SilverWars: The Royal Triumvirates

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  1. The Silver Wars: The Royal Triumvirates
    This may or may not be rated PG-13 for mild violence and language.

    ALSO, THIS IS A W.I.P. If you have any ideas about the plot, please PM me~!


    Welcome to Regalia~!

    March 31, 3263
    This was the start of the Battle of Dasani in Regalia. When the Knives wanted to take most of the powerful territories, the continent of Platoon refuted to reconcile with Sunstone, the Fork's continent. The war did not stop until 3297 of November 2. Three houses were called Spoons, Forks, and Knives.

    Knife--Neutral Evil to Chaotic Evil
    Spoon-- True Neutral to Chaotic Neutral
    Fork--Neutral Good to Chaotic Good

    Red jewels or clothes represent fire
    Orange represents strength and the earth
    Yellow represents the lightning and or pure light
    Green represents air and the nature around
    Blue represents water and ice
    Indigo represents the atmosphere
    Purple is the magic within

    The Knives and Forks are competing for the highest power. Right now, the Knives are fierce and embody the fear of Platoon. Their Queen is Queen Mordecai Rosary Platonia. The name of the town is named after the plucky queen herself. Her husband was killed three years ago.

    Countries supporting the Knives
    Current Allies for the Knives (open)

    Platonic Xaz (Capital of Platoon)
    Mouja (Arctic land)
    Arles (Half supports Forks)
    Yaran (only desert region of Platoon)

    The Forks, on the other hand, are democratic and have no leader. However, Reagan Winchester is the president of Summers, the east of Platoon. The Forks dislike the Knives because of them taking their rights.

    Spoons are peasants and/or relatively middle class citizens. They decide not to openly propagate their own views.
    Mesapoi is the third region in between. These countries have little or no alignment. They take neutral stances on politics.
    Current Allies For the Spoons (open)
    Erestria (undecided; isolationist)
    Templeton (Those from this country have a noticeable German accent)
    Astragoth (Militaristic, and decides to stay neutral)
    Quill? (KEEL) (Artics; allies with Aensland)
    Margatroid (Promotes democracy)

    There are countries that support the Forks that have Queens and Kings.

    Allies For the Forks (open)

    the West of Arles
    Zedekiah (Arctic region)
    Fondue (closes entry to Knife supporters)
    Margatroid (trades with Arles and Renevieve)
    Toombaya (Poor; does not allow slavery or trades.)

    Character Sheet (open)
    Species: (You may be anything as long as it is reasonable)
    Accent: (If we heard them now, how would they sound like?)
    Photo: (If any; given that it is the future, I will prefer well-drawn portraits or real life; anime pictures may not bode well to said theme)
    Political Stance: (Spoon, Fork or Knife)
    Stripes: (Will represent what powers your character possesses)
    Combat Abilities and Style:
    Non-Combat Abilities/Talents:

    You can be part of the Elegant Knives and Forks
    Or one of the Spoons
  2. So I named it because I didn't care at the time, but if anyone has some ideas for the game, please let me know. The map will be here.

    This takes place in January 9 of 3301, which is the future in a medieval setting. That means we the Forks have futuristic clothes while the Spoons have modern clothes or colored dragons.

    You can play as an elf, orc, vampire, werewolf or any of the western fantasy races. In Arles, it is populated with fairies and other Fey. You may also play a human.

    Name: Erik DeTorres
    Age: 15
    Birthday: September 6, 3286 (yes i did the math)
    species: elf
    Stripes: purple (and blue if allowed more than 1)
    appearance: Light gray skin tight shirts, black pants, shaggy black hair, light purple eyes.
    Personality: kind, adventurous, not very trusting.
    Bio: Parents were killed when he was 10 by an orc. He lives alone in Arles, he plans to move somewhere new once he gets enough cash or when a chance arizes. which ever comes first.

    You may have no more than one stripe, as to prevent god-modding. Sorry about that. I will make a character.

    The character alignment: Lawful, implying honor and respect for society's rules; chaotic, implying the opposite; and neutral, meaning neither.

    The nine alignments can be represented in a grid, as follows:

    Lawful Good
    Neutral Good
    Chaotic Good

    Lawful Neutral
    Pure/True Neutral
    Chaotic Neutral

    Lawful Evil
    Neutral Evil
    Chaotic Evil

    Forks and Knives have all the power. If you ask if the spoons can be slaves, there is nothing wrong with it. And for Toombaya, it can have a generally warm climate. Summer all year round is, in turn possible (like Australia or Egypt)

    Occupation: King of Margatroid
    Name: Mortimer Douglass Kraust
    Age: 62
    Birthday: November 25
    Species: Human
    Political Stance: Fork
    Appearance: Brown, naturally curly hair with copper eyes. Mortimer is a bit heavyset, but he is confident to stand or walk without much of a sweat. Mortimer stands at 6' 2" and often walks with a cane. He is almost always seen wearing embellished clothing that corresponds to his two stripe colors: Yellow and Purple. However, his powers are extremely weak and he prefers to have the heirs protect him.
    Personality: Mortimer adores the Forks, and he tries to do the best he can to protect their rights.
    Alignment: Lawful Good

    The Knives are high class. The Knives stole gold and other resources from the Forks. They also allow slavery in their areas. The Knives wish to expand on the land.

    The Knives and Forks are relatively wealthy parties. But Spoons are also democratic middle-class citizens. Not all counties allow slavery.

    (Sorry if I left out anything. I will polish this up in the OOC!)
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