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The power of the moon truly is a terrible, but beautiful thing. It governs the tides, draws gamers out of their homes, and even changes a cursed few into beasts.

When the wolves came Ivan was young when his city, if it could be called that, was attacked. Not by normal wolves, no, normal wolves couldn't stand on their hind legs, normal wolves didn't have fangs that protruded from their lips like knives. These were werewolves, spurned into a rage by the silver glow of the moon.

Ivan, a half-elf of only sixteen years, had been among those who had been bitten, had gone through the painful change from man, to beast and regained their sanity with the help from the elves of the woodland realm.

They weren't cured, they never would be. But they gained the ability to shift between wolf and thier old form. If it hadn’t been for the elves Ivan and the majority of his people would have been lost in the rage of the moon.

And so, ten years later, Ivan, with control over the wolf, wandered from town to town, from village to village, seeking work. He had no end goal, just to keep one foot in front of the other.

That's how he found himself in the small city of Almeria, one hand clasping the bag slung over his shoulder, golden eyes downcast, for one could always pick a wolf out from a crowd by the eyes, no other had eyes that gleamed with a fierce, wild gold.

Almeria was a city that survived on the edge of a lake where their main exports were fish and pearls. Ivan hoped to be hired help doing something, anything, that would pay for room and food.

Food was hard to come by these days. Venturing out into the wilds often ended with injury, or worse, loss of life. Dark times had fallen over the land, monsters, spirits, demons, they all roamed free just outside of cities and towns.

No one dared to travel alone, unless they had magic, or, like Ivan, had some other way of protecting themselves.

Ivan hiked the bag further up on his shoulders, golden eyes darting about. He watched the men working the docks for a moment and gagged at the scent of fish, blood and sweat wafting over to him. He didn’t want to work the docks if he didn’t have to.

Ivan, unlike most elves, or even half elves, was short. He was every bit of 5’2” and 110lbs. Despite the wolf’s blood and magic running through his veins, Ivan wasn’t strong. Even when he shifted forms he was small.

He gimmaced and turned towards the inn and stepped inside. Slowly, he approched the counter.

“Excuse me?” He called, his voice cracking from dissuse. “I’m looking for work, who can I talk to for that?”


Hopefully if you’ve made it this far, you have also just finished reading the starter, which is one that I have posted before, but now that I have access to my laptop, well, it’s longer and has more shit in it.

What I’m looking for:

I want to have an action/adventure and possibly a side of romance, but romance would only be a subplot.

Do keep in mind that Ivan is very gay, so if you do decide to rp with me, you’ll need a male charcter.

The werewolves that I have based these off of are actually the Worgen’s from WoW, so those who have been bitten by the wolves have the ability to shift at any time, so there’s that.