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  1. Abel, who also went by the nickname 'Bel' had the voice of an angel, ever since he was very young-- and even more-- he looked like one. He was a very sweet and gentle child who always seemed to have a bright and pure smile on his face. Until one day that all changed. You see, Abel loved to sing, more so than he liked to talk, ever since he was very little he would sing in such a sweet voice that brought tears to the eyes of everyone who listened.

    One day, when Bel was still pretty young, he was on the playground. His foster parents had gone to attend to their other children a while back when _____ sees Bel... Or more accurately, hears Bel. Hears him singing in such a beautiful and soft voice that made his heart yearn for whoever had such an angelic voice, a true gift from God. Then _____ finds Bel, all a alone on a swing singing softly to himself and ______ instantly is entranced... Or more like obsessed.

    In an instant ______ knows what he wants... Abel. So ______ approaches Bel, coming off as completely harmless and friendly. And being an innocent and naive thirteen year old Bel still was, he continues to talk with ______ until ______ invites him to come with him to see his guitar he had in his car supposedly. Excited, Bel follows the stranger... The biggest mistake he had ever made in his life.

    Bel was taken by ______, kidnapped for 5 long and torturous years. ______, did awful and terrible things to Bel. Until one day Bel broke free of the chains that ______ put around him, and made a run for it. A few hours later, the police found him in a ditch in barely scraps of clothing with dirt, mud, blood, and scratches and bruises littering his skinny body.

    After that day of being found, Bel refused to talk or sing for two whole years. After those two years Bel decided to sing again, but he didn't talk-- he only sang and it stayed that way all the way up until now. The worst part though... Was ______ was still out there.

    Months later though, Bel had his big break-- a music producer found some of the videos of him singing online and he instantly snatched up Bel, signing him and Bel really began his music career-- though still continued to refuse to talk normally to anyone.

    A couple years later, Bel still just continuing to sing, he had made quite the name for himself. He was known pretty much worldwide for his beautiful and angelic voice and appearance. Fans desperate to hear him speak truly for the first time, though Bel still refused, even though he knew the whole experience with ______ was over... Or so he thought. At one concert, ______ makes a very shocking appearance.... And he's in the front row in front of the giant stage, so Bel could clearly see him.

    Frightened, though still silent and not speaking, Bel does not say anything. Even though every concert after that, he showed up... Until one day, Abel doesn't make an appearance at one of his concerts during his tour. ______ had finally cornered Bel in his trailer... And he plans on taking back what had run away from him all those years ago, and to never let go this time.

    He wants to make his precious angel sing for him only once again.



    1) I am looking for someone to play '____' as well as the seme/dominant position for this please!

    2) I'd like third person and descriptive rpers only. 2-4+ paragraphs please! I beg you no one liners! >~<

    3) Smut, violence, cussing, and noncon will happen! Please tell me if you have any triggers!

    4) I only rp in threads!

    5) Realistic or anime pictures are fine with me. ^.^

    6) Decent grammar and punctuation would be great! It does not have to be perfect, I just want to be able to read it! :)

    7) Most importantly is to have fun. Please tell me if you have any questions or ideas, I would love to hear them! ^.^
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  2. Still looking! c:
  3. Still looking! ^~^
  4. I have a few questions about this.. Pm?

    Actually no, never mind X.X
  5. I would be interested if you are still looking. I have a character that might fit well, although he is fairly new so would have a few kinks to work out.
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