Simple question really...

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  1. What do you want out of life?


    Do you want fame, fortune, or love? Are you okay with being content with what you have, or is there something you're still working towards? Where do you see yourself in a couple years, or perhaps a decade?

    What I really want to do is make a living off of writing stories. I'd be so happy if the things I bought, like a house or a car, came from writing stories. (Or hell, even drawing or painting I'd be happy with.) The thought of making a career out of something I truly hate scares me more than anything, even being in debt. However that's not to say that I want this to happen instantaneously. I am more than willing to put forth the effort and work my ass off. I have love already, fortune eh... Just enough to pay the bills. Fame is iffy for me. I'd like recognition more than fame.

  2. I like this question. >:3 Currently, I am content. I am married to someone I love, we have our own home, family, everything we need. BUT I still have life goals and wishes too. Cause I think if you get too complacent and don't still strive for things to accomplish in the future, that you can fall in to a rut, get depressed, feel lost, etc.

    SO I have a couple of goals, from small little things to biiiig dreams I might never accomplish. XD

    For example! I really want to take Iwaku to it's community goals. Admining is one of my longest held hobby/interests, so seeing Iwaku be successful in new and exciting ways would be like seeing your life's work take off.

    I also have a lot of project goals for our house! I want our home to be customized and reflect our family. That takes a lot of construction and time to do. o_o I'll be working on that for years and years.

    I too would also love to finish and publish a book or ten. Sadly, my love of admining and roleplaying always ends up making me distracted and procrastinate. So I don't see myself writing a book until I am much much older. XD

    In the end, all I really want is to live in a stable, dramafree environment where I feel needed and loved. Everything beyond that is just a bonus!
  3. I want to fill myself up with knowledge, to learn so much about something that I have impressed myself. If we lived in a world where it was possible, I would probably spend the rest of my life just taking university and graduate classes and learning everything I could lay my hands on. As it stands, I want to feel like I truly know so much about what I'm studying.

    I want to be able to live happily with someone that I love who loves me. I want to be able to to live without a fear of going to the doctor because of the cost, to be able to relax some and next spend much of my time worrying about whether I will have enough money. I want to be able to take care of this person and know that they are safe when I wake up every morning. I will probably eventually want other small creatures to take care of, I guess, too.

    I want to travel to other places. I want to see Viêt Nam's countryside, the castles of Germany, and many other places as well.
  4. I just want to be happy. My happiness exists in my boyfriend and my son. So as long as I have them and they're living healthy lives, I couldn't ask for more. My ultimate goals are to be a good wife (yes, I want to get married) and a good mother. :]

    I have other ambitions too, of course. One is to finish college. I might not accomplish my dream of getting a degree in Geology because I'm just not up to the challenge right now. (Seriously, all that calculus and shit... Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.) I'll get SOMETHING completed, though. There's a lovely office administration program I want to take part of at our lame community college. Odd as it sounds, office work is a passion of mine. I'd be stupid not to pursue that. :p Plus, I want to be the first person in my family to actually finish something in college. My mom hasn't, my sister won't, not even my dad will... I want to do what they can't/won't.

    One day, I'd like to live someplace that's better for me and my family. This area of Oregon is terrible. We have to travel out of town to fulfill certain needs, the weather is harsh, we have to watch out for rapists and thieves way too often, and there are no jobs. Returning to Washington would be nice, but so would moving to a nicer, friendlier area of Oregon. Just somewhere we can settle for a nice long while, you know? I'm sick of moving all the time. My hope is to achieve this within a year or two.
  5. Cats, clothes, ceramic studio and canvases preferably primed with gesso and ready.

    Also, growing into the crotchety, cantankerous old hag who sits in open-concept cafés mocking young people a few tables over crying about "OHHHMIGAWD WUT AM I DOIN' WITH MY LIIIIIIIIIFE? OMG I SHOULD GO SKYDIVING!" and their fucking pursuit of putting deep meaning into their lives.

  6. I want a good story.
  7. I want money. Lots and lots of money.
  8. I do not know if I really am aware of what I want in life, mainly because I am so early on the road. I have wanted many things in my life so far, some of which I managed to achieve, some of which I did not. Some gave me a sense of immense satisfaction, while others have failed to provoke any emotion in me. Right now, though, my goals could be summarised in one single sentence: I would like to see the end of this university, to graduate. That is my immediate goal right now, and hopefully, I will succeed with it. I really love this university so far, so if I had to leave it, it is possible that I would not live it down.

    As for the future? I would like to have a job, settle down with a nice girl, have children and maybe, if my time allows, try to publish one of my pieces of fiction. Right now, I am only writing out of passion and it is but a hobby, but I hope that I will manage to leave at least one book behind myself as it would mark a huge milestone for me. Maybe that is what I want out of life: To write for others, to tell stories. But right now, I think I may be too young to actually decide.
  9. I am sort of content you could say... My number one goal is to raise my kid to be amazing. My son will be 3 on Sunday and already, he is the most amazing person I have ever met. It's not cause I'm a proud momma, his personality is audacious, and exciting and ever growing but his personality is still this vibrant breath of fresh air that makes me feel like if anything, I succeeded at ONE thing.

    I am a college student and so next big goal will be to graduate. I've been working hard and excelling in school by the grace of no sleep, tears shed and overworking of my cerebral powers lol but all working towards the end result.

    I am married to my high school sweetheart and although I wish I could say it's all sunshine and daisies, we've been through a hell of a lot and I want us to reach a point where we're not worried about bills, arguing about finances or any other dumb thing that arises between us. I want us to enjoy life together and continue growing as a couple.

    We just got a house and I cannot wait to truly make it mine. Change things, build things, go all extreme home makeover on it x3. I have quite a few books and two that are series that I am plain just too chicken to do anything with other than read them over and over and fall even more in love with my stories. My mother has always harped about how I'm wasting my creativity selfishly without allowing others to read... I guess I'm just afraid of harsh criticism. These stories were spun to occupy my time and take me to a world that exists at my fingertips and maybe having someone read and dislike and tell me that will somehow taint a part of me that I like... Someday I hope that I can allow myself to maybe publish a few.