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「 平易 愛 」- Simple Love

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Taichou, Sep 27, 2014.

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  1. Hello. I'm Taichou, you can call Seki if you want.

    I have an idea, care to take a peek?


    「 平易 愛 」- Simple Love
    Year: 1855 - Edo Period
    Place: Kyoto, Japan
    Beginning Season: Spring - Welcoming of the Cherry Blossoms
    Genre: Romance, History, Mild Violence, Slice of Life

    It was the time of war, and religion during this time. It was a the time for politics, rulers, emperors, and rebels. It was a time where Japan, was reaching the climax of the slowly rising rebel nation. With the constant change Japan is reaching with each coming season, boys becoming men, women finding husbands, and men going off into the battles of independence against order, some of the citizens reached a stand by. Keeping their stores guarded by the on going criminals that walked the cities dirtied streets filled with corruption, sin, and filthy money. Begging tax collectors that you'll pay them back ten fold, begging the wealthy to spare money so they wouldn't lose their home. Empty, broken promises, only to end up with innocent blood to spill where no one dares to look, nor help.

    Kyoto, was changing. The people living, dying. Everyone else, growing. But this isn't about everybody else, but only two people in particular. While everything around them was a blur, these two, stayed the same-- well one did, and the other kept growing, but despite complications, this is a love story.

    It is the story between a boy and girl. A boy "abandoned" by his parents to the Kagiyama Temple , only to be the successor for the next generation to come. A girl, fed by her servants with a silver spoon, but locked away in the thick walls of wealth, security, and threat of being taken for every penny her family owns. These are two different people, with two different destines, but one fate. To fall in love, defy the odds, and run away together. But as children, you can't call fate on such a story.

    But what if one could, and the other was only lured by the others love?

    A love story, simple, heart warming, with a hint of tragedy.


    What I'm looking for in my Partner:
    • I am only looking for ONE person. To fill the role of any character they choose, which is only Female or the Male role. - If thinking about being the Female: you are a rich girl, you can either go left or right on this. Nice, caring, Cautious OR you can be Adventurous, Snooty, Tsundere.
      - If thinking about being the Male: you are a worker at a temple, you study the word of the gods, and it isn't such a great life for you but it works. Again, you can go left or right on this character. Reserved, Observant, Loyal and Justified OR you can be a bit of a trouble maker, who likes to have fun, but you are the little hero.
    • Where I'm going with on the characters, I'm somewhat picky on personalities on how I want them to be, but that is only because it is important for them to fit in the society I've created, and it is essential that you tick with the little guide line, the rest is for you to decide (:

    • I'll be playing any gender. I want my partner to decide which gender, because I can play both fluently. And sense I got my own personal view on each gender, whatever is fine with me!
    • No one liners - I hate it so much.
    • Correct grammar, sentence structure, and all the above would be lovely as well!
    • I want someone who can go into detail, grasp where we are, get the time period and what is going on. Of course, please do ask questions if you have any and I'll be glad to answer you right away!
    • I want someone who will post at least twice a day, and TELL ME if you are going to be hiatus. If we can post more than twice a day, that'd be wonderful of course. But don't abandon me, because I will most definitely not abandon you!
    • Lastly, I want someone who can continue to the plot, have their ideas, help me get this roleplay to be fun for the both of us (:
    Post if you are interested! I will message the person I want to roleplay with c:

    Have a good day!
  2. Hello!!! I read your plot/Idea and I really like it, could I please roleplay with you? ^-^
  3. Hello!, Your plot is very good and I'm more then interested in roleplaying with you! I have a big imagination, I can come up with more then one idea for plots and ideas. I also post several times a day, sometimes twice if I'm busy in real life which would be every once and a while.
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