Similar, but not Parallel (Trans-Dimensional RP, 4-5 members)

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  1. Similar, but not Parallel: A Trans-Dimensional RP

    • A Short Forward

      In July, an announcement was made that a manga I followed during my early teens was getting a sequel. If you’re a fellow Tsubasa Chronicle fan, I’m sure you've heard about the new series. The news sparked an old flame, and I've been toying with the idea of creating a role play consisting of similar elements, primarily dimension hopping. Of course, this is loosely based on the story’s themes and will have a different plot, so anyone unfamiliar with the work (or who didn't care for it) is welcome to join. Leave a message in this thread if you are interested in participating. Without further ado, I present the premise!

    • The Premise

      Fairytales have painted elaborate pictures of otherworldly beings for centuries. With many of those creatures comes an environment they dwell in. Witches have been said to live in ragged huts while fairies are often depicted spending time around trees or meadows. However, thousands of books contain fictional worlds with human inhabitants. Those stories aren’t as farfetched as one would think. In fact, different plains of existence are real, and many of them contain humans. In fact, some are home to alternate versions of people living similar or completely different lives.

      If someone is lost in thought, pondering over a particularly strong wish, there’s a slim possibility they’ll wander someplace very different from where they came. However, it’s just as likely another person intended to arrive there. Well-known to some, and non-existent to others, a barren dimension incapable of birthing life answers pleas. The void, as it’s referred to by all peoples privy to it, has been known to grant wishes. Upon arrival, people are surrounded by dense fog from head-to-toe. While there, it’s said a voice, identical to whoever’s is present, will greet visitors. Groups have reported hearing unsettling harmonies. From there, it will grant people with a task, and if completed, their wish will come to fruition.

      For some reason, you’ve either decided to venture to the desolate land shrouded in fog or wound up there against your accord. Regardless, several individuals from different worlds arrived as well, and everyone has been given the same task. The void wishes for you to travel across dimensions and report what alternate versions of people are doing until everyone has completed ten different records for ten different people. However, you should know, people can’t leave the void without accepting its task. A word of caution, anyone who stays there for more than a week vanishes, and is never seen again.

    • Info

      • I want RP members to post twice a week (as a minimum). Post length, for the most part, does not matter. It doesn’t bother me when people write short pieces to move dialogue along. However, try to add description and tags.
      • I’m looking for 4-5 members (myself included).
      • More information will be provided should anyone show interest! I don’t want to become invested in something that doesn't catch attention.
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  2. Well, seeing how I literally write stories based off these sorts of ideas, I'm in. To confirm though, our characters will all be from a single world?
  3. @ERode: First off, thank you for replying to my thread! I'm glad someone took an interest in this idea. I intend for each character to come from a different world.
  4. In regards to 'alternate versions of people', is this in reference to the players? Or in reference to just random people from different worlds? All in all, the void probably could have just hired a private investigator in order to do this profiling. XD
  5. @ERode: Shh, private investigators are expensive. It prefers slave contracts. XD Anyway, I want the records to be about strangers. However, the strangers will be central to each story ark.
  6. 10 story arcs sound rather large, but k. Basically, though, you're not going to be visiting any of the worlds that the player characters came from, right? And will there be an overarching plotline? Or no.
  7. @ERode: There is an overarching plot-line (though it's still in the works). Also, I don't plan on the group completing their records.
  8. Alright, fair enough. Is the void the only thing capable of sending people through dimensions? Or are there others capable of it?
  9. I'm expressing my interest.
    This was intentional, wasn't it?
  10. @ERode: There are people capable of dimension hopping without the void's assistance. Advanced civilizations and worlds with specific types of "magic" are capable of it. However, the void often times interferes with travel. Many people who weren't planning on traveling there have gone missing.
  11. @Voltin: Oh, I wish it was. Sadly, I have to admit to making a blunder.
  12. Shh, it's okay. Nobody has to know.
  13. @Voltin: Will it help if we only mention it is dark font colors?
  14. the void a god-like entity or something? it something that no one else wants to piss off? Or are there other dimension-manipulator peeps that can pick a bone with it?
  15. @ERode: I'd consider it a god-like entity. However, it doesn't bother people unless they attempt to travel across dimensions without it giving them a task that results in having to. Not much is known about the void, but a few older civilizations have gathered data about the strange place/entity. Thus far, people have reported similar relations and progressions in technology occurring across dimensions. People that get along in one world tend to in others. However, when large-scale differences take place for one reason or another, entire worlds have been known to vanish. Those instances are rare. Also, nothing/nobody with similar control exists.
  16. Seems interesting. o3o
  17. @chaosheart13: I'm glad you're interested! Feel free to ask questions. Sorry for the late reply, I was working on another RP.

    @Everyone: I'll leave the interest check open for most of the day to see if one more person would like to join. I don't want too many members.
  18. @Everyone: I'm going to give everyone a lot of freedom over their character's world, and any possible abilities. However, I do ask that nobody "god-mods." If you have a magical, paranormal, or futuristic character, I ask that you give an explanation of what they are capable of doing.

    Edit/Update: I'm back

    -No, I just realized I've gone the entirety of the day without pranking anyone!
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  19. I am very much interested in this! Tag me up when the IC arrives :D
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