Singing in the shower?

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Do you sing in the shower?

  1. Yes! Loud and proud!

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  2. Yes but quietly

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  3. I sing and dance! *wiggle wiggle*

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  4. No

    6 vote(s)
  5. No and you guys are weird

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  1. Spill it!
  2. I chose sing and dance, but I don't really sing, I mostly lip sync.
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  3. Yes, but it's rare. O___O Most of the time I am PLOTTING in the shower.
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  4. This sounds horribly evil. ;p

    Yes, yes, and more yes...

  5. I used to sing in the shower as a kid, but now I just daydream without uttering a word. I sing when I fix with the dishes though xD
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  6. I sing in the shower, in the grocery store, at the gas station when someone's playing a song I like. It embarrasses the hell out of my kids, but I do it anyway.
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  7. What @Nydanna said.

    Showers are so mainstream. I sing wherever I please.
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  8. Just in the shower? Pfft. I sing all day everyday. And dance around everywhere. Even on the street when I go for a cigarette. It's so much fun :D
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  9. If I'm in the shower, I'm either showering, <REDACTED>, or brainstorming. I don't really sing much at all.
  10. Iwaku: the Musical
  11. I didn't usually sing but uh... I used to rp in the shower. Now I plot things in the shower or use my mind in other ways.
  12. How the heck do you perform a minimum two-player activity in the shower?!
    Or do you just mean you plan posts? O.o
  13. I sing in the shower if I'm feeling like it. Most of the time that's a yes. I also sing at school though not very loudly because bitches decided to tell me I sound like an elephant.
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  14. Only when I feel strongly about something, like if I'm pissed at someone, feeling really loved at the time, feeling blue, etc. I'll totally sing my heart out because it's therapeutic, especially with the soothing hot water on my back.

    Otherwise, singing won't cross my mind too often. Shower time is a time when I like to be totally brain dead, doing nothing but cleansing while I enjoy the peace. I like performing song and dance while I cook and clean, though. :D
  15. Kind of?

    I don't really "sing", since most of the songs I listen to don't have words to sing to.
    But I do tend to catch myself repeating/acting out funny scene's, videos etc.
  16. No, but I do talk to myself. A lot. Often without even meaning to.
  17. Just be like "BITCHES CAN'T HANDLE MY SHIT" and run away to New York and write a musical about the horrific voice discrimination present in our high schools and become famous

    my ideas are best ideas

    Or just continue singing as loudly as you please and ignore them (#shakeitoff))
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  18. I sing in the shower almost all the time. If the song is a dancing/light show song, I'll catch myself dancing or practicing light show moves. So yeah.
  19. I sing a lot and dance rarely, but I also think up comebacks for arguments from the past >_>' Sometimes they come around to be useful later though, so all you shower argument planners are not crazy. I mean, just look at me as example :P
  20. I sing loud and proud in the shower! I also dance and mock fight stuff...I dunno I'm weird. Much to my dismay my bathroom walls are thin so my family hears every damn word, but never decided to tell me until about a month ago.
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