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  1. I want to hear you guys sing. So do it. Just post yourself singing. c:

    I'll start, so no one has to feel nervous about being the first to post their voice!

    Something I just recorded.

    Oh, a couple places you can record your voice:
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  2. Your voice is so cute! =3
  3. N-no it's not. ///
  4. It is too. ;3 I would post something here, but I dun have Soundcloud or the proper equipment to capture such sound efficiently. >>'
  5. Vocaroo doesn't require an account! :D
    And many computers have a built in mic. I don't know if yours does or not, but if it's a laptop you probably have one.
  6. It does, but it's not made for that. lol e//e I have a headset.......
  7. Headsets work pretty well. c:
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  8. I'm afraid it's a bit spotty, though it may just be my internet connection, and it didn't pick my voice up well even with my headset, so you'll have to turn up the volume on your computer... but I gave it my best shot. >///<

    I apologize for my choice of music
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  9. That's really good. :D
    How did you get that effect to your voice btw?
    Hey don't apologize I like that song. I really like you singing it, too. x3 You have a good voice for it.
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  10. Thanks~
    I sang into Garageband (mac recording software) with a Live Performance filter, then uploaded the file.
  11. Ah, only because of the cursing. Some people mind it for some reason. And thank you. ^^
  12. Aaah I see. Thanks for letting me know. c:

    Oh. I didn't even think about that. xD
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  13. lets see if this works...

    bad quality as I recorded it in my phone first then recorded it on mic = crap D<

    Malfena's Song

    bonus points if you know what this is from :)
  14. outlaw star
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    (You guys get my avatar's voice because I am not drunk enough to kareoke at this juncture)
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  16. factoid

    hirano actually does sing

    ergo it takes more skill for her to sing poorly

    and now you know
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  17. I would, but I doubt you want to buy hearing aids and possibly new speakers for your computer as I would more than likely break them :p
  18. My god I love your voice! :3
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