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    Alec Silvercrest::70::Demon

    He had become accustom to taking late walks at night. Late meaning midnight and on because to him it was when all the exciting stuff happened. Not that he would call a smallish dog almost getting run over exciting. Luckily the car that wasn't going to stop for that dog stopped for a grizzly bear which seemed ironic. He had managed to send the pup to his brother which was doing god knows what with his hoard of pets. The thought sent warmth through the man enough to let out a small whistle into the cold nights air. His breath looked like smoke in front of him which he always enjoyed despite the fact he didn't smoke.

    It was especially cold by the shoreline no matter how far it was. It was his choice to walk this path though and the salt air was rather nice for a change. He tugged his dark purple scarf around him more and moved it once over his mouth to keep his nose warm. The streets, besides the homeless here and there, were mostly empty and void of life. He supposed it being a school night in combination with the sun not being out made up for most of peoples nights. Looking over the edge of his scarf and out towards the waters he let out a sigh. If the waters weren't so cold he would have been tempted to actually try them out.

    His footsteps were soundless as he continued on. The bells in the distance chimed with the arrival of boats in the harbor leaving or arrivi- His thoughts were cut off when he saw a lump on the ground under a tree along the dew covered grass. Darkness covered it well though it was smaller than he was used to seeing with the homeless. Not so much clothes to keep it warm. Another dog perhaps? He paused in his walking; feeling tempted to go over and check but not wanted to be scolded by another angry homeless person for waking them up. Taking a chance, he walked over soundlessly, not allowing the grass to crunch under him. He would just take a peak and leave before whoever it was would wake up. If it was a dog he would just have to send another to his brother for the night, if it was a homeless person he would run like hell before they woke up.


    The whole room faded in and out of focus as he slowly woke up. Waking up, huh. He didn't remember it being so painful. His vision blurred in and out of sight and eventually everything when dark again. He didn't know how long had passed before he opened his eyes again but this time silence didn't great him but rather beeping and yelling. Strange faces moved above him in a blur, spinning and looking down at him before looking at each other. Sharp shiny object glinted off the light causing him to squint. Why was everything to bright? He needed to get up; where ever he was he needed too-. He felt himself being pushed back down and the voices grew louder and his body weakly complied before going back to sleep.

    He woke again, his head throbbing and one of his eyes was dark this time. His head still pan from one direction to the next, the room never steadying and never stopping. He closed his eyes and willed himself back to sleep where everyone was slow and peaceful. A shaking woke him before he could drift off again and he looked up towards a male face. Noises came from his mouth though he didn’t know what they were. Words but why couldn't he make them out, "I-" he began but no notice came from his mouth. His throat felt dry. Whoever the man was he didn't seem to see him. A moment later a syringe was held up against the light and his eyed went wide. He didn't know why or how but he attacked.

    When he woke again, he knew it was the last time. His body needed to move to run. Why he felt this impulse he hadn't a clue. Picking his arms up to rub his face he felt them catch on something. His wrists felt heavy and his head felt light, his body was a mess. Tilting his head down towards his hand he saw they were strapped to the bed. Bed? His grey eyes wandered around the room slowly, wondering where he was. Why was this room so bright when it was so dark outside? How he knew it was dark he had no idea. He glanced to the covered windows.
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    Sakura Okamari Age: 17 (Human)​

    Sakura walks in fixing her crooked hat and then looking at the clip board, "Hm... He still hasn't woken up aga- Ah!" She jumps as she looks in disbelief at the boy strapped to the bed, she puts her right hand on her heart and sighs in relief, "Thank goodness, sorry for screaming you startled me! I'm glad to see you're awake!" She smiles softly and walks to the side of his bed setting the clipboard on the silver metal table next to the doctor's computer, "Are in any pain at all? I'm sorry but we had to put you to sleep after your little attack towards Dr. Kiriko."

    She walks over to the bed and gently touches his forearm, checking the spot where they had drawn blood and studied it carefully, "It's almost healed? Weird..." She mutters she walks over to the metal table once more and scribbles down the data before taking a deep breath, she pulls a chair over to the side of his bed and sat down, "Before I tell you any other information I wanted to assure you that no one here wants to hurt you and that we only want to make you better, okay?" She gives and gentle smile looking into his eyes, "Do you remember anything that happened?"

    Michiko (Child of Beauty) Age: Unknown (Wolf)​
    Michiko flutters her eyes open and sits up stretching her arms silently, she drops her arms and opens her heavy eye lids and cringes at the pain from opening them, she closes her eyes and rubs them before trying again, After a moment to allow her eyes to adjust to the light she looks around a tad bit confused, She widens her eyes as she see's a boy standing above her, frightened she begins to scream before covering her mouth, "W-who are you?!" She squeals, she tries to stand but fails, falling back to her spot with a thump.

    "H-how did I..?" She looks around and doesn't recognize anything around her, Michiko chokes back the tears welling in her eyes, Attempting to stand up she started to get a little angry, She tries once more before giving up, She looks up at the boy and studies him carefully, he didn't seem like he intended any harm, "C-can you help me up?" She blushes and furrows her eyebrows suddenly embarrassed.​
  3. At the sound of the door opening his head snapped to it, ready to flee though he didn't know where, or how for that matter. He tested the restraints on his arms again but they didn't give, not even a little. The place smelled strange, beyond strange. Death and clean came to his mind though how the two could ever be stuck together he didn't know. The sound of the voice drifting into the room made him still. A female? His skin crawled when she jumped, feeling like he was out of place. He didn't know her why was she glad he was awake? How long had he been sleeping for? His pale eyes stayed on her, not daring to look away but not answering either.

    The closer she came to his bed the more he felt like moving away though held his ground. She didn't look bad though she couldn't be trusted either. Attack? His mind searched though he couldn't remember attacking anyone. Was that why he was being restrained? He glanced to his hands only to see brown under them. He didn't have to get close to know it was blood. Wrinkling his nose lightly he looked back to the girl only to find her closer, a lot closer. It was at her touch that he jumped and physically tried to move away from her now. She was warm yet her touch felt strange, wrong.

    He barely registered what she was saying but rather kept his gaze on her, wondering if she was going to explain things. Anything really would help. He felt... lost. He cringed at the sudden noise of the chair being dragged across the floor and shook his head. When it finally stopped he once again found the woman closer to him, at least she was seated this time. He relaxed at her words, though only slightly and nodded at her wanting her to know he understood, his mouth still felt dry. Make him better? What was wrong with him that he had to be in a place that smelled like death? "I-" his voice fell short and he managed to shake his head again. Physical responses were easier.

    The closer he got the more he was starting to realize this wasn't just an animal but a person and a young one... with dog ears. He felt internally freaked out. What was a kid doing out so late? What was he going to do with her; he couldn't take a kid anywhere safe at this time of night. Or did he take her to the pound? He paused in his tracks and looked around the small park. The waves in the distance were the only sound in the night along with the crickets. When did this girl get here and why was she alone? He rubbed his head at all the questions that arose though didn't move any closer, at least, not until he saw her moving.

    "Whoa, don't move too much," he advised, taking a few steps closer and reaching out to her. His hand came up short and he paused before he could touch her. Maybe he shouldn't touch her yet, just in case she got freaked out and screamed. Though he was only a foot away from her now he didn't reach for her again but rather watched. He cringed at her scream and looked around rather panicked, "No don't scream people will get the wrong idea," he held his hands out as if surrendering and took a couple steps back, "Sorry I won't get close, that was my bad," his steady gaze stayed on her before looking over her body, checking for wounds.

    At her attempt to get up he raised his eyebrows, concern passing his features, "I don't think-" he was cut off when she fell back though he fought the urge to try to help her up, "I'm your friendly neighborhood Alec," he offered a smile, trying to look reassuring. At her question he only looked confused, "I don't know I found you here," he closed his mouth as she attempted to stand again and failed. He watched silently until she looked to him, "Oh of course," walking towards her slowly he offered her a hand and helped her up, allowing her to lean on him if she had to, "How are you feeling? You okay?" he asked, this time being closer he looked over her again. It was then that he realized the ears on her head were real... as was the tail.
  4. She smiled at his nod, "Oh good! You can hear me!" Her frown quickly disappeared at his attempt to speak, It seemed as though it hurt, "Oh no- I'll get you some water!" She stands up and walks into the hallway, making her way towards the kitchen, a small smile on her face, It seems he's okay... At least he is physically! As she reaches the kitchen she grabs a glass and fills it with ice followed by the water.

    Sakura sets a straw in it before she carries the water back, as she enters the room once more she walks back to her previous spot, sitting down and holding the water up for him to drink, "This should help your voice and throat!" She smiles once more as she waited for him to sip it, As she held it she grabbed the clipboard and set it on her lap, reading it.

    She began to cringe as she read what they found him looking like and then flipped the page over to see a blank information sheet, "Hm..." She flipped the second page to come to her instructions, she furrowed her eyebrows and frowned, Another shot? But he's fine awake! Why does he need another shot?! She looked up at the boy and studied him carefully, Did he really attack? He seems almost harmless... there has to be a good reason...
    "S-sorry... I'm usually better at being calm..." She mutters as she leans against him weakly, How the hell did I get here? "M-my names Michiko," She gives a weak smile as her eyes started to get heavier again.

    She pushes through it and wakes up again, pushing herself up so she could stand on her own but fail as she she leans again on him, "Stop staring at them please, Yes, they are real." She sighs and smirks at him.

    "So Mr. Friendly Neighborhood Alec, Why are you out so late?" She starts to stand up on her own again and after a few struggling moments she could stand on her own, Why is standing and walking such a struggle?
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  5. Though her smiles and voice were calming he didn't know how to respond to them exactly. He watched as she sprang up out of her chair and walked to the door. It was only when he was alone again did he look down to the spot where she had touched. There was a small mark on his skin, hard to notice if she hadn't pointed it out. She said he had healed quickly? If that was the case then something must have hurt him. She also said he attacked someone... His head span with foggy thoughts that he couldn't piece together. At the sound of the door his head snapped to it again only to see she had returned. His eyes followed her until she sat down again.

    He eagerly drank the water that was given to him, finishing it within seconds only to cough and shake his head a moment later. He had drank to fast but his throat and mouth felt much better. He nodded in thanks to her before opening his eyes again and looking back to her. She had that thing in her hands again, whatever it was it seemed to be taking up her attention. Something important he guessed. Attempting to read what was on the paper he narrowed his eyes. It didn't help and he gave up quickly, "What does it say?" he asked, finding nothing wrong in his question. Maybe it was a story, he enjoyed those.

    Of course, the moment she looked up towards him he matched her gaze, "Why am I here?" he asked calmly before looking down to his arms, "When can I be untied?" he added looking back up towards her for answers. His right eye was still covered, with what he didn't know. He felt his head throbbing though once again came up blank as to why. he tugged on the restraints a little but once again gave up quickly and looked to her, "Who is Dr. Kiriko?" he had a lot more questions though she the time being those would do.

    "Usually I'm not very good at being calm so no worries," he said rather playfully, finding it difficult to look away from her ears. They looked real. Daringly he raised a hand to try to touch them though paused as she spoke again. With a glance down to her he saw she was looking at him and dropped his hand. Offering a smile he patted her back when he felt her lean on him, "A very nice name," he replied with a glance back to her ears. When he felt her move against him again he offered a hand out to her to stabilize her, "No need to rush things," he kept his steady blue gaze on her and caught her when she couldn't keep her balance.

    It was at her next remark that he looked away instantly, "I wasn't staring at them there was a bug on your head," he glanced back at her only to see her smirking at him and smiled back, "Alright, I was staring a little," he admitted though rose a brow at her question, "Why am I out so late? I could be asking you the same thing," he looked concerned for just a moment, "I enjoy exploring the neighborhood at night when everyone’s asleep," he once again helped her with what he could to stand, holding out his arm for support. Of course the more she stumbled the more he worried something might be wrong with her legs.

    "If you can't stand I could always carry you-" he trailed off, he didn't know where she came from, "Well... I suppose I could carry you home if you remember where it is," he was glad when she could finally stand though at the same time felt worried. Standing was one thing walking was going to be a whole different journey, "So now that you're on your own two feet mind telling me why you're all alone?" he took a step back down to give her space though was ready to go to her aid again if she needed him.
  6. She Smiled softly as his soothing voice filled the room, but after a moment she had realized what he had asked, "Nothing, just a whole bunch of orders and information the Doctor gave me," She smiles at him and puts the two papers back over the final sheet, setting it down once again on the metal table, She turns around and gives a warm smile, "We found you on the side of the road, You seemed to have taken a beating, you were holding a photo of some girl but it was too bloody and tattered to be able to identify her..." She sighs and licks her lips- she Hated giving bad news.

    "You can be untied after your eye is healed... or until we find a doctor or something that you won't attack and feel comfortable with- so far, 8 have failed and one has been attacked to the point where he too is now hospitalized..."She sighs and looks down at the blood stain, swallowing the lump in her throat she smiled at him, "But don't worry! He's fine! I-I probably shouldn't have told you all that..." She bites her lip and shrugs, "Too late now!" She laughs and fixes her hat once more, "Mr. Kiriko is the Doctor you- well you know..." She looked at the restraints and frowned, He doesn't seem so dangerous...

    Deep breaths- "I wish I could tell you the answers but I myself don't even know," She sighs and attempts to take a step- a very shaky leg until she tumbles forward, landing on her right knee she growled showing her teeth, "Why the fuck can't I do this?!" She screams beginning to be angry, She pushes herself up and balances, it was becoming easier at least. Her ears began to twitch in irritation as she continued attempting to walk, "All I know is that I'm missing something... I'm just not sure what..."

    She looks up at the moon, her eyes glistening, suddenly she wanted to cry but she quickly choked it back, She looked away and turned to the boy behind her giving him a weak smile, "I-I don't know where I am or where to go..." A tear escaped her eyes, it quickly began to slide down her cheek her smile disappearing into clenched teeth, "This is so stupid!" She growled, her anger got the best of her as she punched the nearby light post. Why is this so hard and why can't I remember anything?!
  7. Orders and information? Did that mean the doctor ran this place? If the man did it probably wasn't a good thing that he attacked him earlier. His head fell lightly as he tried to remember doing anything else besides waking up. His mind came up blank. It was at her voice that he looked up again with a rather curious expression, "You found me on a road?" he sounded baffled to say the least. That didn't sound right at all, much less the fact he was holding a picture of a girl. Wouldn't it be smarter to hold a weapon or something useful? He drifted off into though, wanting to remember anything but the only female he knew was the one in front of him, much less a doctor or someone else.

    He was about to open his mouth to argue that he felt fine though her next words shut him up very quickly. His eyes lowered and he looked to the floor. Eight people? What were eight people doing trying to- his thoughts got cut off. He didn't know what they were trying to do but it must have been something bad if he had attacked them and put on in the hospital. Her words reassured him though. His eyes would heal then. He felt glad more than anything. At her loud cheerful voice he nearly jumped though managed to hold himself back, "I wanted to know," he murmured reassuringly so the girl wouldn’t feel bad.

    At her explanation of the doctor he only nodded his head before looking towards the door, "Is that the only way in and out of here? How far up are we from the ground?" he didn't know why but he knew he was elevated. His eyes found hers again as more questions came to his head, "Do you know me?" he questioned, wondering why this girl was being so nice to him. He rather enjoyed the kindness but not enough to believe it, "How old are you?" that's when realization dawned on him, "How old am I?" he felt panicked almost as he tried to search for something through his head but couldn't find it, "What's my name?" he asked, realizing she had one and the doctor did but he didn't.

    He rose a brow at her answer, "You don't know? Really?" he found it hard to believe she just didn't know where she belonged or how she got here. Had something happened to her? She didn't look like she was just dumped here. He watched as she took a step forward and without meaning to held a breath. The moment she began to fall he move forward though stopped himself. Maybe he should let her try a few more times. He waited, only smiling as she cussed at herself though didn't comment. He learned from his brothers not to interfere in their anger. It was the hard way that taught him rather than the easy way.

    When she finally rose again he smiled lightly, "There you go," he murmured lightly in encouragement. He walked slowly alongside her before looking around them. No one was coming for her it seemed she was truly alone. Maybe he could take her somewhere where they could care for her. He certainly didn't know how to take care of anyone but himself really and smallish children but he doubted she would want to be treated like a child. His gaze when back to hers only to see her staring up at the moon and he sighed. It was as her choked back sob that he frowned lightly. He hoped she wasn't going to cry then people really would get the wrong idea.

    "No clue at all ay?" he asked with a small smile though didn't push the issue but only nodded. She probably didn't want to be bothered with stuff like this. It was when that first tear rolled down her cheek that he felt his heart drop, alright so maybe he should be trying to get to the bottom of to where exactly she was supposed to go. It was when she punched the light post that he moved forward to stop her, "Hey don't do that you might hurt yourself," cat ears or no cat ears she still could hurt herself from hitting something so hard. He moved in front of her but not in hitting range, "You got your walking skills back maybe you can get the red of your stuff back alright?" he said in hopes it would make her feel better.
  8. "I'm afraid so... You didn't look too good either, We almost thought you were a goner! Lucky we found you when we did!" She blushes lightly as he reassured her, with a smile beaming across her face she stood up again, stretching her arms, "Yes, that's the only way out and we're on the 58th floor, so don't try to escape okay? We wouldn't want you to get hurt again, now would we?" She giggles lightly under her breath and walked over to the counter, putting on her rubber gloves. After both of them were fully on she slid the metal case towards her, listening to him babble, she gave a small laugh.

    "I know you now, Your name is Lazarus," She smiles to herself and hooked up the air pump machine before walking over and sitting next to him in her usual chair, "Now, this won't hurt okay? It's just going to test some things that we need to know, I promise if it starts hurting, I'll take it off!" She straps it on his arm and begins pumping, "I'm 17 and you seem to be about 18." She smiles at him and then quickly looks back, after she's done she takes it off and walks back to the counter, recording the data, her attention is pulled to the shot she's supposed to give him so he'll sleep and bites her lip, Come on... He really doesn't need it! He's fine!

    Sakura turns around and gives him a half smile, "Please excuse me! I need to speak to the doctor," She bows and smiles as she walks out of the room, closing the door gently behind her, as she turns around she see's the doctor headed towards the room, "Good morning doctor Ashima, If you'll just give me a moment of your time, I'd really apprecia-" He sighs and smiles at his paper, talking quickly, "Good morning Sakura, you look very nice in your new uniform now! has my patient, you know, the dog boy tranqulized yet? We don't want a repeat of the last 8 times now do we?" He begins to laugh, Sakura begins to blush, "U-Uhm, about that... I decided it would be best if... Well, If we leave him awake! he seems completely harmless! I've spoken to him a whole bunch and-" His eyes widen, his jaw dropping, "Are you insane?! That kid will kill me!" She crosses her arms and rolls her eyes, "No he won't! He's harmless! I refuse to put him back to sleep just because your scared that someone completely harmless and confused will hurt you!"

    Michiko's knuckles began to bleed as she huffed air through her mouth, "And how long do you think that would take?" She snarls, "And where am I supposed to stay until it happens, if it even happens that is!" She scoffed, her ears twitching as she tapped her foot trying to calm herself down, She ran her fingers through her hair gently and took a few deep breaths, calming herself as much as possible. She turned around slipping her hands in her pockets, "Can you take me to the shelter please?" She frowned and looked around confused, Where the hell was she?

    She looked over and saw blood dripped on the ground, confused she looks at her hands and cringes, "Wow... I musta been really pissed off huh?" She looks up and begins to laugh lightly, suddenly feeling super calm, "I love night time, don't you?" She twirls around on the tip of her toes, she takes a deep breath as she stops and stares at the moon, her eyes gleaming, Why does the moon make me so... happy?
  9. He let out a small sigh at her perky tone. Lucky for him they found him? What was the point when he couldn't remember anything? What if he had family, or someone out there that cared for him? Would he even recognize them much less know who they were? He glanced at her when she told him how high up they were which seemed amazing all in its self. He never imagined being so high. The urge to look out the window grew inside him and he glanced once again to his restraints. He wouldn't be able to go anywhere or do anything with these things on. The fact that she even warned him about escaping seemed beyond strange to him. He didn't even know how to start trying to escape much less where to escape. He couldn't remember if he had a home before this, everything had a home so he probably did as well.

    His eyes went to her hands as he realized she had gotten up and did something. One look at the different color of her hands and he realized she had a sleeve over them... a glove. The word came to him out of nowhere and his body tensed. He hadn't a clue why but the sight of those things made him uneasy. Lazarus? The name didn't sound like his but it seemed like he wouldn't get many answer from this girl. Maybe there was somewhere else he could go that would give him more information, like his home or this picture he didn't remember holding, "That's a strange name how do you know it's mine?" he asked though felt a wave of fear go through him as she approached with that thing. His arm tensed up though how he knew it was supposed to go on his arm he didn't know. Looking around the room almost frantically he leaned away from her.

    Reluctantly she put it on him though her perky bubbly voice did nothing to calm his nerves. His eyes went to the device as it started to get tight around his arm the more she pumped. His eyes went to what she had in her hand. The urge to smack it away from her was strong though seeing as how was restrained he couldn't exactly do that. Somewhere deep inside of him he felt like letting out a growl. He didn't know where it came from but it was there and it only grew the more the device seemed to suffocate his arm. His jaw clenched at her words though he didn't comment, to focus on not attacking her to do anything else. He didn't want to hurt anymore people. It was when she finally took the contraption off that he relaxed though only slightly before she was out the door. Her words were fuzzy in his head, rage grew too strong and he finally closed his eyes willing himself to relax and stop the feral thoughts.

    "Months maybe years, possibly even a few days," he said, not wanting to sugar coat things with her. She seemed like a fluff ball of rage and he didn't know why he saw her like that. Maybe it was the ears and tale. She needed to know the truth though, "There are plenty of places you can stay that would help you remember, plenty of things you can do to train your mind. I can guarantee punching a pole and hurting yourself isn't one of those things let me tell you that right now," his tone was rather stern and he reminded himself of his brothers which made him groan and bring a hand to his head. Oh how he didn't want to be serious like them, he wanted to enjoy being stupid and funny for as long as he could. Dropping his hand he watched as she ran a hand through her pink hair and smiled lightly at how the blood on her knuckled streaked her hair. It would defiantly make her hair clump up later but he wouldn't comment until she did.

    His eyes found hers as she looked around them and he gave a small shrug, "That all depends. Are there shelters open this late? Do I take you to the pound or to the homeless shelter?" he said out loud with a small smile on his lips. His eyes went around them before landing on her, "As long as you're not some pervert I can take you back to my current residence for the night and in the morning we can check what's open," his rose a brow, "deal?" he asked only to see her looking at her hands, "Completely pissed off in fact your hair was ablaze with anger," he said over dramatically before she spoke again which baffled him. Her mood changes were strange but acceptable for the time being, "I enjoy the night very much despite the crazy woman behind me," he murmured with a glance to her before looking up at the night sky, "Very peaceful."
  10. The doctor clenches his teeth and gave a glare towards her, making Sakura shrink for a moment she then stood tall and gave a glare back, "Fine..." He mutters, "I'll do it myself then." Dr. Ashima begins to walk towards his room, Sakura frantically pushing him back to keep him away but failing, "Please! Doctor Ashima he's harmless!" She begins to push him back harder only to be thrown to the side falling on her knees, ignoring the scrapes on them she runs in the room after him. "Hello son, my name is Doctor Ashima, I ask that you cooperate with me." He puts the medicine in the shot with his back turned towards him so he wouldn't know what it was, Sakura runs over to him and shakes her head, holding his wrists looking deep in his eyes, "Don't do it... please!" She whispers.

    He pushes her aside again and smiles at him as he walks towards him, She knew he must be terrified, and that made her angry, she jumped in front of him and Doctor Ashima, "He doesn't need it!" she repeats with a stern voice, he clenches his teeth again before roughly grabbing her arm, "Either you do it or I do," She looks back at him and then to the doctor, "You'll have to get through me first." Doctor Ashima sighs and sets it down, "Fine, you'll be in charge of whatever happens then, just keep in mind if one more doctor gets attacked by that thing," He looks at him and then back to her, "That puts you on the line." She nods as he walks out, She quickly turns around and gives a weak smile, "Okay... Well, I'm sorry you had to see that..."
    She turns her head and gave a small glare before turning back and looking at her knuckles again, her ears began to twitch, "Yeah yeah, sometimes I just can't hold myself back I guess..." She looks at the moon again and began to get deep in her thoughts, Where am I from? Is there someone special that could be missing me? is there someone worried about me? she frowned and choked back the tears and smiled to convince him that she was just thinking about something happy... or more to convince herself.

    She turns towards him and raised an eyebrow, "Some kind of pervert? Come on there's nothing to be perverted about even if I was one," She smirked and stood up, looking at her legs she gave a confused look, It's so easy now... "You don't have to do that anyways, I mean clearly I stayed out here and survived for god knows how long so I'll just stay here again and figure it out from there, wouldn't wanna be too pervy or insane for you." She laughs at her own comment, Do i really seem insane? She looks at the pole and frowns Yeah, I probably do... She looks up at the sky and nod, "But your right, If there wasn't a crazy girl with you it would be quite peaceful huh?" She smiles at him before turning around and walking forward, curiosity blinding her.
  11. He didn't notice the sound of fighting outside his room though he did recognize the girl’s voice. It was when the door as pushed open that he jerked up slightly out of his spot on the bed and looked at the man. Son? Surely this man was not his father. He was sure he would remember his father. His eyes narrowed, maybe this was a trick? It was at the sight of the sharp needle that he felt his whole body tense. A snarl threatened to escape his mouth until the female got in the doctor’s way. He felt himself bristle even more at that, wondering if he was going to hurt her. She was a friend and his as far as he knew. He wouldn't let any hurt her. He felt helpless though as he tugged on the restraints, wanting to move in the way of the two. He didn't know why he felt so protective. Maybe because he knew no one else, no one else seemed to be as kind as her as far as he knew.

    When the doctor finally let go of her arms he relaxed only slightly, still feeling the tension in his limbs. It was when the man finally walked out of the room that a snarl finally escaped his lips. His teeth felt strange in his mouth now and it was difficult to close. Little did he know throughout the whole event he was slowly shifting. Now though as she looked at him he closed his mouth, hiding the sharp canines that poked at his gums. He waited till the pain went away before nodding to her. Now that they were alone he relaxed completely, "I do not like that man," his eyes ran down the girl’s body only to see her knees scraped. He bit back another growl and looked away from her, "take me out of my restraints," he ordered, not wanting to feel helpless like that again. What if the man had hurt her? He wouldn't have been able to do a thing.

    "Well as long as it's only sometimes," he eyed her carefully before looking back at the sky. It was at her choked sob that he looked at her again only to find tears in her eyes. She was smiling though which must have meant something. He frowned lightly, never liking the sight of tears no matter if they were good or bad, "You okay there?" he asked softly reaching out towards her and stroking her cheek softly. He caught a tear or two, hoping to dry them up as well as find out why she was crying. Her emotions hit him like a bus and he took in a sharp breath, "Someone is missing you and looking for you," now whether it was good or bad he didn't know, "I'll help you find that person alright? We'll find your family again and get you back to them but for now it's too late," he'd give it a day or two before someone started knocking on doors looking for her.

    At her lightened mood he smiled, "You never heard of those old men who disguise themselves as perverts?" he seemed amazed almost, "Shame, 'cause you look just like one," he said under his breath before tilting his head, "If you want to stay out here it's fine with me," he said, hoping she would be fine. His eyes went over her attire, "Might be a little cold but you can do it," he said reassuringly. He watched as she began to walk forward and let out a sigh. His home was the other way and he should probably be getting back now. He tended to be a late sleeper and eater, "I'm going to start heading back now but it was nice talking to you," he offered a small smile before turning on his heels and walking the opposite direction. He didn't know what just happened with the crazy girl but it was nice.
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  12. She shakes her head and touches his restraints, "I wish I could but I'm in trouble enough as it is," She laughs lightly and looks at her knees with a small frown, "I have to clean myself up real fast okay?" She stood up and walked over to the counter, crouching down she opened the cabinets and grabbed two band aids and the hydrogen peroxide, she stood up and took a cotton ball pouring some of it on the cotton balls and then closed the lid. She jumped up and sat on the counter, setting the bottle next to her. Sakura looked at her knees and took a deep breath before rubbing the cotton ball over the right knee's wound, wincing a tiny bit at the pain before doing the same with the left,after they were all cleaned up she grabbed the band aids and peeled the cover off, placing it over the wounds and smiled, "There we go! All done!" She hopped off the counter and put the band aids and the bottle back to it's original spot before closing the doors and throwing away the cotton balls and covers from the band aids before turning to him.

    "So... Tell me about yourself while I check out your eye!" She chimes as she walks over to his bedside, she starts to unwrap the bloody bandages until they were all off, she cringes at the look of it and writes down some notes before grabbing a new cotton square and bandages to wrap around it. She gently holds the cotton square over his eye and wraps the bandages over it to secure it into place, After she was done she threw away the bloody ones and grabbed a wet towel, cleaning up his face gently with a smile, after everything was finished she stood up and collected her things, "I really wish we could finish talking but I should probably get home, It's getting super late!" She checked her watch before slinging her bag over her shoulder, "I'm gonna lock the door so no one can come in and hurt you okay? Try and get some sleep..." She walks over to the lamp on the counter and flicked it on before turning off the light and walking to the door, locking it from the inside, she held it open for a moment longer and smiled at him, "Sweet dreams..."
    As she continues to walk she finds a comfortable place to rest and smiles, This seems like a great spot! She quickly rolls around and lays on the bench, resting on her back she stared at the moon, What a peculiar man... She smiled and closed her eyes before slowly drifting to sleep.

    ~Skip through her sleeping part~​

    She springs up as she feels a slight tug at her tail, she looks around slightly irritated to find the culprit to see a little girl holding it with a look of true curiosity across her face, "Is this real?" She asks, tugging it once more even harder this time, causing Michiko to whimper. She quickly snatches it out of her hands and lightly bats her head, "Yes it's real now scram!" The little girl laughs and pulls on her ears, "Are these real?" She whimpers again and pushes her back with another whimper, "Yes! I'm real, the tail's real and so are my ears! Everything's real now can you please leave me alone?" She sighs and lays back down closing her eyes and smiling as silence filled the air again before the sun suddenly gets blocked by a small shadow, she opens her eyes again to see the girl smiling at her, "Why are you sleeping on the bench? Don't you have a bed to sleep on at home?"

    She lets out an irritated huff of air before sitting up, "Don't you have a family to bug?" She growls slightly, but the girl just wouldn't leave her alone, "You have blood in hair you know..." The girl tugged on her hair receiving another bat from Michiko, "Will you stop tugging on me please?" The little girl nods and smiles, "What's your name?" Michiko looks over at the girl and raises and eyebrow, "Michiko, what's yours?" The little girl beamed a smile, her light blue eyes shining, "My name's Akiko!" She scoffs and looks around scanning the busy streets to see absolutely nothing that looked familiar, "Nice to meet you Akiko."

    The little girl smiled at her and tugged on her sweater lightly, "Can I keep you as a pet please?"
  13. His eyes went to her hand as she touched his restraints. Hope filled him, glad he would finally be free of these contraptions. It was at her laughter he felt himself want to move away from her. If she wasn't going to undo his restraints then he didn't know how to feel about her. She seemed like an ally though didn't act like one. He supposed she did get that nasty man and needle away from him. His eyes went to the door before going back to her, watching as she cleaned her knees. She said she was in trouble though the man from before didn't say she was. Maybe he had told her another way. He kept his thoughts to himself and watched as she bounced off the counter and walked back to him. He moved away from her, feeling betrayed almost that she wouldn't take his restraints off. He didn't want her to touch him.

    Those thoughts seemed to vanish the moment he felt her warm finger tips caress his head. Instinctively he leaned against her soothing touch and allowed her to undo the rest of the bandages that covered his eyes, "I have nothing to tell," he admitted finding nothing in his mind but images of her and that doctor from before. He shook his head lightly only to feel a throbbing when she finished removing the bandages. Though the cotton ball was removed from his eyes he still couldn't see. To test his fear he closed his other eyes and kept the one open. Darkness greeted him and he quickly opened both eyes again. He wasn't going to do that again. He didn't even notice her jotting down notes again until she put her clip board down. His head jerked towards the noise only for his head to fill with pain again.

    Closing both his eyes he let the darkness take him this time. He didn't enjoy this place or the pain he was getting here. He wanted to leave. To where? He had no idea. It was because of her gentleness that he almost fell asleep as she rewrapped his bandaged. Only when she spoke again did he open his eyes only to see her moving away from him. The smell of blood no longer coated his head and he relaxed lightly. His eyes followed her around the room, suddenly not wanted her to leave. Though he wouldn't voice his thoughts his eyes looked to her almost pleading. Suddenly with the flick of a switch from the light giving object it became dark. His senses went wild and he tugged on his restrained wildly, not liking the darkness or the fact he was going to be alone. He wasn't supposed to be alone he knew that much. It was at her last words that he looked up to see her face before it vanished and the room became completely dark.

    True be told, he probably could have woken up earlier but he rather enjoyed sleep. He arrived home about two in the morning that night and after a quick meal found his way to the shower. By the time he finally got to bed it was an hour later and no darker than it was when he stepped in through the door. He didn't have any alarms in the house and if he did he'd probably sleep right through them. The snoring from the large dog at the foot of his bed didn't bother him in the least. He slept through the rest of the night and well into morning, not feeling like getting up the slightest through all of it. It wasn't until around noon that he finally decided to get up, or rather the dog got hungry. His face was dripping with drool by the time he pushed himself out of bed to feed the animal. It was then that he decided it might be time to get up, or at least shower.

    With that thought it mind he took the same towel he used the night before and walked towards the bathroom. He would have just washed the drool off his face but there was no telling what else that animal did to him in his sleep.
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