Simple light and fluffy RPs wanted.

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  1. I'm in serious need of some light-hearted and simple RPs to have fun without having to think so much to get something started. Also, the recent passing of two family members has me rather unable to mess with any of the darker theme for a while. Romance is a plus but not necessary.

    DON'T require me to find images for my characters. My imagination runs too wild to keep up with a pencil and my wacom is dying. I would rather just use my words to describe them instead.

    As for posting speed, I don't really have a regular pattern. I tend to spend time thinking about my response, both in actions and in words and writing. I tend to take longer to do this these days than I did years ago. I really hate that fact, but it's something that I can't really do much about right now. I'm just slow to process shit. >:P

    Plot-wise, I'd like to aim for something adventurous with room for comical shenanigans.

    Setting-wise, I mostly enjoy fantasy versions of any era.

    As for characters, I'm pretty wide open. Human, fantasy, furry, hybrid (human body with animal ears,tail,etc), even a few kinds of animals as long as no rules are broken. I'm best at playing shifter types, though I like to get creative with the kinds of animals I use as the alternate form. But, I'm open to anything at this point.

    I tend to be better at playing guys, but also occasionally play girls.

    As for relationships, I'm pretty open, but I refuse to play anything dual-gendered. I'm not well experienced with playing same-sex relationships, but am willing to try them. I'm also not really all that big on S&M. I can play it lightly, but I'm a switch by nature who tends to toss in role-reversals.

    If I happen to have caught your interest, please feel free to PM me.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.