Simple/Casual RPs (FxM only)

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  1. Hello! I figured to do some roleplaying whenever I get the chance. I hope to rp with you!

    -No Godmod
    -No Mary/Gary stues
    -Roleplays will be through PMs only
    -Romance is okay as long as it doesn't get toooo personal
    -Atleast give me something to reply?
    -I try to mirror my partner but 1-2 paragraphs is my capacity
    -Tell me if you'd be late on replying
    -If you're getting bored of our roleplay please tell me so!

    +Team Fortress 2
    +Don't Starve Together
    +Heneral Luna

    +Zombie Apocalypse

    If you're interested, leave a comment down below! Thank you and I hope to rp with you soon!
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  2. Hey! I'd love to play out a TF2-based plot! Can you send me a PM?
  3. Hey, still looking for a rp partner?
  4. I'm willing to rp with you if you're still willing...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.