Silmarillion: Cuivië Narsilion


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Together .png Senza titolo-2.png Obsidian_Page_Seperator_white .png Hello there! Cuivië Narsillion, which in Quenya translates to "Awakening of Sun and Moon", is a roleplay based on Tolkien's novel, the Silmarillion, which represents the core of the entire Lord of the Rings Universe. @Shiki and I decided to set it after the destruction of the Trees, FA 52 in Nargothrond.

With the Noldor returned from the West just half a century prior, and Morgoth beaten back, but by no means conquered, Beleriand is still war-torn, every bit of land only reclaimed from the Darkness by the blood of Elves or of Dwarves. And, most importantly, the Silmarils - gemstones of such beauty that they outshine even the fair Lúthien, whose beauty is so legendary that not even the great protections of her home of Doriath prevented the stories - are still in the crown of Morgoth himself. Indeed, while the new Sun gazes hatefully down upon Evil and the Moon shines lightly on Good, the world will not change itself. The armies of Morgoth will not be stopped without the valor of brave heroes, heroes willing to beat back the darkness on all sides to find the Light of the Trees - and the Light of peace.
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For those of you not familiar with the events of the Silmarillion, here's a brief summary
Below, you'll find the CS skeleton to introduce your character!
Name: [...]
Species:(Elf or Dwarf)
Appearance Description:[...]
Fighting Style/Weapon: [...]
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•Race: Dwarf / Broadbeam family
•Gender: Female
•Age: 135 years
Birthplace/Home: Belegost
Appearance: Kóna is of average stature for her race at 4 foot 3 inches. She habitually wears a more utilitarian dress, and her shirt, jacket, and trousers are usually plain and only minorly adorned. That’s not to say she avoids decor; unlike most of her female kin, and indeed in spite of her male kin, Kóna wears some minimal makeup, including a blue shade her to lips and a dark ashen gray beneath her eyes. Her hair, a chestnut brown, is kept in tight braids and wound about the crown of her head, with few falling around her shoulders. Ever studying, her eyes are dark blue.
Skills: Kóna has a preternatural ability to identify a the strengths and weaknesses of a structure, and can instinctively determine a structure’s integrity, whether natural or built. This has made her a peerless architect, following in the vein of her ancestors who designed and dug Belegost and Nogrod in the years before her birth.
Weapon: Kóna keeps an axe on her person as she travels abroad, and rarely leaves it far from her hand, even at what might be considered to be friendlier locations.

Personality: With a tendency toward the proud, Kóna is fairly aloof, in no small part because of her architectural skill which she knows to be exceptional. She bears little patience for those who ask too many questions, and will more often simply push them aside in order to accomplish the task herself. She has also shown to be reckless, ill-considering an action where her pride is concerned.
For the willing and indeed intelligent student, she is an exuberant teacher, finding joy in sharing knowledge with a ready mind. Rarely willing to merely provide something, Kóna demands a fair trade. As such, any and all arrangements she agrees to are fulfilled to the letter, and any contract that is gone back on is met with severe repercussions.
History: Born not quite a hundred years before the rising of the Sun, Kóna was raised by a hardworking father and a creative mother in the depths of the Blue Mountains in Belegost. Gimble her father regularly assisted with the digging of editions to the halls of Belegost, and Tailm her mother designed some of the most recognizable Belegosi armors of the First Age. When she grew old enough to determine such things, Kóna found she shared a love of the architectural with Gimble, but became more enamoured with the actual design aspect. As she was given projects, first to assist with and then oversee, she gained notoriety among her people, such to the point that, when Finrod of the Noldorian Elves commissioned from the Dwarves assistance with his own palace beneath the forests of Taur-en-Faroth, Kóna was the Belegosi elders’ first choice. And Grimble, unwilling to part with his daughter over such a long period as would be necessary, and fearing besides for her safety, traveled with them.
It was a long journey through unfamiliar and dangerous territory, with the threat of Morgoth’s Orcs ever present. Nor was it without incident. On more than one occasion, the Dwarvish party would happen upon Orcish raiding parties, or the reverse would happen. It was perhaps a more winding road than they might have otherwise taken: they first purposed to pass through the southern forests of Doriath and the protection of King Thingol, given their kingdom’s past contractual relationship with their own, but they were unaware of the enchantments and entanglements set within its borders for unwelcome foreigners. Not perhaps three miles under the trees, the Belegosi Dwarves found themselves driven back into the open, left to trek the Fens of Sirion without aid. There it was Gimble met his end; he had insisted upon finding a path through them ahead of the party, citing his natural inclination for wayfinding. But proclivity below ground does not translate to proclivity above, and the Belegosi Dwarves lost him within the marshes. For days they searched, Kóna herself looking tirelessly, but sign of neither sink nor struggle was ever found, and in the end, they had to move on lest they lose another valued member to the fens. It was Kóna’s first real loss, and the previously eager Dwarf became cynical at the thought that he father might be alive if not for their rejection at the borders of Doriath. Further clashes with Orcs occurred, though they were quickly driven back; no fighter in her own right, Kóna had become dangerous and reckless, and the opponents they encountered feared the desperation in her eyes.
They arrived a few months after leaving Belegost at the site of Nargothrond. Eager to begin the work, and no less eager to set her mind upon a distraction from the loss of Gimble, Kóna set to work ...
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Name: Calenduin
Nickname: Calen
Age: 331 years
Gender: Female
Species: Noldorin Elf

Birthplace: Tirion, Aman
Languages: Quenya, Sindarin, Vanyarin
Immediate Family:
Father, Orthoron
Torthaneth, Mother
Rhovandis, Younger Sister
Norgaladiel, Aunt

Abilities: Calenduin has the grace and beauty of her own elven kind. She is near immortal and overall in better health than a human or dwarf might be. She is not prone to illnesses or diseases, and can recover from wounds which may be fatal to a mortal man. Her slender body and light feet help her travel great distances at a quick, comfortable pace. Her greatest challenge and success has been her ability to perceive senses through her bond with a brown wolf via song of the beast, a poetic, entrancing melody with eloquent, mellifluous phrasing about a wolf's fight against nature.

The scrying is only temporary and her body is rendered completely helpless while she is sensing through her wolven bond. She has limited control over where her friend goes; she can guide him, but she cannot make decisions for him. The bond is inexplicably intrinsic in a variety of ways; if her friend was to be wounded, she would feel a phantom pain or receive physical wounds, depending on the severity. No one but she and her bondmate can break their ties.

  • Longbow — Proficient. Another weapon she prefers to use, particularly if war comes along.
  • Shortbow — Proficient. Has a passion for ranged practice and hunts with this weapon.
  • Longsword — Proficient. Can wield without much problem, but dislikes how heavy it is.
  • Shortsword — Proficient. A preferred weapon, if absolutely needed. Enjoys dual wield.
Brief Bio & Personality: Calenduin was raised in Tirion, Aman closely by her cousins' sides. She learned various weapons at a young age and got in touch with her musical side when she hit puberty. Her reputation as a young noble elf preceded her; she often preferred the passion of performance and entertainment to love and marriage. Elven kind was entranced by her good graces, though Calenduin was quite humble with her own achievements.

Her first encounter with life and the nature of the beast was a brown wolf. She'd just become a full grown adult and was out hunting with her sister, Rhovandis. The strange, mystifying encounter with her bonded one started when Rhovandis accidentally shot an arrow at a wolf instead of a deer. Calenduin, good and kind to all things, sought to help the poor creature in any way she could. She managed to calm the wolf with one look as Rhovandis healed the beautiful beast.

She would not see the creature again until later when she proved to be in great trouble and the same wolf saved her. When Fëanor threatened Fingolfin's life, Calenduin followed him and Finwë into exile. The wolf left his pack voluntarily to be by her side; a strangely enchanting and rare occurence, though not something Calenduin took for granted. The two gradually developed a deep and mysterious, unexplainable bond that carried on for years.