Simply Death Note

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  1. If you clicked this thread I assume you like Death Note, probably not as much as me but that's OK. That's what I want right, Death Note, I don't have any plots in mind right, and I don't really care too much what it involves. The only things I won't do are Yuri and sex anything else is fair game. Blood, swearing and violence are fine (I like it actually). I won't be too picky about characters, but you have to convince me to play a female. My favorite character and also the one I have most experience as is Beyond Birthday, but if you don't know who I'm talking about that's fine. OK when I said I wasn't picky about characters I lied, I probably won't play Mello (marshmello)....Yes I am extremely bored how did you know?! If I think of anything else to I'll add it later.