Silver City

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  1. Silver City
    Population: 200,000
    Hero Population: At least 10!
    "Welcome to Silver City, home of heroes!"

    If that welcome sign didn't make sense to you, then you really shouldn't be here. This is a roleplay all about superheroes and villains and people who can do freaky things. And the fantastic part? All of these people are made by you!
    That's right, people! This is an ORIGINAL CHARACTER roleplay! That means that I took a shoe to Spider-Man and got Batman outta the house with a broom! Of course, you can still enjoy their movies and make jokes about them.
    We will brainstorm a plot up before we create an actual thread, and I will put the plot up here.

    Here is a list of known superpowered people and a key to understand what I write down about them.

    Super Person Name
    -Real Name



    -Feline traits and abilities.
    -Can't swim for his life, and has a weakness towards pretty girls.
    -Leone Damien Kyvak
    -No occupation.

    The Form Ya Gotta Fill Out In Order To Join-
    *Please note that if you want to be an ordinary citizen, you can delete the top half of the form.

    SuperPerson Name: (If you want to be a superperson, of course. We could use helpless reporter girls and guys to rescue too.)
    How you got your powers:
    Costume: (Please find pictures for this, and explain exactly what is different about the pictures and the picture you have in your head if you're imagining something a bit different.)
    ---------(Delete top if ordinary citizen)----------
    Real Name:
    Appearance: (Again, please use a picture. I don't even care if it's anime as long as it's a picture. PLEASE PUT A PICTURE. *ahem* Sorry about that.)
    Personality: (Please be descriptive! Don't list traits, describe and develop them!)
    Bio: (This is your character's history! Please don't go overboard with the sob stories! Your character could have a happy backstory like Metroman!)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.