silly virgin

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  1. just a silly virgin looking for a smut rp or even just a regular rp, really anything goes for me
    ~^.^~ plus I'm bisexual, isn't that epic?
  2. Lol, I don't know how to reply to this.
    Though, It's in the wrong spot since this is a request from the looks of it.

    I'm sure a moderator will put this in the right spot. >.>*hint* *hint*
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  3. Hi @Fancy Faery ! I'm Minibit and welcome to Iwaku!

    We have lots of smutty ERPGS lovers here on Iwaku, and to keep the site and its members safe from federal offences, we separate age groups

    Adult (18+) members may only Roleplay smut with other adult members

    Teen members (17 and under) may only Roleplay smut with other teen members

    All smutty RPs must go in the Libertine forum for the appropriate age group

    this includes both RPs in the forums and through pm.

    Because of this rule, people are only allowed to ask for or advertise smutty RPs in the appropriate Libertine Requests forum.

    Your introduction says you're looking for smutty Roleplay, so to keep everyone safe (adults can see and potentially respond to your teen request here) I'm moving this thread

    You're not in trouble and didn't do anything wrong; our smut rules work a bit differently than other sites and I thought I'd give you a quick intro :3

    Have fun on the site, you smutty smutter you <3
  4. @fancyfaery
    hello and welcome to iwaku. As for smut rp partners, i've had a lot of feeling to do libertine rp lately so if you have any ideas feel free to pm me.
  5. I promise to be good I swear I will be! *stars in my eyes* starting now! @Minibit

    @darnerdemons okee maybe :3