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  1. SINDY


    "I've told you time and time again, Sindaria. This is exactly the boy we need for the job. I know that you have never traveled that far back before, but your body is the only one the Transporting Instant Molecular Exacter can work with. Your force field powers allow you to handle the heavy suppression from one time to another. We don't just want you to find this boy. We need you to find him, or the Last Tree will die out, then what would we have? Nothing but death and sadness! Drixia will fall! Do you want that?"

    "I just don't wanna go to stupid 2008! That time is max tura!"

    "Sindaria, don't talk to me like I'm one of your little girl friends. I don't care if 2008 is 'max tura' or not. We need Aiden Grant to help us keep the Last Tree up and you will go see him, is that understood?"



    "RRRR!" Sindaria threw her hands in the air and smacked them down on the side of her hips in anger, the usual gesture of frustration as she glared up at Elder Rogentan sitting behind his long, sleek desk of titanium and gold. His gray air was slicked back with Ultra-Gel to keep from falling in front of his eyes. It made him look unprofessional, but there was no way that he could possibly do that. he was the Elder, meaning that he handled all of the things involving the Life Tree. The stupid Life Tree! The reason Sindaria had to go to stupid 2008 and find that boy! Oh! It was max tura!

    Sindaria shot Elder Rogentan another glare which he dismissed with a wave went meant she was supposed to leave. She growled under her breath, pulling her body away from his gaze and stomping out of the Plat Office, hot pink hair swinging behind her. She was wearing her all white form fitted uniform, pink lines sliding around her hips, legs, and the sides of her arm. It matched the brillant pink of her hair and also her face. Her purple eyes lowered in anger and she continued her stomping, all the way outside to the large, orange world of Drixia. The first things she saw was the Last Tree, it's aura giving off a pleasant, melodious hum. Above it were the orange rinks which sapped the life from the Last Tree, feeding a nontoxic power in the air that ran all of the electronics and technology, in turn, getting sapped back into the Last tree to repeat the process.


    "This tree is max tura,"she mumbled, saying nothing as she walked over tot he building that held the T.I.M.E. Whether she liked it or not, she was going to 2008.

  2. [​IMG]Aiden was busy picking out a nice tux to wear at the prom. Everyone he knew was either buying a tux or they were buying a nice dress for prom. He had just purshed his and he was heading out to do every erand he could possibly do, I mean it wasn't every day you have a senior prom with once of the hottiest girls in school, who just happens to be your girlfriend. He went to the store ad bought the boque of flowers and then he headed home to put his tux in the closet.

    The prom was going to be amazing. He walked into the kitchen and then made something to eat, later he was planning on seeing his girlfriend and getting ready for prom. He headed back upstairs and then took a long shower and then did his hair, making sure everything looked nice before putting on the tux. It fitted perfectly and he was ready for prom. Checking the time on his phone he headed dowstairs and got in his car to get His girlfriend Alexus.

    Once in thr car he drove about fifteen minutes from his house to get to her's. Once out the car he adjusted himself and then knocked on the door ready to pick her up. The prom started in an hour and a half.
  3. The entrance to the T.I.M.E. pods was not crowded because today, everyone was in their beds taking naps or playing cyber games. Sindaria cursed herself for having powers and cursed Elder Rogentan for making her travel with the powers. Time traveling was not a bad thing, mind you. Some Drixians did it as a leisure thing, going back in time to see how the times fared and how different it was from 3496. Still, no one thought to travel as far back as 2008! The things they didn't have there made Sindaria shudder as she reached the main room with the T.I.M.E. pods. It was big enough to house about 40 people, a small silver sheen lining the wall to make way for anyone who may have passed through, though it was empty. The pods were lined much like eggs were back when they were sold by the dozen. They looked much like the egg of some sort of animal, only big enough to fit a human inside.

    "Well, Drixia. I'll be back with a stranger from the past," she muttered, opening the automatic door by pending down and pressing her lips on a pad. "Sindaria Tri-Secta." On cue, the door made a melodic tsssop! sound, and, after a light pressurized steam of air billowed from both sides, it swung upen from the bottom to the top, much like suicide doors. Back when those were in style, of course. The room was freezing byond comparison, but thanks to Sindaria's suit, her body temperature held put even as she made her way to a random pod. The number above it stayed a sold, red,
    454. She stared up at it for a second, scowling at it as if it were the reason the Last Tree needed Aiden Grant.

    Aiden Grant. What was so special about this stupid, caveman kid? Why was he the only one who could help out the Last Tree? Elder Rogentan did well not to tell Sindaria any of the important things, even though he expected her to time travel so far back. Her lips pressed in another scowl while she pressed a sleek, silver pad with her finger. The 454 changed from solid red to a blinking green. Green always meant go. With a sigh, she stepped in and curled her body in a circle, lying as if she were actually inside an egg. The outer walls of the pod held enough space for her body to remain snugged inside and not uncomfortable. A series of digital lights blinked in front of her large purple eyes.

    "Welcome, Sindaria Tri-Secta. Please specify your time destination."


    "You have chosen, 21st century, 2008. Please remained seated until the Transporting Instant Molecular Exacter is intact." Sindaria obeyed, hearing the hushed whisper of the pods closing door. She took one last look at the empty, glowing room with the T.I.M.E. pods and sighed. This was going to be the worst trip of her life.

    "Prepare yourself. Molecular Exacting in 5....4....3...." The last two numbers were drown out by a soft, sweet hum. The sound came from a shimmering coating of pink and purple around the T.I.M.E; a coating that was created the instant Sindaria closed her eyes and opened her fingers. The force field she created illuminated the darkness that she was swept in, feeling her body lurch so hard, that when she was thrown back into the pod, the only thing she could remember was hearing: ".....reached destination."

    From there, darkness.

  4. When Alexus opened the door, Aiden was shocked to say the least. Her hair was all over the place, her makeup looked like she was crying or she smeared it on pourpose and then her dress, it was stained up like she had gotten into some kind of fight, as if she fell down from something. " Um are you going to leave looking". Alexes grabbed his arm and pulled him to the car. He was honely supprised how strong she was. Once she go in he stared at her for a long time before getting into the car.

    He couldn't help but stare at her, she looked phyco or like she just didn't give a damn about the world or how she looked anymore. Aiden knew something was up, Alexus was the type of girl who always carried makep and she cared about how she looked, he knew she wouldn't come out the house like this unless it was a joke and it wasn't.

    As they started to drive he wasn't really thinking about prom, the whole idea was jsut a meeaninless blur because when they got there everyone would be shocked and the teachers would proublly question him as to why she looked the way. As he drived he kept glancing over at her hoping that it was all a dream and he would wake up but it wasn't and when he finally turnned back to the road he saw someone on the street. Turning the car it surved and he was the tree ahead. The only thing he could do was close his eyes.
  5. And then, suddenly, she was involved in an accident.

    The minute the T.I.M.E landed in the middle of a dank, dark looking street, it dissipated and was warped back into her Securing Option Satchel on her wrist, or S.O.S. for short. The egg shimmered once behind the force field and, upon disappearing, dumped Sindaria right in the middle of the road. A white sting of pain rain up her spine and she bit her lip. Even under the suit, concrete was concrete and that junk hurt. Bad. A blasting sound bombarded her all at once, and she noticed it was coming from these strange contraptions with wheels. Barely blinking through her stinging tears of frustration and hurt, she noticed that there were humans in those things! Her first instinct was to shoot up and run across the street to help the first person she saw out of one of those infernal things...

    ...That is until one of them zoomed right towards her.

    "AAAAAAAAAAH!"she shouted, and, at the same time, the thing swerved out the way, nearly avoiding impaling her to a light pole. The thing was going too fast for her to even notice if there were people in there. Too many things were going on in Sindaria's head at once. Those people probably knew nothing about her powers. She didn't know if the machines were dangerous. She wasn't sure if she was in the right place! But, something in her told her that if she didn't react quickly, she was screwed. So, without another string of thought, Sindaria threw her hands out towards the machine that was spinning out of control and closed her eyes, shouting out in fear.

    "Woah, geez! Ohshootohshootohshoot!" The hum of the force field was barely heard behind the loud honking sounds she heard before, but it did it's job. The thing with the people in skidded right into the barrier of her force field, and, on contact, Sindaria felt a sting in her stomach on how powerful the collision was. She still managed to hold the barrier up even as she trotted over to it, running straight to a glass window that had been shattered open.

    "Oh, man! I am so sorry about.....Woah, geez. What happened to her dress?"
  6. Aiden was ready to face the worst, death. But when it didn't happen he slowly opened his eyes to see tha the car had suddenly stopped. Felling his body to make sure he wasn't dreaming he could barely move since he was in so much shock. Just as he was about to speak a girl came to the window of the car. " Oh, man I am so sorry about....Woah geez. What happened to her dress?". He looked at her and her outfit was strange, her hair was another thing that stunned him as well. And then he realized she was the girl he almost hit.

    Unbuckling his seatbelt he clowly climbed out the car and looked the girl over. " What the hell were you going in the middle of the street?!, i almost hit you. He saw that she wasn't hurt and then he sighed in relif. Looking at the car their was no marks on it or a dent it was like the car stopped on his own and he was starting to think more strange things were going to happen.

    " Look im heading to i dont want to leave you in the middle of the streets sooo..hop in the car. He got back in and then back the car onto the street again. Once the car started he drove and Alex just stared at the girl in shock before looking away. " The names Aiden and yours?".
  7. Immediately, Sinadria was startled when Aiden got out of the thing with no trouble in the world. All he had to do was unclick this thing that was holding a strap around his chest, and he opened the door out to freedom. She blushed quickly, realizing she may have overreacted in thinking that those things were keeping people trapped in. Then again, when it tried to avoid hitting her, it almost hit a light pole, and, if it wasn't for her, it may have done just that. So, in a way, it was still a dangerous thing to be in. Of course, Sindaria couldn't express her annoyance towards it because Aiden was chewing her head off for appearing in the middle of the street. At that same moment, she looked back at where she had first landed, seeing not even a smokey dent from where the T.I.M.E. crash landed. It was just a normal, dusty paved road that had the wheel things running and ripping to and fro.

    "Hey, now! In my defense, I was only walking! I didn't know these Wheel of Doom things were going to try to hit me! I don't even know what these things ar--" She stopped herself short of finishing her sentence, her purple eyes resting on his face. He would really think she was insane if he knew that she didn't know a thing about one of those wheel things. Seeing as though almost everyone seemed to have them, she had to adjust to the unknown somehow. Still, Sindaria had to be careful and cautions. She didn't know who this guy was and why he was trying to kill her. Just when she was about to come up with a solution on how to ride the whole 2008 thing out, Aiden hit her with a sentence that had a series of words she didn't understand.

    "Prom? You mean like Premeditated Rotery Osticular Misuse? The thing they do with the eyes?" When Aiden neither answered no faltered, the blush came back and Sindaria figured she'd bluff it. "Oh! Prom! Oh, that! Yeah, uh, yeah..." It was a horrible excuse at understanding but it was all she had. She did know one thing though, whatever tried to hit her was called a 'car.' And now she was getting into one. Sindaria wasn't too comfortable being shoved in the back seat, looking between Aiden and the...not so pretty girl...but surely he was still not trying to kill her. However, once the car started up again, the roar of the engine nearly scared her out of her suit, grabbing her pink hair in both hands and holding it to her cheeks.

    "Please don't let me die. Please please please don't let me die in stupid 2008."she whispered to herself.

    "The names Aiden and yours?"

    "Oh, I'm Sindaaaa...uhh...Sindy! Yeah, Sindy, you can just call me Sindy. My last name is super max tura to pronounce, so just don't worry about that part. It's nice to meet you Aid....Ai.." It hit her slower than she thought, but, even with the girl in the passanger seat staring at her ridiculously, Sindy snapped her arms to the drivers seat, clenching down on Aiden's shoulders.

    "Grant? You're Aiden Grant?"

  8. [​IMG]As Aiden strapped himself in the carseat again he looked over at Alexus who gave him a shocked an annoyed look that he had brought some random girl into the car. He kept looking at her unsure on what to do or say, her outfit was completly weird like she was some astronaut from somewhere and then her eyes were weird. They were purple but he just thought they were contacts.

    When he started the car he saw that the girl jumped and pulled her hairl like she was some mental child. To make things even weirder, she refered to his car as the wheels of doom. " Prom You mean like Premeditated Rotery Osticular Misuse? The thing they do with the eyes?. Aiden was about to speak but he had no clue what she was talking about and then she mentioned prom like she never heard of it before.

    As soon as the car started and he was driving down the street he heard her commen about 2008 which made him more curious about her. Sindy was her name but it seemed like there was more to the name then she let on but he didn't bother and continued to drive until he felt the girls strong hands on his shoulders questioning him about his name. " Yes im Aiden Grant who are you? H- How do you know my name?.
  9. She nearly screamed when he confirmed that his name was Aiden Grant. Aiden Grant. Just the guy that Elder Rogentan had sent her to that time to find! How much of a coincidence was it that she happened to meet just the guy she was looking for? It was so big that Sindy had to bite down on her bottom lip to keep herself from screaming. The car was scaring her, sure, but the buckled thing around her chest was keeping her safe for the moment. Still, she didn't feel safe inside a vehicle she had never been in before. Aiden controlled it by turning a wheel and pressing his foot on a pedal type thing. The pedal was making the car go and the wheel was making it turn in the direction he wanted to. In her head it was simple, but she knew there was more to it than just pressing and turning. Sindy, brought her eyes up to the back of his head, prepared to tell him about why she was there, until she came eye to eye with the other girl.

    "Oh. Hi there!"

    No response.

    "Um...I'm Sindy. Nice to meet you!" When the girl didn't answer again, Sindy just decided to leave it alone and direct her attention back to Aiden. She got a good look from the back seat, admiring how his hair was neatly swept on his forehead to accuenate the tux and tie he was sporting. The suit seemed like a strange ensemble for someone who was merely just going to this so called 'prom.' Even the dress on Alexus looked off. Sindy tapped the side of her nose once she took her hands away from Aiden's shoulders.

    "I know who you are from....uhh...a friend! Yes! A really close friend!" Who sent me to this stupid time to find you, she scoffed in her head, smiling at him nonetheless.
  10. Aiden was amazed by the girl on how she seemed to know so litte about the world she lived in. He almost wanted to ask her if she was rasied by wolved or something but he didn't want to be rude. The highschool was only a few minutes away. Alexues didn't speak and he was starting to get uncomfortable, the way she looked and the dress, it made her seem like she was crazy and he souldn't understand why she wanted to leave the house looking like that.

    He concentrated on the road but his mind was bouncing all over the place and Sidny stayed on his mind. She was beautiful but diffrent..really differnt, it was strange. As they arrived at the school he parked in the parking lot and then turned off the car and opened the door getting out. Alexus ignored Sidny like she didn't even exsist. " So you know me from a friend? Which friend?. He knew she was lying and he could see right throught those purple eyes.. " Hey are you wearing contacts?".
  11. The ride in the car managed to get a little smoother than it was in the beginning. Sindy found herself looking out the window at all of the other cars passing by. She noticed that many of them had different designs, colors, and builds. Once or twice, she found a huge one crawling in the road! Sindy hid her gasps of surprise behind her fingers that were placed to her lips. She kept darting her eyes to the two people in the front seat, but nothing really changed. Aiden barely looked at her because his eyes were too plastered to the road for him to look st her. Alexus, on the other hand, didn't keep her eyes off of her. She pierced Sindy with the coldest girl the girl had felt in a long time. Sindy shivered and glared towards the disgruntled girl, ready to tell her a thing or two about proper manners, but Aiden's voice cut her off.

    "Wh-Which friend? probably don't remember him! He's...really old!" Well, it wasn't exactly a lie, per say. Elder Rogentan was old, but Sindy had to keep that kind of stuff to a minimum. Drixia talk would just have to wait until she got Aiden alone where they were out of earshot of everyone else! With Alexus staring at her like she just committed genocide, Sindy would never get anywhere! She pursed her lips together and sent a purple eyed gaze to the back of Aiden's head at his next question.

    "Contacts? I don't...." Wait, Sindaria. Just say no. Don't let him know you don't know what they are! Sindy gulped and put on an innocent smile as Aiden got out of the door and opened up Sindy's. "No. I don't like contacts. Wh-Why do you ask?"she asked, blinking and smiling at him once the three of them were out of the car. She suddenly realized she was surrounded by a lot of teenagers! Quickly, she gasped and clasped her arms around one of Aiden's in fear. That gained a glare from Alexus.

    "What are all these people doing here?! something wrong with your Last Tree?!"she asked, rambling like an idiot with her wide, violet eyes.
  12. Aiden smiled wide as he looked at the school, it was decorated nicley and all his friends and fellow students along with teachers were filling into the doors of the school. He felt abit uneasy as he looked over at Sindy, she seemed...strange but he couldn't tell weither it was good or bad. He watched as Alexus glared at her and he sighed. WHat supprised him was when Sindy wrapped her arms around his and he looked over at Alexus who looked away and started heading up the stairs getting gasps and stares by everyone.

    He looked down at Sindy and then sighed. " Yeah and old friend i dont have and old friend, all my friends are my age and mabey two or three years older but sure whatever you say". Aiden knew she was lying through her teeth but he didn't feel like questioning her, all he wanted to do was enjoy his prom by any means. As he looked at their arms still linked he felt his face warm and he looked away quickly. " you can let m arm go- wait Last Tree? what does that mean?". Aiden was staring to get confused and more suspicious.
  13. Alexus was not liking what was going on at all. Sindy could tell. The disgusted was painted all over her face, and it really did nothing for her messed up make up. Sindy stared back at the girl innocently, still clamped to Aiden's arm. Sindy should have been the one making the strange faces, if anything! Alexus had o a dress but looked like she just came out of the Cyber Night Club after having too much alcohol and not enough sleep! Whenever Sindy looked around, she saw a beautiful girl in a dazzling dress, hand in hand with a guy in a presentable tux. That's when it clicked.

    Aiden and Alexus were dates.

    "Oh!"she exclaimed, releasing Aiden's arm right when he questioned the Last Tree quizzically. Alexus huffed and turned away when she did, so Sindy believed she did a good thing. Okay. Right. No touching her date. She shook her head and looked over to Adien. "It's nothing. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to mess up your dance. two have fun." She gave him the sweetest smile she could muster before turning away, looking at the street thy had just arrived from. Wherever she was, she was sure there was somewhere that she could stay for the time being. She couldn't just grab Aiden and drag him back to Drixia with her. Alecus nearly burned through her clothes with all of that staring!

    "Have a good dance." Sindy gave Aiden a small wave and walked down the street, hot pink hair swinging behind her. Great, now what?
  14. Aiden looked at her for a moment and then at the last of the students filling into the school. Aliexus was mad and he knew that but she was being strange and he didn't know how to aske her without pissing her off even more than she already was. For someone who was concerned about her beauty and looks especially prom it amazed him how she still wanted to come looking a mess and quite frankly it weirded him out, she looked wreecked and the other fellow students just stared at her but he knew that the principle would stop and question her about her attire or some teacher would send her home.

    Wheh she relased his arm and turned away from him he raised his eyebrow curiously anda then turned her back so she was facing him. She told him it was nothing to worry about and to have fun which made him even more curious than before. ALl these strange names and how he was scared by a car, her purple eyes and pink just wasn't normal. And then it clicked, she wasn't normal but he didn't know what. When she started walking to where she came he ran up to her and took her hanad. " Where are you going? You have no car and you seem lost which tells me you'll wander where you shouldn't and some sick twisted guy will snatch you up". He looked back at the school. " Um why dont come into the dance?".
  15. Sindy was whipped around quickly and stared at Aiden, wide eyed. She watched in shock as Alexus's jaw dropped when he was no longer beside her and was holding Sindy's hand instead. A student or two made a wolf whistle, but Sindy wasn't paying attention. She was too busy looking to Aiden and listening to what he was saying to focus on anyone else. Apparently, there were sick and twisted men who would snatch her up if she walked out alone. Sindy was caught off guard by that fact, wrinkling her nose in disgust.

    "You all don't have safety breachers with you? I always keep my safety breacher on me so that if anyone decided to sneak up on me, they'd get a face full of Moltho-Plasmatica in 3 seconds flat, so you don't need to worry about me getting snatched up."she said defiantly, lifting her chin up as if she were challenged. A car honked because Sindy was too close to the road and Sindy squeaked, flailing and throwing her arms around Aiden in fear. It wasn't enough that she already knew what the loud blaring sound was; it was all of a sudden and she was not prepared for it.

    "AH!"she screamed, clutching to him and nodding her head crazy fast. "Yes! Yes, I'll go with you! Anything to get out of this place! God, why do cars have to be so max TURA!"she shouted, not letting go of the embrace and not caring who was looking. Sindy was scared out of her mind at 2008 and she could show it if she wanted to. The only thing she wanted was to make it through the night so that she could explain to Aiden why he was needed. The sooner she did that, the better. Sindy pulled back a bit, hitting Aiden with her purple eyes in a soft gaze.

    "Let's go, please,"she said softer this time, her arms still wrapped around him.
  16. Aiden looked at SIndy as she stared in shock as what he said was new to her. He knew that Alexus was pissed but he didn't care, she was acting weird since he came to pick her up and he wasn't worried about her. When she talked about breachers and Moltho -Plasmactica he stared at her and blinked a few times trying to comprehend what she was saying. " wh-What are you talking about? Breachers? What the hell is that?". As the car honked and Sindy wrapped his arms aground him, he looked down at her and was sudden;y nervous. Shouting that that it was MAx Tura he shook his head and then looked away. It was empty and people's car was parked.

    " What the hell is Max Tura? and where are you from?". He looked down into her eyes and he felt his face heat up and he had the urge to keep her close to his body. " Yeah it would be a god idea to head inside. He walked up the steps and then he walked inside. Passing through the hallway tword the gym. It was filled with couples dancing. He saw that Alexus was talking with some guy that was some weird kid. Now he was totally confused but he didn't care.
  17. Sindy held onto him while he expressed his concern and confusion for the things she had said. If she had a free hand, she would have used it to facepalm herself. But she didn't. Instead, she had to deal with giving him an innocent blink and smile, tilting her head and trying to come up with a perfectly fitting lie.

    "Oh...breachers? That's just something I saw off of a movie! I thought you knew that! You reeeeeeeeally gotta watch some more movies, Aiden!"she said, laughing aloud in order to further show her bluffing. The car horn still rattled her but she shook it off. Aiden's body felt safe and, though he didn't look the part, she bet he would protect her from one of those cars, seeing as though he knew more about them than she did. He knew more about everything in 2008 than she did! That's why sticking with him was a good idea. It wasn't just a coincidence that she found Aiden Grant, the person she was sent to look for. If she wanted to save Drixia and the Last Tree, she was gonna have to play her cards right. That's why, when he questioned her about 'max tura', she smiled and backed away, taking his hand gingerly in his.

    "You're right. Let's go do this dancing thing!" The two of them walked into the school, no look going unnoticed. Everyone, and she meant everyone, was staring at Aiden and Sindy. It was probably because Sindy looked like a weirdo compared to everyone else. She had no dress on. Instead, she had a form fitting white and pink suit that covered her entire body. She stopped walking and blushed really dark and heavy, snatching her hand away from Aiden like he was poisoned.

  18. Aiden slowly nodded when she said it was a movie but Aiden was a movie person and was sure he never heard anything like that before. Her hand wrapped in his hand he gulped slightly. The dance was full of every student in school. The teachers were sitting down in a table watching the students to make sure the dancing appropiate. Alexus looked over at him and then she grabbed the nerd's hand and walked out the door on the other side. He sighed and knew thye'd break up after this but it wouldn't be his fault.

    The kids stared at Sindy like she was some sience experiment and he rolled his eyes. " Today is going to be a long day". When she let go of his hand he knew she musht have felt..diffrent from the rest, i mean her outfit was a bit odd. " Look we can leave if you want". He walked tword the door and leaned against it incase she wanted to go. To be honest he wanted to leave for the simple fact that Alexus was now officially crazy, he met a strange girl and it was just to much.
  19. Sindy felt extremely out of place in the middle of all of the dancing teens. Everyone gave her cross looks and some dudes even wolf whistled at her when they passed her, earning a glare from their girlfriends. Sindy clasped both of her hands together and laid them at her lap, backing away from the middle of the dance room floor and next to Aiden instead, who was lounging by the door.

    "But you came here for a reason! I'm not gonna take you away from that! I'm sorry if I make you seem max tu....uh...strange or something. I really don't mean to."
    She turned around and faced him, shrugging and giving him a fake smile. "This is just who I am."

    "YO, GRANT! YOU BROUGHT THE CIRCUS WHORE AND DIDN'T SHARE?" Someone across the room shouted. Laughter immediately erupted from the teens as they all pointed and laughed at Sindy. now, even though Sindy was from the future and didn't know a good bit about 2008, she didn't completely live under a rock. She knew what a whore was, and being called one in front of all of those people, it was not a pleasant feeling.

    Sindy turned to face everyone to see that all eyes were on her. The blush she held earlier deepened and tears stung her purple eyes. Quickly, she turned around and rushed out of the door after saying, "I'm so sorry!" to Aiden. If anything, the laughter got even louder once she left the gym, running through the school hallways and choking on tears.
  20. Aiden frowned when the guy made the comment and it was none other than Bradley Forttem, the wannabe badass of the school. He turned his attention back to Sindy and he smiled. " Its okay really, dare to be diffrent right? If it bothers you so much we can get you some new clothes okay?". He felt bad about people making fun of her because her outfit was diffrent. She was beautiful even thought she was weird and said weird things, he knew she was anice person just far from home.

    Walking over to Bradley he clenched his fist. " You got something else you wanna say about whores figuring that your own girlfriend is sleeping with the whole team and gave you a little present". Bradley immeditally shut up embarrased and everyone stared and laughed at him. He walked back over to Sindy grabbing her hand and walking out the doors of the school tword his car. " Okay lets go, anywhere you wanna go but first, to the clothing store, your attracting some..unwated attention".

    Getting into the car he strapped himself in and then waited for her to get in before driving down a few blocks to a clothing store. He parked his car and got out opening the doors and waving at Bobby, the manager.