SilverCreek Academy: A Zodiac Roleplay

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  1. Do NOT post your character sheets here. Please post them in the Sign-Up thread.

    Characters that have been accepted by both GMs
    Terra Salvatore || 17 || Leo || @Brea
    Alice Heart || 16 || Capricorn || @SashaBliss
    Eleanor Thomas || 18 || Sagittarius || @kimsim12

    Characters that are w.i.p. or need to be changed
    Caden Davidson || 17 || Aries || @WeepingLiberty || w.i.p.
    Vinno Lines || 13 || Aquarius || @Cresion Breezes || w.i.p.
    Arya Stahls || 19 || Gemini Mage || @WeepingLiberty || w.i.p.
    Seraph Jagger || 16 || Virgo || @Nano || w.i.p.

    This roleplay is currently open and accepting new players/characters.
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  2. Original Concept

    In this RP, there can be many characters but only 12 zodiac characters (one of each).

    The characters all go to a boarding a school. Soon, things start to change. The night starts to get longer, bodies vanish both dead and alive, even the school and the townspeople from the nearby village become the students' enemies. Animals freak and run like wild from an evil as old as time has been unleashed on this world. This evil has army of dead soldiers and living ones. He will stop at nothing until the world is gone. The only thing that stands in his way are the supernatural students of Black Thorn Academy.

    Twelve of them have the power to put him away. The question is, can they get over the petty love triangles, teenage drama, and their hatred of each other?

    Home to the Zodiacs

    Congratulations, you have been selected to attend SilverCreek Academy. Here, you will learn from the best professors in the academic world, along with other specialized instructors with more...practical knowledge. Good luck.

    Zodiac HistoryBefore light came into the universe, there was darkness. This darkness consumed everything it touched, snuffing out even the smallest glimpse of light. Called "The Void," the darkness had twelve generals loyal to him alone. These generals kept the universe in line where The Void was absent. And so, for thousands and thousands of years, hope was a concept unknown to all.

    One day, however, everything changed. A light came from the heavens in the form of Twelve Zodiacs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces. They appeared to be celestial beings, taking either a humanoid form or an animal-like form. These Zodiacs each overcame their opposites and banished The Void from the known universe, never to return. Or so they thought.

    With light now expanding the universe, the Zodiacs found peace on a planet called Earth, abandoning their heavenly forms for human ones. There they passed down their power through generations, with a new Zodiac coming to life every 100 years on January 1st {meaning every Zodiac's "birthday" is January 1st}. Every new Zodiac is born at a place called nati sumus, meaning "we are born." No one but the Zodiacs can access this place, as it is the link between the heavens and the earth. When a new Zodiac is formed, the previous one lives a normal human life for roughly sixty years before passing on.

    This has been the way of things ever since The Void was banished. As the centuries passed, the Zodiacs became less and less worried about the return of the greatest evil the universe had ever seen. As their worry lessened, their strife with each other increased. Soon, the Zodiacs were turning against each other, choosing sides and forming groups. It seemed there would never be peace between them again.

    In 1715, humans called "mages" became known to the world. They were the less powerful versions of the Zodiac, created for the purpose of aiding them should The Void ever return. No one is quite sure how they came to be, but it caused quite a shock. In fact, it was during this time that the Zodiacs finally seemed to agree on an issue.

    Academy HistoryFounded in 1652, SilverCreek Academy has been the pinnacle of academic and social excellence since its inception. Its original purpose was to provide a safe haven for Zodiacs, as the human world was rather unpredictable. Every 100 years, when a new Zodiac was born, they would be brought to the Academy to be raised and later trained.

    In 1715, however, human mages became known to the world. It was quickly decided by the Zodiacs that they should be trained and kept safe within the academy, so the doors were opened to these humans. Ever since that time, both the Zodiacs and the human mages have been trained to use their powers.

    As wars ravaged the human world, the academy remained distant from it all. To become involved in mere human matters was a breach in the Zodiac Code. They never stepped in unless the world was at stake, such as with Hitler. Even then, they rarely used force.

    Ever since its inception, the academy has been headed by a council of the previous Zodiacs, normally around eight of them. The previous Zodiacs are not required to stay behind, but most of them choose to do because the human world is so volatile. And, furthermore, the new Zodiacs have to be trained by someone with experience.

    And so, the academy has lived in relative peace. The nearest human settlement is a small village. Technology is kept to a minimum, as communication with the outside world is rarely necessary. However, no matter how hard people try, there will always be strife between the Zodiacs--past and present.

    Present DayA new year has begun at SilverCreek Academy. Teenagers aged 13 to 19 come eager to learn...or not. Everything seems to be going well, if you don't count the constant fights between the Zodiacs and even the human mages. After all, opposite personalities don't always attract. With tensions as high as they always are, things are otherwise peaceful.

    At least for now, anyways.


    @WeepingLiberty and I are co-GMing this roleplay. We both contributed to the ideas and structure, so we have equal power. That means that whatever I say goes, and whatever Liberty says goes.
    1. Be respectful to others. It's not rocket science.

    2. All Iwaku rules apply.
    3. Be detailed with your character sheets. All sections are required.
    4. Liberty and I want at least two well-developed paragraphs with at least ten sentences in total. Tell us what your character is thinking, feeling, etc. Not just what they say/do.
    5. Have fun! Seriously, have fun with this!
    6. For the sake of roleplaying ease, we will only be roleplaying classes that have to do with our character's powers. I'm sure that's quite tragic, as I know everyone just loves to make up lectures about math and history.
    7. Please, for the love of all things good and pure in this world, keep grammar and spelling mistakes to a minimum. I understand it's impossible to be perfect, but please try to understand the difference between their/there/they're, then/than, etc.
    8. THIS IS AN OPEN ROLEPLAY. All sexualities, genders, etc. are WELCOME! However, please realize that, in all actuality, sexualities and genders outside of cis and straight are the minority. It's a simple fact, especially when it comes to genders. If you get mad at me about this, I will show you as many statistics as my rage will allow that prove my point. I, for one, do not like the idea of having two males, three females, five transgenders, six agenders, one bigender, and two who-the-fuck-knows-because-I'm-not-that-educated (I've had this happen, people, believe it or not).
    9. Swearing is fine. Send that colorful fucking language at me, as I curse more than a sailor myself, but please know your limits. Even I know when it is and isn't appropriate to use "fuck," especially when it comes to roleplaying. If you're too heavy on the swearing, I or Liberty will respectfully let you know. :)
    10. Liberty and I spent hours on this concept, as well as the plot we have in mind. Please do not disrespect that by throwing in major plot bunnies that have no place here--UNLESS you've run it by one of us first, in which case we ask that you let everyone else know that in your post to prevent confusion.
    11. IMPORTANT Liberty and I will be posting a GM post every Saturday, unless we have otherwise stated due to real life circumstances or (in my case quite often) lack of mental energy. GM posts will not be our every post, and we will specify when we have posted a GM post. This is to keep the plot moving and alive. Please try to get in at least one post between GM posts so you aren't left behind.
    12. If you find yourself unable to commit to this roleplay, even if you haven't finished your character yet, please let us know. We won't judge you or anything, as we completely understand that sometimes you lose interest or don't have the time. We would rather have players who are interested and have the time than players who have neither and don't have the balls to say so.
    13. I may not be an adult, but I can tell you that everyone on this site should act like one. We're here to relax and have fun while keeping a professional, lovely atmosphere. By professional, I mean we're not acting like a bunch of whiny brats that never left middle school. If you have a problem with another player, run it by Liberty or me or get the fuck over it. Your problems will not become a problem for the rest of us.
    14. If you are interested in being part of the future plot, PM both of the GMs (WeepingLiberty and myself) in a single conversation or individually if you don't know how to invite multiple users into a conversation. There are limited spots available.

    If you read all of that word-for-word, I applaud you. I probably put in some of my scary, I'll-rip-your-face-off language, but I swear I'm a nice person. Liberty and I are quite excited for this roleplay, and we hope everyone joining is, too!


    The Zodiacs will eventually possess all of their powers listed below, but some powers will take more time to develop and perfect than others. Keep this in mind. Private message a GM if you have other ideas for powers.


    The abilities of human mages are based on their zodiac sign, which is based on their birth date. Please stick with overarching signs only; don't go into planets and the sun and the moon and all that. For the powers listed, YOU MAY ONLY CHOOSE ONE. If you have other ideas, you must private message a GM for confirmation. Some zodiac signs will be limited to only what is listed below; others are flexible to ideas.
    • Aries: Aries allows strength-based abilities, such as headbutting OR Enhanced Strength.

    See the Sign-Up thread for the character sheets.



    Classes/Entrance Hall
    The main entrance is a three-story set up with a lobby and classrooms all confined into that white rectangle. This will be for regular classes like math, history, science, etc. There is also an auditorium for school-wide meetings, as well as the dining hall/kitchen.

    Dormitories: Water, Earth, Fire, Air
    On the side wings of the main building, the dormitories are split by element. They have five floors. The top two floors house the girls' bedrooms and bathrooms, with a special staircase leading directly to these floors but not the boys' floors. The second and third floors house the boys' bedrooms and bathrooms, with a different staircase leading directly to these floors but not the girls' floors. The commons area is on the bottom floor where students can hang out when not in class.
    The GMs will be assigning rooms and halls, and the Zodiacs will be automatically rooming together unless there aren't enough human mages. Under the spoiler is a general idea of what the dorm halls will look like. There are 3-4 rooms per hall.


    Special Classes: Stone Henge, Loch Celeste, The Pit, and The Roof (not shown)
    Like with the dormitories, special classes are split by element. During these classes, students learn how to master their elemental abilities, as well as their zodiac abilities. Stone Henge is for the earth elementals with a set-up similar to an actual stone henge. Loch Celeste is for the water elementals with a large pond as its main feature. The Pit is for fire elementals with a set-up similar to an actual fire pit, having plenty of fire beacons for use. The Roof is the literal roof of the main building, with plenty of open space and good wind speeds for the air elementals.

    The Arena
    The large space, shaped like a star, is the only place on campus where combat is allowed. Here students can compete against each other to see who does chores, as well as earn their dormitory points which can later be exchanged for various amenities. The center of the star is where the actual fighting is. The points of the star are spectator seats, arranged in rows much like a normal stadium (except that each row decreases in the number of seats it has when moving back). All competitions must be overseen by the staff and are held on a biweekly basis, unless special circumstances call for it.


    7:00 am -- Breakfast
    8:00 am to 12:00 pm -- Regular Classes (not roleplayed)
    12:00 pm -- Lunch
    1:30 pm to 4:00 pm -- Special Classes
    4:00 pm to 6:00 pm -- Free Time
    6:00 pm -- Dinner
    7:30 pm -- Restricted to Dormitories
    9:00 pm -- Restricted to Dorm Floors (i.e. girls go to the girls' floors, boys to the boys' floors)
    10:00 pm -- Restricted to Dorm Rooms
    10:30 pm -- Lights Out


    This is a picture of the elements and their corresponding Zodiacs, so as to avoid confusion. This list applies to human mages as well.

    Here is a lovely little page for everyone. I gave up on the chart. Navigate it by clicking on your Zodiac's friendship compatibility (infograph). You don't have to follow this to a T, but it should be along these lines for most of your relationships. Coming up with backstory and other dynamics is completely encouraged!


    Depending on the outcomes of Arena fights, certain dormitories will have to do certain chores. No matter what, a dorm will always have a chore to do. Some are just harder than others. The chores are listed from easiest to hardest.

    Picking Up Trash in the Buildings and Outside
    Cleaning the Kitchen/Dining Hall after Meals
    Mopping/Sweeping the Main Building and Commons Areas
    Cleaning All the Toilets

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  3. I'll have Taurus up either tomorrow or wednesday.
  4. I read all the rules and didn't see any specification, so: Realistic images or anime?
  5. Both are options, though I personally prefer realistic images.
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  6. I'll post my character in the signups when I get home.
  7. I'll post mine tonight.
  8. Quick Question: For the History of a Zodiac, would they have a normal human life or something else? I just want to know what you guys are looking for here.
  9. Depends on what you're referring to. Zodiacs aren't born human. They're born as Zodiacs. After being a Zodiac for 100 years, their power is passed on to the next Zodiac that is born. They then live like normal humans without powers or anything for about 60-70 years before dying. Zodiacs stop aging at around 18 to 20 and begin aging again after losing their power. Does that make sense?
  10. Yes, for the most part. So, what would a Zodiacs life be like then, is I guess what I'm asking. I understand that they aren't born human, so do they go somewhere to grow up as Zodiacs? Or...?
  11. The Academy itself is the home for the Zodiacs. They are taken there from basically birth and raised by the previous Zodiacs. It's not until they turn 13 that they start training to use their powers and whatnot.
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  12. Okay, thanks for explaining that. I'll have my character finished tonight, January at gotta add her bio, and I'll alert you and the other GM when I'm finished.
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  13. Okay so I'm a little confused, so I got two questions.

    1. When each zodiac is born do the other zodiacs go search for them?

    2. You say they are the zodiac, does that me if you were tauros you'd actually be a bull or do they take the appearance of a human?
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  14. So how do anyone tell who are the they just...know?
    Also...I never use real pictures for my characters because I draw them...I just like doing that, so hopefully that is okay...
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  15. Yes, that's fine.
  16. Awesome questions that I didn't think about before. I'll be adding the first into the Overview in just a couple hours, and I'll let you know when I have. For the second, they are born human. The Zodiac symbols are more symbolic of their original forms, which I'll also be adding into the Overview.
  17. Okay I'm having a little trouble should Capricorn be male or female, I can't decide?
  18. Haha, I can't really decide for myself on that one. xD
  19. Important

    I added information about the Zodiacs into "Zodiac History," but I'll put the gist of it below.

    Basically, Zodiacs were originally celestial beings with heavenly forms, either humanoid or animal-like. There are links in the Overview to give everyone an idea of what they looked like. When the Zodiacs came to Earth, they abandoned their celestial forms in order to appear completely human. By doing this, they also sacrificed some of their strength. Not much, but some. This is why human mages came about, though no one really knows how they did.
    All new Zodiacs are born at a place nati sumus, which is basically the gateway between the heavens and Earth. Only Zodiacs can access it, and each new Zodiac is brought to the Academy where they are raised and then, starting at 13, taught to use their heavenly powers.

    If anyone has any other questions, let me know!
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  20. Will be around shortly to check up on stuff and complete my own CS's. You wouldn't believe the last couple of days. >. <
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