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  1. I can try doing it if you want.
  2. Yes and thank you so much.
  3. You may not like it though xD This is my first time doing a banner. I am used to avatars and signatures but not Banners
  4. If there is anything you do not like with it, do tell. ^.^
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  5. I have another.
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  6. I really like the second thank you!
  7. I was just wondering. Did you make sure to make it exactly 800x100? I forgot to mention that in the requirements.
  8. Yes. Lol. I did. But try it. If It does not fit, do tell. I will resize it again.
  9. It is calling error when I try to submit it. Saying "image in this area must be exactly 800x100". It may not be anything you did. Computers sometimes do not like me.
  10. Wait, I will check again.
  11. Try tht

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  12. It worked! Thank you so very much!
  13. Oh. That's great. The pic, somehow, when I resized it, it did not save. So I used another app to see if it work. It did, thankfully.
  14. Ah, I think I ran into the same troubles when I tried to do it myself. Also I only have a simple laptop that a borrow from my sister so resizing was not working at all.
  15. Oh. All edits I do, I use my phone lol. I do not use my pc much.
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