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  1. Excuse me if a thread like that already exists! And the title isn't probably that fitting either, but it is late and I just spend all my creativity! Anyways what is this about? When you started out roleplaying and now look back on the good old times what comes to mind what you would find really silly/embarasing now?

    Well, I for one got two stories to share. Back then when I was young, like 10 years or something? I was in that german forum RP we had to list strengths and weaknesses, and for each strength we also needed a weakness, so 90% of all people had something like:
    +Able to use swords

    -Can't use spears
    -Can't use axes
    -Can't wear armor

    And pretty much EVERYONE did it and the admin/mods(I became one later too ._.) accepted it, after a year or so we realized how silly that was though.

    Now for an actual 'in-rp'-story, same forum, roughly same age, I had this dude who was hitting on a vampire chick, the vampire chick was some kind of 'No emotions' kind of archetype, so they both ended up in bed and the whole sex scene was described in like two posts, I let my guy behave like a stone because back then I thought him going like "wtf is happening? Is this real?" was appropriate, so the vampire grinded on top of him and got off. After that he was all "What now?" and she was like "Well, I heard sex was supposed to be good, so I thought I try it out, needless to say I didn't enjoy it." having my mission failed I let him die pretty much a few posts after...he fell down the stairs from the INN Room they had.

    Now? Got any stories of your own? C'mon don't be shy and out with it
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  2. I had a friend who told me about their Orc Breserker in Skyrim.

    He only used hammers, and would fly into a rage any time an NPC said anything that might be interpreted as an insult. He spent most of his early game time in jail.
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  3. *rereads that a few times*
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  4. Look here! If you read the whole thing, you'll see that about two pages in, it's already getting lovey dovey. I'm YoungSwan on there and my partner is SucreDeco.
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  5. MY first ever role-play was a yaoi smut.

    The storyline... by god. Let's avoid talking about that.

    But my favorite part was how the first "climax" was a good 4 paragraph description of my character getting a hot bulge in his pants. Ah man... good times.
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  6. sounds uncomfortable
  7. It was focused around to socially awkward guys. The entire role-play was very, very uncomfortable.
  8. When I started roleplaying I was rather curious on the libertine stuff. Just to see if I could write it... It didn't go so well. The best (worst?) example was when I and one of my best iwaku friends at the time were going to do a lesbian roleplay in a haunted mansion.

    To summaries.

    Our characters, who were a couple, entered a haunted mansion because they didn't believe all the ghost stories they had heard. They found an old (probably dusty) bedroom and started having sex. (probably with lots of perverted ghosts watching). I was a complete newb at sex scenes AND at being the dominant person in a relationship, so I had no idea how to continue nor how to stop the scene in a natural way. So what followed was an awkward long sex scene that made me giggle like crazy every time I wrote a new post for it cause it was so damn ridiculous.

    Oh, and one thing I should mention, the ghosts had locked them inside the mansion, so they couldn't get out. They knew that they couldn't get out (though they thought it was a classmate or something that had locked them up) and they went to have sex. Cause that's a natural reaction I guess xD

    I didn't even think it was good while I wrote it, but it's even worse looking back at it today haha. But for something I thought was a good idea at the time, but now think is ridiculous is one of my first characters. She's afraid of talking to humans, doesn't want to hurt anyone (complete pacifist) AND likes (and is good at) kick boxing. Considering how she interacted with strangers (shying away, barely getting a sound out, often running away instead of talking with them), it's a miracle she could even face her opponents. Because apparently she was good at meeting opponents in a kick boxing duel, but she hated violence for any reason... Not completely sure what I was thinking. Sure, I did state in the rp that she thought a competition and a real fight was two different things, but at the same time her shyness should have gotten in the way for her doing a competition fight. Soo, I would definitely do her differently today.
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  9. My first attempt at roleplay in chats. My character was an angel/fairy who ended up getting married a half dozen times, and adopted at least 20 kids.....Needless to say she took a lot of work to reinvent, but I was happy with her at the end.
  10. first roleplay was about a year ago on

    I had no idea at all what I was doing, which led to constant one liners, and numerous sex scenes with Nekos involved.

    Needless to say, I sucked at it a lot, most of the time literally, and my partner didn't help. He was some 12 year old trying to fap I think.
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