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    I am a Paradox Navigation Assistance Directory Unit.

    PaNADU for short.

    You may call me Jonathan.

    I was created by Master Schrödinger for the purpose of helping you understand the nature of the simultaneous everything and nothing, and have chosen you to read this as much as you have chosen to read it.

    I am going to teach you a few things that this version of you thought were not possible.

    Lesson 1: Multiverse
    There exists a paradox in which creatures perceive a physical manifestation of the world around us, but it is a clever deception of ourselves. In fact, nothing can be proven to exist. At the same time, there are different universes in which both occurrences are happening. Meanwhile, there are different universes existing for every possible change to that perception, everything from names, shapes, languages, colors, or in some cases, a lack thereof. Ours is but a small part of a larger collection of possibilities.

    Lesson 2: Ad Infinitum

    This collection, this multiverse, is but one of many inside a universe, which is part of a Multiverse, which in turn is inside one universe in another multiverse, inside a universe part of another multiverse, and so on. Likewise, this universe contains an infinitely spanned multiverse, each universe of which contains a multiverse, and so on.
    Lesson 3:
    What you are now observing does and does not exist

    This article you are currently reading is both being read and not read by you, as it does and does not exist. Furthermore, you do and do not exist. Also, this is a video, article, hologram, audio, and various other forms of media as well as none of these. There is a different version of each of these in every universe of ever multiverse, each in turn with its own individualistic differences. There is a version where the text is a different color. Different wording. Different pictures. Different voice sound. Different arrangement. Every possible difference has occurred in every universe, in which this exists. In some universes you are not even paying attention to it. Someone else does. No one at all does.

    Every one does.
    Lesson 4:
    You are not who you are

    In this version, you may be a human. Maybe an Elf. Perhaps a Cyborg. Maybe your purpose is a warrior. Perhaps a wielder of Magic. A blacksmith. An author.

    Maybe you’re me.

    You don’t have the same name. You are not the same gender. You are both genders. You have no gender.

    You live in a different home. You live in every home.
    You have no home.
    You’re alive.

    You’re dead.
    You were never born in the first place.
    You are a reincarnate of a deity.
    You are a deity.
    You are a Monarch.
    You are a beggar.
    You are all these and more, and you are none of them.

    Lesson 5: Realization

    The mind is the most powerful thing you have.

    You are but one of many yous, all subconsciously connected as they acknowledge this fact. There are universes in which you have no power, an ones in which you have all power there is to have.

    You, as a multitude on non-existing entities, and you alone, have the power to converge every fiber of yourselves into one being, to become the final chapter, the purpose of the existence and non-existence.

    You will make a perilous journey through the realms, and in the end you will find that point where you converge from infinitely spread in every universe to being a single entity, a single point of yourself amassed into one.

    To become one Supreme Being, understanding of everything and yet of nothing.

    To become a Paradox unto yourself.

    To become


    This is a Multiverse RP not unlike that of Walkers. The difference? Walking is not an effect genetic mutation and the objective is not to save the multiverse from collapsing. This is a quest for power and higher understanding of existence. This is a quest to achieve Godhood. The motives are purely cynical, even if your reasoning is selfless.

    You can be anything or anyone, but until you achieve Simultaneous, your powers have limits. You have limits. There will have to be things you can and cannot do. Some equal, opposite reaction for every action you take.

    I will be playing as Jonathan, guiding you along your paths.

    I will also be The Reprimand, a group of dimension travelers that seek to prevent you from reaching your goal.

    Nickname (optional):
    Current powers:

    Bio/How you found Jonathan:
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  2. Good to meet you, I'm Wendigo. Count me interested, I'll have a character concept for you by tomorrow afternoon if that's alright with you.
  3. Fine by me Wendigo. Also, I like your Avatar. It's... interesting.
  4. Sweet, I'll get to crafting during work tomorrow. And thanks it's a weird but cool drawing... I forgot I even had it on my computer.
  5. Interested the only rule that we must have limits? There's not certain things that we just outright can't do?
  6. I love the introduction for this. :3 Seems like just another Multiverse roleplay on the outside, but there are so many potential storylines that came to mind while reading. I will see if I can get a character up between today and Sunday. ^_^
  7. Hey, you guys can put your characters up, but I have to put this on hold for now. I have a lot going on irl and no longer have time to do this. I'll be sure to let you guys know as soon as I can get this started.
  8. This RP is back in action, as am I! Go ahead and make your CS sheets! Or don't.

    [MENTION=3204]Quiet One[/MENTION], general Iwaku rules also apply.
  9. Thought it'd be fun to join as it seemed interesting, and because I've used the name Paradox before, and am quite fond of the intricacies of it. This character is more or less myself, with a few minor changes such as appearance and powers of course. Due to this I am rather loathe to change it, but I can if needed
    Name: Requiem Dominus Mortalis
    Age: 23
    Show Spoiler

    The Chaos
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Bizarre is the easiest way to describe him. Even before he'd encountered Jonathan, he had a mind for chaos and contrary behaviour. Partly from how he handled things, and partly from how he actually was. Requiem doesn't think so much as most people do, but he feels it in the most primal way possible. When he does think it's in colours and impressions rather than words and constructs. Some would call him wild, others enlightened. He's been accused of being a demon incarnate, as well as being a sage from the old world. Because of this, he considers himself to be higher up than others, yet at the same time equal and lesser than them, knowing that they have the potential to be as he is, and better, and recognising that their defects also make them better than he is if only because he doesn't have them and doesn't understand them.
    Current powers: Abstract Thought Comes Naturally to Him, and he has the ability to convey his instincts through art, music, and most other mediums of creativity. He also has the ability to change things, ranging from colour and shape, to purpose, design, and function, and potentially down to it's base materials. The trouble is that when he does this, he looses focus on the world around him, and becomes a little more lost each time. Knowing the universe without being able to know oneself is a path leading only to despair.
    Bio/How you found Jonathan: He wandered acrossed his universe, constantly searching for the answers to life. It took him a considerable amount of time before he'd heard a rumour of change. A change that wasn't normal to his day to day world. He went as directed and found a door. Upon opening the door, the way he saw things changed dramatically. He had always known that things were and weren't real, but he'd never been able to use that knowledge until after he'd stepped through that door. He found that he could redesign things as he pleased because to his perspective they weren't stable, weren't real. He slowly lost himself in his constant changing when he heard something in the distant corner of his mind, the part that wasn't consumed. Jonathan's voice.
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  10. Hm. A reality bender with a wild mind found Jonathan through an interdimensional door while exploring the universe. This should make things interesting.

    Accepted. I am glad to help you on your journey to higher understanding, Requiem Dominus Mortalis.
  11. Name: Lost somewhere in the past
    Age: 22 (and has been for a long time)
    Nickname (optional): A Man called Trig/Trig
    Appearance: Slanted eyes, black hair, pale skin. As in paper white kind of pale. He typically wears a Chinese sun hat, long trench coat and armored boots, like the kind old knights wore.
    Personality: His unintentional travel across the multiverse has made him very distrusting. Sometimes he finds good people, but he's often less lucky, and while he isn't a reckless shooter, he'll quickly draw his weapon if he must.
    Current powers: Surviving. Trig has been lucky enough to survive impossible odds, facing down things most people would call monsters, demons, or freaky space stuff. He heals at a normal human rate, but it seems next to impossible to actually end his life. In his travels he's amassed some weapons - a futuristic gun (that's actually not much different from a normal gun) and a small sword that glows blue because it's full of some unknown energy. The energy isn't that powerful. It makes any wound tingle and itch.
    Bio/How you found Jonathan: The multiverse seems to be playing a cruel trick on him, sending him from one universe to another in random flashes. He is a man who has done everything a man can do while he searches for his beloved Geo, a woman who did it all first. She seems to always be one step ahead of him, waiting in just the next universe. She's actually the one searching for Simultaneous. He just wants to stop her, or at least get there at the same time. Then in one of his jumps he ran into Jonathan, who offered him a way to get ahead of Geo.
    Not really sure what you wanted. Can do Geo's profile, too, if you want.
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  12. I like it. If you are going to play ad Geo, then yes, a CS would be nice. If she's just part of the backstory, then no, it's not needed.

    Accepted! I will be more than happy to aid you in your quest, Mr. Trig.
  13. Name: Angelita Yuki Bhajelo
    Age: 14
    Nickname (optional): Angel
    Girl 1.jpg She is always wearing a leather jacket and tight jeans with black ankle boots with a samurai sword at her side.
    Personality: Before Jonathan found her she always wanted to be alone because that's how it always was. At first she may seem cold-hearted but shes a sweet girl when she doesn't know it. She's mysterious and dangerous for a girl her age. She doesn't like to get close to people afraid that they will disappear from her "life". She always singing to her self it seems that's one of the things that makes her happy. She may seem like a evil person but inside shes just a " normal girl " .
    Current powers: Her Current powers are that she can look at someone or into their eyes and cause them great pain or even at rare times kill them from the inside . She can also move things with her mind not only that she can speak to you with her thoughts and you can speak right back with your mind. She even has the power to imagine something and with a mere thought it can become a reality before her eyes.
    Bio/How you found Jonathan: She walked though her universe alone as it seemed to fade into the dark sky around her she keep hearing a male voice she thought she was going crazy" No one else is here " she keep yelling to her self she fell to her knees then looked up and saw him Jonathan reaching his hand out to her she was going to kill him as she reached for her sword but she put it down and stood up and toke his hand felling safe she walked with him not saying a word not one. She was going to stay their forever alone but she always wanted a friend she thought he could be it. So she joined him.
  14. Accepted! Come along Angel, we have much to do.
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  15. I would like to reserve a spot for this. My character will be done in a day or two.
  16. Place reserved.
  17. Tavish, I can totally do Geo. Was thinking of giving her power over live. She can raise the dead, bring life to inanimate objects, and mutate the living. Basically she makes monsters. That sound cool?

    Do not think I'll be able to post her today, though.
  18. Monster maker? Sweet. Get it up whenever you can.
  19. Name: (Lost also to time, but she knows who she and Trig really are)
    Age: 22 (and, like Trig, has been for a very long time)
    Nickname (optional): Geo/Goddess of Monsters
    Appearance:Like Trig, she's of Asian decent, with slanted eyes, more tanned skin, and long dark hair that goes down to the small of her back. Typically dresses in a leather jacket, jeans, and always has some sort of scarf around her neck.
    Personality:If she comes off as cold, it's because she is. She's out for herself, and the only other person she shows any sort of affection for is Trig. When mayhem be caused, she's not very hands on, making creatures to do her bidding for her, or offer a distraction to make it easier for her to take what she wants.
    Current powers: She is, for all intents and purposes, immortal. Like Trig she can survive anything and doesn't age anymore, but she's also learned to regrow her organic matter at an alarming rate. She can regenerate. That's not all, either. Geo has mastered the chemical powers of life itself. She can introduce the chemicals of life to inanimate objects, animate dead matter that used to be alive, and mutate living creatures, making them evolve instantly. In short, Geo makes monsters, and she uses them rather than get her own hands dirty.
    Bio/How you found Jonathan: She didn't technically meet him directly. He sent Trig to the universe she was in, finally putting an end to his exhaustive hunt. He talked about Jonathan, and she suspects that he's helping Trig, but hasn't encountered him herself.
  20. Accepted! (no text for Jonathan to speak, because they haven't directly met)
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