Simple FxF RP. (Always Looking. 18+ slice-of-life)

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  1. Basically, our FxF have been dating for a couple years but they're complete opposites and enjoy constantly fighting. Seriously: They argue all the time, and don't think anything of it because they're still in love. All of their friends observe them and figure the relationship is on the rocks when it isn't - that's just what they're like. MC is pretty tomboyish and doesn't do well with romance (so constantly forgets important milestones in their relationship) while YC is the complete opposite. That's basically it xD

    My character (appearance):

    Now I don't have many rules, but these are the couple I could think of.

    - Please be committed

    - Please be active - I can reply a good few times a day.

    - Be willing to RP over pm or email (because of mature scenes)

    - Please be 18 or over. Its just a comfort thing :-)

    Thanks for reading this! Feel free to message me or post here if you're interested!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.