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Simply Put

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Ib, Jun 28, 2012.

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  1. Maka's eyes opened slowly, the sun streaming into her room through the open windows. She grimaced and turned the other way, not quite wanting to remove herself from the warm sheets of her bed. After a few moments, though, she figured she ought to get up and start making breakfast. She didn't want Blair to be making any food again. She rolled out of bed, standing up and stretching, then getting dressed in her normal attire. She walked out into the kitchen, turning on the stove and throwing a pan on it, cracking some eggs into the pan, rubbing some sleep out of her eyes. Maka hoped everyone else would be awake early enough today that they wouldn't be late to classes at the DWMA.

    (Hopefully this one will take a good lift off. I think this ought to be interesting. Soul, Maka, and Blair. Finally in one big RP.)
  2. Blair sat in the window sill of the living room, comfortable in her cat form. She purred as the sun warmed her fur. I wonder if Soul or Maka is up yet... She thought to herself, Maybe I should go check on dear Scythie-boy if he isn't up soon. Stretching, she yawned and jumped of the window. Landing with a soft thud on the ground, Blair turned to go to Soul's bedroom. But, before she began to move a smell hit her. She tilted her head up, sniffing the air. It took her a minute to realize that the smell was cooking eggs coming from the kitchen. Someone must be up, then. She decided with a purr. So, she turned instead towards the kitchen. She found Maka cooking breakfast. Quickly transforming into her human form, luckily for Maka she was fully clothed, and walked over to her. "Maka! I could have made breakfast! You don't have to!" She told her, trying to be helpful.
  3. Maka would freeze with the spatula in midair as she heard a purring noise. Ohh boy. Here we go. Maka turned just as Blair transformed into human. She flinched out of habit, not knowing if Blair would be dressed or not. Once she knew Blair was dressed, Maka turned to look at her, her spatula moving once again, flipping the eggs. "Oh, that's kind of you but..... the last time you attempted.... The fish... Erm." She would stop and instead go to the fridge, pulling out some bacon and another pan from the cupboard. "And besides, I needed to have something to do now that I'm up and ready for school." She would grin slightly and throw the bacon on the counter and putting the pan on the stove element, putting it on high. After a moment or so, she would toss the bacon on, the once cold meat now sizzling in the heat of the warmed metal.
  4. Blair frowned slightly at Maka's comment. "But... Maka... I thought the fish was really good. I thought that you and Soul liked it...." She said, turning back into her cat form. She turned on her tail, slightly offended by this, and pranced of in the direction of Soul's bedroom. How could she say that? Blair wondered, her feelings rather hurt. Reaching Soul's bedroom, she padded across the floor and hopped onto his bed and the sleeping form of Soul. She meowed at him at several times before transforming into her human form on top of him. "Good morning, Scythie-boy!" She purred, getting right in his face.
  5. Maka rolled her eyes, putting everything on plates and putting said plates on the table. She sighed softly before she decided they should have hashbrowns, too. She got some potatoes and began chopping them up, or rather, "Hashing" them. She put them in a pan and poked them with a spatula from time to time, flipping them when necessary. "Soul! Blair! Breakfast!" She threw the hashbrowns on the plates, as well, getting out the ketchup for people to use.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.