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  1. I'm looking for a 1x1 with someone I like to get into roleplaying, it's as basic as that, really. If you want to know me better, feel free to find me in the Cbox.
    • I'm German, as such my English writing is not as good as it probably could be. Doesn't mean that I am unable to communicate my point or anything, I may just have some hardship while writing for anything artistic. But that can only get better with practice.
    • Generally I don't have a lot of experience with writing or roleplaying. Again, something that improves the more one practices. However, I do consider my writing and grammar to be good, but don't take my word on that.
    • It is very hard for me to stick with something and I've had problems with keeping to participate in group roleplays previously (mostly on other sites, I haven't roleplayed much at all here), though I have never tried a one on one, and I hope that it'll be easier.
    • Probably some other things I've forgot.

    For general information, click here.

    About topics:
    Medieval Fantasy is favoured and I don't recall another genre I like. Science Fiction is not really prefered, but I guess still okay, whereas I would not really want to roleplay in a modern setting. Post-/apocalyptic, horror, furry and romance are genres I would rather avoid.

    Plot ideas:
    Because of my inexperience I cannot say a whole lot about my preferences, other than that I like political struggles. Here are a few (very generic) plot ideas, regardless:
    • A person of great importance and power has fallen ill
    • A person of great importance and power has been murdered
    • An epidemic is ravaging the lands and its people
    • Magic is shifting the peoples' everyday life (undead, splitting earth, droughts, amnesia...).
    • An invasion is threatening people of a domain
    • Objects / Subjects which suddenly disappear
    • Revolts and riots against a particular object / subject
    • Search for some kind of artifact
    • (Perhaps linked to the point above) New technology (à la electricity in the dark age)
    • Some kind of deity who tries to eradicate a group of people
    Note: Of course any of these plots can be extended into multiples, for example "People of great importance...".

    That's all what comes to mind at the moment.
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  2. I would be interested in getting a role-play together with you. I love medieval Era almost anything, so would be able to jump right in.
  3. Sure, feel free to contact me via PM for further information/discussion.
    And sorry, didn't check up on the thread recently o_o
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