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  1. Hi I'm Cresion and my old commission thread was fairly old and disorganized, so I created this one which is much simpler and makes my life easier. I also have a bit of new art since it's been like 18 months since my old thread went up!

    If you would like something more elaborate (Chibis, fullbody, characters sheets with multiple poses, multiple characters, backgrounds etc) please PM!
    or find me on discord: MiaorangeJuice#3916

    What I do:
    People with some animal characteristic (ears, tails, claws, some scales etc)
    Gore & violence (within reason)
    Couples picture (all orientations, just not explicitly sexual)

    What I DON'T do:
    Animals/Furries (Just not very familiar)
    Anything controversial or questionable (racism, sexism, homophobia etc)

    Here's some basic info I need to do a piece of your character:
    -What type of commission (headshots etc.)
    -If you want a headshot please specific a square or rectangular canvas (dimensions on image above)
    -A pre-existing reference image


    -A detailed and adequate description of your character, with images that provide a general idea of their look (eg. you can have separate images for their hairstyle, clothing etc, and specify colors)

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