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  1. I peer down upon a creature, who peers back at me through metal bars. Its purpose is simple and some would envy it.
    I, on the other hand, do not.

    A day or so ago, my brother had recently bought a gerbil and it stays in my room. I can't say I love it or much less like it, but I'm sure it could say the same of me. Though, I am now determined to buy myself one. This rodent, now known as "Gerby", has repeatedly tried to escape and has been returned back to its cage unsuccessful in every plot. I began to wonder why it was so desperate to run. My brother has done nothing yet to harm it and I only enjoy holding it because it's cute. Then it dawned upon me that the poor creature may be bored and lonely, so why not buy a cagemate to keep it company?

    I am Ashe, an on and off writer for the past couple of years. I am your typical teenager who awaits college with dreaded breath, all the while being drowned in stacks of homework. The joys of adolescence, indeed. I like to think of myself as a witty person, though most of my jokes are laced with a drier humor than the desert. My silliness is over the top and I love to laugh, so all you comedians out there are welcome to speak to me!


    Yes, I admit it! I am a thief who steals away attention! When I find someone compatible to me, I secretly label them as MINE. But if you ask nicely I may be willing to lend out my partners for a short time period... no guarantees of course. I like when my partners speak to me and we are able to joke around outside of RPs and I also like people who are strangely creative and can DESTROY MY FEELS. PLEASE, HURT MY HEART, BABY. *cough* However, I am very picky of what I choose to write and whom I write with. I have a terrible habit of falling into boredom if a roleplay is slow or if people don't help in adding to a plot and making it exciting. I tend to drop those roleplays before we get too deep and I do so with a heavy heart because I hate hurting others.

    So now you know a little about me! I look forward to finding some good friends and amazing worlds to write.

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  2. That gerbil looks like it needs A BUCKET OF RAINBOWS. Welcome to the site Ashe.
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  3. It really does along with a few dozen chill pills! I've never seen an animal as fickle as this one in my whole life! My gosh, I swear that thing will give me a heart attack one day. Thank you for the welcome, button~!
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  4. You. Seem. Like. An amazing person. Haha, welcome to the site. I like you already just by that introduction, my friend!
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  5. Oh, darling, flattery will get you everywhere with me. Thank you for the welcome! Here I was thinking I would be the one cheeseball that would scare people away! You've really made my night, blushing and hugging myself like an idiot! <w< Please, go on and fluff me up some more.
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  6. I'm not one for welcome banters and all, but because of your amazing introduction I shall. Welcome to Iwaku!

    Doth my eyes deceive me or is that Gumi?
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  7. Nay, thy eyes behold the truth. The lass is Gumi, verily.

    Thank you for the welcome, Ms. Classy! ;3 I'll be sure to hold your rare greeting close to my heart.
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  8. Hello, Ashe! xD Have some Ashe.

    Anyways, welcome to Iwaku, I hope you enjoy your stay ^^!

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  9. Oh wow, I guess this means I have a twin. :O I can deal with this though, his voice is like honey and I approve. I will enjoy my stay while humming along to this song! Thank you!
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Well then...It is always nice to see someone as silly and eccentric as I am!

    Welcome to Iwaku! Let us hope your stay here is wonderful!

    *bows down and walks backwards out of the room in the same position*
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  12. Welcome Ashe to Iwaku. A place of freaking Darth Vadars riding unicorns and random chickens. Also attempted rebellions. And certain forum Elitist.

    Now, fly my Uricorn! Off to the Death Star to save my son!
  13. @Akumulosis It's a pleasure to spread the love. Besides who wouldn't want to be silly? Life is too short to be all stiff and serious!

    @Archwar Thanks for the welcome.I'm glad to be in such an surprising place. Though, I've never watched star wars in my life! Maybe I should take a peek if I'm going to see Darth Vadar around, huh?
  14. Maaaybeee. Though, it is not required.
  15. Ya!

    One can never have much silliness!

    Did you know that dinosaurs had big ears, but since ears don't have bones no one knows?
  16. Well, that's actually a good thing. I barely have time to sleep much less watch anything! Are the movies that good?
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