Since it's Friday in America...

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If you thought I was going to put up that Rebecca Black song you should be flogged. This is General, not Insanity.


On a typical Friday night, what do YOU do?

Most Friday nights I'm rather boring. Sitting at home, usually doing nothing at all. I have a few bar nights here and there - and they come more and more frequently, but it's still sitting at home mostly for me.

I usually eat at this awesome restaurant called Pho Vietnam. It has become a tradition of sorts, great way to start the weekend! Although, recently my schedule has been a little off so I don't always keep up with it.

When I used to drink, Friday night was when we would go out and get hammered! Drink 'til 3 or 4am then get breakfast at some all night diner. Great times, man. I guess some would call it boring, but spending my Friday nights (not all, but most) on Iwaku is exciting enough for me!
Setting up for reenactments or whatever. Don't have much of an active social life in the means of bar time, etc. That doesn't interest me that much. I will watch movies from time to time.
Since it's Friday, where be the postings???

As a science man, Friday is no different from any other day of the week.
Video games, talking to friends, ect. I'm only 19, so I can't legally drink anywhere public, and I wouldn't even if I could. Don't like alcohol, really.

Basically, I treat Friday nights just like any other night. But that may change. Who knows?
I work retail, Fridays are meaningless. Also while I might have a drink from time to time, bar culture has never been appealing to me so nights off don't find me there. I tried doing clubs but they're meat markets and people are all about dry humping not dancing. A nice dinner and then a trip to the comic book store is much more relaxing.
Every Friday is different. Some Fridays are video game nights. Other Fridays are go see the friends, drink or just sit around and bullshit with them. Than there is the Friday when I decide to do my janitorial cleaning on Friday and take Saturday and Sunday for lounging.

Since my wife has her Friday on Thursday generally Thursday night we do our stay up stupid late doing retarded stuff all night.
When school is in session, I treat Friday nights as relax nights, usually. It's blissful to know I have a break and enough time to get work finished. So, I take advantage of that feeling.

Otherwise, it's like any other night. I play video games, write posts, chat, etc. Whatever I feel like doin'. Sometimes, I'll go out to the movies or dinner if we can afford it.
When it's not working night, it's drinking night.
Summer: Stay up LATE watching anime, being online, the occasional birthday party.

School year: Stay up kinda' late watching anime, doing some of my homework kind of early.
Friday isn't my cool day. D: It's the same as all my other days.

On SUNDAYS is family day. At least it was before the boys had to work every day of the week. >> We'd go out for dinner, watch movies, or bbq and play games.