she folded her arms and waited for his reply.