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  1. I'm not exactly sure what to say, I'm Magician Everlastia or simply Magi. I love roleplaying and it's one of my favorite things to do whether I have time to or not and since it's around the christmas season, I would love to find some new partners and have some fun. I can do just about anything and have no limits, so come at me.
  2. Black Butler

    Sebastian x oc
    Ciel x OC
    Claude x OC
    Ciel x Elizabeth
    Snake x OC

    Ouran High School Host Club
    Tamaki x OC
    Kyoya x OC
    Haruhi x Tamaki
    Haruhi x Oc

    Adventure time
    finn x flame princess
    oc x oc

    Hunger games
    oc x anyone
    oc x oc

    flynn rider x vampire thief
    aladdin x egyptian princess

    harry potter
    oc x oc

    the mortal instruments
    jace x oc
    oc x oc

    a clockwork angel
    oc x will
    oc x oc
    oc's from this world mixed with oc's from the mortal instruments or the hunger games would be interested

    Dragon Age Origins
    Alistair x oc
    Zevran x oc
    Lelianna x oc
    Morrigan x oc

    Dragon Age II
    hawke x fenris
    hawke x anders
    hawke x merrill
    oc x fenris
    oc x anders
    oc x varric

    Dragon Age Inquisiton
    cullen x oc
    jospephine x oc
    iron bull x oc
    solas x oc
    blackwall x oc

    Mass Effect
    garrus x oc
    kaiden x oc
    liara x oc
    tali x oc
    james x oc
    miranda x oc
    thane x oc
    jacob x oc

    How to Train your Dragon

    Final fantasy VII
    cloud x oc
    tifa x oc
    zack x oc
    vincent x oc
    yuffie x oc
    genesis x oc

    Studio Ghibli

    Kingdom Hearts
    sora x oc
    riku x oc
    axel x oc
    roxas x oc


    Law & Order: SVU


    Steven Universe


    Full Metal Alchemist

    Criminals Minds

    Blue Bloods

    Hunger Games



    The Phantom of the Opera
  3. Im intrestead in the fallout and mass effect ones.
  4. mass effect if you don't mind.
  5. Will you be playing the original characters or the OC ones and will this be in Pm or not
  6. depends on what you want and pms are fine.
  7. law and order svu?
  8. Well if im deciding I may take the Oc and prefer you to be Tali or liara.
  9. sure, I can do either.
  10. Want to take this to Pm then?
  11. sure.
  12. not interested at the moment, sorry.
  13. still searching for partners
  14. still searching for partners
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.